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30 June 2013


US and Japan to establish military bases in the Philippines ~ link ~ Getting the greater Pacific War Theater ready for WWIII.    Stirling  

On June 27, at a press conference in Quezon City, Philippines, Philippine Defense Minister Voltaire Gazmin and his Japanese counterpart, Itsunori Onodera, announced that the Philippines would establish basing arrangements with both the US and Japanese militaries. China was the explicit target of this move allowing the US and Japan to station military personnel and equipment in the Philippines.
At the press conference, Gazmin called China “the oppressive neighbor” and the “bully at our doorstep.” He stated, “At this point in time, we cannot stand alone. We need allies. If we don’t do this, we will be bullied by bigger powers and that is what is happening now: there is China, sitting on our territory.”

China commits combat troops to Mali ~ link ~ You didn't think that WWIII was going to 'forget' the African continent, did you?   Stirling  

Infrastructure of a Police State: The NSA's Cyber-Surveillance Technology ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this important article in full at the link. Nobody spends many hundreds of billions of dollars over decades to 'try to stop the terrorists' when, in fact, almost every major terrorism incident in the World has been a False Flag event organized by one or more of the major state intelligence organizations.  This is the building of the foundation of a high-tech hyper-police state designed to totally enslave whatever is left of the 7+billion humans left after the planned WWIII takes place.  However, the reality is, that modern 21st Century warfare is NOT survivable without the direct intervention of God Himself.   Stirling      

It is clear that the same political forces within the ruling class that utilized the hysteria over 9/11 to rapidly carry out war plans long in the making also moved swiftly to implement high-tech eavesdropping operations, especially within the US.

The Obama administration, far from reducing the activities of the NSA, has expanded illegal spying operations to staggering proportions. Along with the use of unmanned and remote controlled drones for “targeted assassinations,” technological breakthroughs in high-speed optical communications and computer processing power, storage and decryption have been used to intensify spying.

Given the colossal scale of the technologies both in place and coming online soon, it is conceivable that the US government intends to intercept, store, catalog, and profile the activities of every single person with a cell phone or an Internet connection, i.e., more than two-thirds of the world’s population, or about 4.5 billion people.

New program plans to mandate electronic updateable license plates that track your every move ~ link ~ The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and that appears to apply to a new program which plans to force drivers to begin using electronic updatable license plates so police will be able to tell whether the vehicle - or the driver associated with the vehicle - is wanted for any alleged criminal activity.

The problem with this crime-fighting solution, however, is that the program, if it is implemented, will mean that authorities will have yet one more tool to track your every move, once again in violation of the fast-diminishing Fourth Amendment.

What's the Goal of the Police State Surveillance Grid? ~ link ~ Do read all of this one at the link.  It shows just how demonic and fascist the growing high-tech hyper-police state efforts of those hidden forces that control the US Federal Government have become.  We are entering a time of fascism, hyper-police state gulags and state murder of citizens.  Stirling 

Judicial Watch President, Tom Fitton, in light of stunning and illegal spying activities on the part of the Obama administration stated that “The Obama administration’s warrantless collection of the private financial information of millions of Americans is mind-blowing. Is there anything that this administration thinks it can’t do? These documents show that the Consumer Financial Protection Board is an out-of-control government agency that threatens the fundamental privacy and financial security of Americans. This is every bit as serious as the controversy over the NSA’s activities.”
At the present time and as a result of  the CFPB data collection program, the US Chamber of Commerce has accused the CFPB of breaking the law by demanding the account-level data without a warrant or National Security Letter. And still nothing has been done and no criminal or corporate official will ever take the perp walk for these crimes against Americans.  

The net effect of what we are looking at in the Judicial Watch revelations is that NOTHING that you do financially is private. The government is aware of your every move, indexes the information and likely creates a personal matrix of your financial habits.
I have also learned that the CFPB is controlled by the Federal Reserve Board and as a result has no public oversight. The net effect is that your emails, phone calls, fax transmissions, travel habits (as tracked by your cell phone), your medical records and now your investment, spending and savings habits are public record. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. 

