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Breaking Intel: Reliable Saudi Sources indicate Western Powers about to Implement a Syria No-fly Zone and Orchestra a Military Coup against Assad ~ link ~ Is this true???  Who knows.  Either the West will soon do something big or they will have allowed themselves to be checkmated by Russia.  Time will tell.   Stirling    
British PM calls for military coup in Syria ~ link  

Saudi slip signals Iran obsession in Syria ~ link ~ Some analysts have reckoned that the Obama administration is losing interest in the covert Syria operation, while mainstream media still peddle the ridiculous line that the US and its allies are trying to forge a peace settlement in the Levantine country devastated by 27 months of relentless conflict and more than 90,000 deaths.

On both counts, nothing could be further from the truth. The Western powers, including the US, are stepping up their criminal attack on Syria. This is because, following a spate of recent military victories by Syrian government forces, the Western powers are in danger of outright defeat in their long-term agenda of regime change in Syria and, more importantly, the wider region.

A central part of that Western agenda is to isolate and undermine Iran, an important ally of Syria and a key opponent to Western hegemonic ambitions in the vital oil- and gas-rich Middle East region. 
Gordon Duff: US endangers World Peace by deploying troops to Jordan ~ link ~ The United States can “endanger world peace and cause a serious military confrontation” by deploying troops to Jordan, which is a move not only against Syria, but also against Iraq and Iran, a political analyst told Press TV.

“Now, these 700 troops are very much a precursor to what could be a much larger force. The U.S. as I mentioned looks on Jordan as the high ground,” Gordon Duff, senior editor at Veterans Today, said on Saturday.

“It’s the last place the U.S. can operate in, but not necessarily operates against Syria, because Russia has made it very clear they’re going to defend Syria,” he added.

In a letter to Congress on Friday, President Barack Obama said that the United States has left about 700 combat-equipped troops in Jordan after a training exercise, raising questions about Washington’s plans for a military intervention in neighboring Syria.

Six Principles of Global Manipulation - video ~ link ~ Good One!   Stirling   

Israel hits back after Gaza rockets ~ link ~ I don't believe that Israel was really attacked and "hit back".  Sounds like more Israeli BS to me.   Stirling     

Israeli warplanes have attacked targets in the Gaza Strip after missiles were fired into southern Israel late on Sunday night.

At least six rockets were fired from northern Gaza, but no damage or injury was reported.

The Secret Behind Communism - video ~ linkUnderstand behind all of this is Satan and the coming battle is not just about the destruction of North America and Europe but the absolute destruction of all human life on Earth by the forces of the fallen Lucifer ... only we Christians know that the outcome will not be what his minions want.  That Jesus Himself will return to make things right!!!   Stirling   

Western Last Bastion Quivers ~ link ~ In a Goebbelian reality, where regimes claiming to be democracies do nothing but misinform, cheat, and spy on their citizens, it is difficult to deduce what is really happening in their latest war. Especially, when the Western last bastion in this event is quivering badly. Aleppo is falling. The international coalition attacking Syria has panicked.

Two events that took place on June 21 and 22, 2013, bear strong signs that something went wrong in Syria. A couple of years ago, I told the West over my website, that Syria is neither Libya nor (I added later) Mali; alas, they didn't listen.

A legitimate regime answered an attack of well-equipped mercenaries that was sporadically helped by the air forces of Israel and Turkey. A legitimate regime is holding strong for over two years. In the last months, the wheel is turning against the aggressors.

In a strong indication that Syria received Russian S300 missiles, which limited Western air support of the mercenaries, the latter suffered recently a series of military setbacks (see After Syria, Begging Assassin Attacks Turkey).

On June 7, the Syrian Army regained control of Qusair, a strategic city on the northern border between Syria and Lebanon. On June 10, Syria opened an offensive against Aleppo, the country's second city, its commercial heart and the last significant stronghold of the mercenaries.On Friday 22, the spokesman for the mercenary Free Syrian Army said that they have begun a new offensive in the northern city of Aleppo. Considering that they are supposed to have control in Aleppo, this is a strange statement. Imagine the USA Army Spokesman saying: "we have begun a new offensive on Washington."
The mercenaries are being slowly subjugated.

Obama: The worst of Nixon/Bush writ large ~ link ~ Obama's "tied to Wall Street. And at this point he is a war criminal. You can't meet every Tuesday with a killer list and continually have drones drop bombs." 
"You can do that once or twice and say: 'I shouldn't have done that, I've got to stop.' But when you do it month in, month out, year in, year out - that's a pattern of behavior.""I think there is a chance of a snowball in hell that he will ever be tried, but I think he should be tried and I said the same about George Bush."

"These are war crimes. We suffer in this age from an indifference toward criminality and a callousness to catastrophe when it comes to poor and working people."

Witness to Michael Hastings car crash shares his story - video ~ link  

Nobody's Safe: 'Car Hacking' the latest advanced form of Assassination ~ link  

Don't stand too close to these people ~ link  

 8 MERS PCR Confirmation in Asymptomatic HCWs and children ~ link
MERS PCR Confirmed in Asymptomatic HCWs in Tail KSA ~ link  

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