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27 June 2013

Russia evacuates its Syrian Naval Base ~ link ~ It also removed most diplomatic staff and military staff and civilians from Syria.  This is something you do shortly before all-out war breaks out!   Stirling   

In a somewhat surprising move (given the proxy war under way), Russia has evacuated all military personnel from its small naval base in Syria. "We have neither servicemen nor civilians in Syria anymore," the newspaper Vedomosti reported quoting an unnamed Defense Ministry employee, "or Russian military instructors assigned to units of the Syrian regular army, for that matter." As The Washington Post reports, a 16-ship Russian naval task force in the eastern Mediterranean remains on post, reports said. Cyprus has made its ports available to the Russian fleet if needed, but the base at Tartus (that we described in detail here) has been Russia’s only foothold in the Middle East. A person with knowledge of the Kremlin’s decision told Russia’s RT television channel that the withdrawal reflected concerns about the risks posed by Syria’s ongoing civil war, as well as the fear of an incident involving the Russian military that could have larger consequences.

US spooks stockpiling arms in Jordan for August onslaught ~ link ~ link 

Syrian War: 'Suicide bomb' in Damascus Christian area ~ link ~ If you are a citizen of a NATO nation, this is your tax dollars at work, killing Christians!!!  Stirling  

A blast in an old Christian quarter of the Syrian capital Damascus has left four people dead, in what Syrian state TV describes as a suicide attack.

Several people were injured in the attack in the Bab Sharqi neighbourhood, near a church.

"World Order Unjust and Immoral" - Ecuador's President on Snowden coverage ~ link ~
Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa came up with scalding online remarks over criticism his country faced from the US press for potentially granting asylum to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

“They’ve managed to focus attention on Snowden and on the ‘wicked’ countries that ‘support’ him, making us forget the terrible things against the US people and the whole world that he denounced,” Correa said Wednesday in response to a Tuesday Washington Post editorial.
“The world order isn’t only unjust, it’s immoral,” Correa added. 

The Snowden Case: What you're NOT being told - video ~ link ~ Good One!  Stirling     

Chile red-hot as student protest turns violent - with video and photos ~ link ~ We are seeing more and more nations undergoing violent protests as the Global Depression bits harder and harder!   Stirling

Brazilian clash with police as Congressmen seek to soothe protests with anti-corruption bill ~ link ~ The people don't trust them anymore!   Stirling   

Egypt's Morsi proposes constitutional reform ahead of mass protests ~ linkSpeaking to a conference hall lined with cabinet ministers and officials of his Muslim Brotherhood party, President Mohamed Morsi announced an all-party committee to reform the constitution in a bid to defuse the opposition and looming mass protests.

Pledging to introduce "radical and quick" reforms into state institutions, Morsi seemed to strike a conciliatory note against vocal insurrection from the political opposition, announcing that his government would form a second committee to address “national reconciliation.”

"I stand before you as an Egyptian citizen, not as the holder of an office, who is fearful for his country,” said Morsi. He then vowed to review his first year in office, which began June 30 of 2012. Protesters have chosen to mark the upcoming anniversary with mass demonstrations aimed at the embattled leader’s resignation. 

Egyptian troops move to bases near cities ahead of protests ~ link ~ This could get nasty!  Remember that the new President and the Arab Brotherhood are really just 'fronts' for the CIA/Mossad.   Stirling    

Irish PM promises probe against bankers who duped government with figures "picked from their arse" ~ link ~ May I suggest hanging as a good solution!!!   Stirling 

The Prime Minister’s terse words follow a scandal that broke out after a leaked recording capturing a 2008 conversation of two senior Anglo managers was published by The Independent on Monday in which their plot to conspire to conceal the bank's true scale of losses was revealed.  
The internally recorded phone calls reveal how bank bosses misled the Central Bank of Ireland that Anglo bank required 7 billion euros to prevent its collapse. Anglo's losses reached 30 billion euros, nearly half of a total bank-bailout bill that forced Ireland to seek IMF bailout money.  

Greek protests continue over ERT closure - with video ~ link Greek demonstrators have continued their two-week occupation of state broadcaster ERT’s main building, amid ongoing protests over the closure of the station, Press TV reports.

Radiation Levels Skyrocket at Fukushima ~ link ~ This is what happens when you try to cover up a secret nuclear weapons program and are too incompetent to actually do anything about the on-going crisis but bullshit about it to the media.   Stirling    

Dangerous heat wave in southwest USA - Las Vegas reaches all-time high of 117F ~ link ~ It is the Jet Steam that is causing this.  The Jet Stream is out of its normal bounds and has been for over 2 years since the BP Oil Disaster killed the Loop Current damaging the Gulf Stream which acts as a steering mechanism for the Jet Stream.   Stirling   

Erratic Jet Steam brings extremes and warnings to USA ~ link ~  See my comments above!  Stirling  

Saudi Arabia reports seven more MERS-CoV cases - global total now 77 ~ link 

H3N2v confirmed in 4 Attendees of Indiana Grant County Fair ~ link  


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