Former East German Stasi officer expresses admiration for and dismay at US Government's surveillance capabilities - link ~ Ultimately, the same forces that were behind the Communist police state systems, like the East German Stasi, are the same forces behind the Federal Reserve and the efforts to establish high-tech hyper-police state systems in North America, Europe, Australia and much of the world.  Stirling     


MERS-CoV Essen Sequence Matches England1 ~ linkI believe that MERS-CoV is a genetically engineered advanced biowar disease and that they will be releasing various 'stages' of the disease just prior to the 'big one' spreading via the returning Hajj Muslim tourists...that way it can be 'blamed on the Muslims'.  Stirling    

Hajj could take new deadly MERS virus global ~ link  


The March of Protest ~ link ~ As the Global Depression grows, and people begin to make the connection between corrupt politicians, austerity fascism, massive unemployment, NSA and similar spying on everyone, growing police state tactics,  private central bankers, war, Zionism, economic misery, false flag terrorism, the Rothschilds and their ilk (Global Banking Cartel families), etc., etc., they are taking to the streets.  The global banksters have a plan to deal with this.  It is a two part plan in the short run: MERS CoV and one or two other diseases to keep people in their houses; and the outbreak of the Third World War to enable full war time police state crackdowns.  Stirling  

Yet just as in 1848, 1968 and 1989, when people also found a collective voice, the demonstrators have much in common. Over the past few weeks, in one country after another, protesters have risen up with bewildering speed. They have been more active in democracies than dictatorships. They tend to be ordinary, middle-class people, not lobbies with lists of demands. Their mix of revelry and rage condemns the corruption, inefficiency and arrogance of the folk in charge.

UK Austerity: Diverting money from the poor to the rich under the guise of economic crisis ~ link ~ The UK’s austerity policy is ideologically driven and is aimed at diverting finance from the poor to the rich under the pretext of the economic crisis, writer John Wight told RT.
Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne is announcing billions more in the government spending cuts while austerity measures are already biting for many people across the UK.

Osborne claimed that British economy is “out of intensive care.” RT asked Wight if he thinks that is really the case.
John Wight: Only in a fine world of the Tory party would that be the case. The country’s seen 1.1 percent growth in the last three years – the worst level of growth in this country’s economy over the last 100 years. That can by no means be considered a success. 

Egyptians flood streets to force Mursi out ~ link ~ They have woken up to the fact that he is just another globalist/Zionist Front Man, and they are pissed about it!   Stirling    

Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians flooded into the streets on the first anniversary of Islamist President Mohamed Mursi's inauguration on Sunday to demand that he resign in the biggest challenge so far to rule by his Muslim Brotherhood.

Waving national flags and chanting "Get out!", a crowd of more than 200,000 massed on Cairo's central Tahrir Square. It was the largest demonstration since the 2011 uprising that overthrew Mursi's predecessor, Hosni Mubarak.

The Global Financial System is sliding uncontrollably towards an Abyss and there's only a 2% Chance of Dodging a Market Crash ~ link  

10 Things that the US Social Security won't tell you ~ link 

William and Kate's baby may still face Royal sexism because if it's a girl she won't inherit Duchy title ~ link ~ The title in question is the Duchy of Cornwall, one of the titles held by the Prince of Wales.  It is an old English Peerage title.  If it were an old Scottish Peerage title, the Queen could easily grant a Resettlement-by-Letters Patent to end the sexist rules of male only or male first succession under Scots Peerage Law.  I use to be the Scottish Editor at the famous Burke's Peerage publishing and genealogical  firm in London.  We were the experts that the experts on Peerage Law went to for advice.  When I legally assumed my Scots Peerage titles, I petitioned the Queen to do exactly this (to end the sexist rules of succession to my Scots titles) but the corrupt Blair Administration wanted a massive bribe and when I would not pay it they objected to any resettlement.   Now the current corrupt administration will not follow the law and list me in the Roll of the Peerage until I make a large donation.  I have been thinking about bringing a large overseas Human Rights lawsuit against the Queen and the Lord Chancellor on this.  The damn British Establishment acts so superior and First World but the reality is, behind the scenes, that they are totally corrupt and want money to follow their own laws!  Worthless bastards.  See my book, CASH FOR PEERAGES: THE SMOKING GUN (link on the top right side of this page) for how I helped to force Phony Tony Blair out of office, using this issue behind the scenes in cooperation with Scotland Yard.   Stirling     

House of Lords toilet refubishment to cost UK taxpayers 100,000 Pounds ~ link ~ This is something that is an example of an attention getting headline that does not explain the background in sufficient detail.  The main men's room in the House of Lords, labeled "For Peers of the Realm Only" is from the mid-Victorian Era.  While I do not know what the woman's restroom is like, I have used the men's room.  It is by far the most 'over the top' men's room I have even been in because of the way it was built 150 or so years ago.  The doors, including the doors to the individual stalls, are about 2" thick solid old mahogany (worth thousand of pounds each), and the place is full of priceless marble.  The urinals even have brass and glass 'splash guards' to prevent the peers from dribbling on their shoes (many of the peers are elderly).  Any necessary repairs in this facility are going to be very expensive, and to repair the place using non-matching material would be 'penny wise and pound foolish'.  Stirling        

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