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Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare

Huge container vessel carrying weapons to foreign mercenaries in Syria splits and sinks at sea - video ~ link ~ So, I wonder who caused this 'accidental' sinking and how they did it.  Stirling    

Next Phase of Syrian Invasion Begins - The Central Bank Connection ~ link ~ Good One ... do take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling   
Yet there is one more underlying reason for Western military intervention in Syria that is rarely discussed publicly, even among many alternative media outlets - the goal of total domination by the private central banking system.

It is true that both debt and the control of currency is one of the most effective means of enslaving an entire population without their knowledge. Continually chasing financial freedom with no ability to pay off debt and save for the future ensures that a sizable majority of the population will not have the means, time, or energy to resist the totalitarian methods imposed upon them.

Likewise, it is true that by controlling a nation’s currency, one essentially controls the nation. Governments who are beholden to third parties and private banks for their money are not governments at all – they are receiverships existing solely at the pleasure of the controlling oligarchy. As Mayer Amschel Rothschild once stated, “Give me control of a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes its laws.”

Thus, when one takes a look at the worldwide banking system and, in particular, the amount of countries with government-owned, non-Rothschild affiliated central banks, one easily sees a monopolistic system coming into view. In addition, when one takes a closer look at those countries with government-owned central banks, independent of Rothschild and major financier control, it becomes even clearer that maintaining a government-mandated structure of currency and central banking places a nation on a very dangerous list.
Omen: Floods, revolutions, wars, volcanoes, earthquakes, rattled markiets - There's a 'Bad Moon on the Rise' ~ link ~ It is also called End Times and Armageddon and the Apocalypse!!!   Stirling   
S-300 Air Defense System IS ACTIVE in Syria ~ link 
DHS Insider Warns: "It's already begun. You're seeing it now" ~ link ~ In December of 2012 we published a report from the Northeast Intelligence Network detailing a possible set of scenarios and timelines. In the report, Doug Hagmann interviewed an anonymous DHS Insider with information that was absolutely mind blowing.
The Insider claimed that in the Spring of 2013 life for the average American would begin to change significantly. He advised that these changes would be revealed after a large collapse in the price of precious metals, which like other financial instruments, were being manipulated by the powers that be. The claims were dismissed by many as ridiculous, with suggestions that the “anonymous source” must be a fake if he won’t even reveal his name.

Netanyahu pushes EU to mount pressure on Iran ~ link ~ He gives a bad name to 'War Whores".   Stirling      

The Ship of Fools on a River of Darkness ~ link ~ Good One Les!!!   Stirling   

Well... it looks like the administration killed another journalist, just like they did Breitbart and a couple of people with important connections to the case. When you kill the coroner, it's pretty open and shut that the evidence trail is being closed off. If you want to see how extensive the possibilities are, you need only look here. The really telling point about Breitbart, is the so called explosive evidence that didn't appear. Instead, something with no meaning or importance, was presented as that evidence. Word had it that the evidence was concerning Obama's college days. Ah well. Here in the latter days, chaos rules. The hinges are coming off. If you follow scripture, in the final days, a certain entity is running amok, seeking whom to devour and destroy. Make up your own minds.

Even though I went to great lengths yesterday, to assist the reader in a particular perspective, which embraces hope (not the Obama kind of hope) and optimism, some portion are determined to hang on to a negativist viewpoint. My responsibility for that, ends with my providing an avenue of escape, from materialism overload. You're on your own after that. Here's how things are changing but... you don't hear about these things, unless you are really looking. So... back to what I said yesterday, appearances are just that. They are only the way things seem to be and they are manipulated to that end. They are not the way things actually are. THEY ARE NOT THE WAY THINGS ACTUALLY ARE! So please don't write and tell me you don't see certain things because that state is the very condition that some (smaller) portion of us are working to decommission, just like it was some kind of Ship of Fools, sailing on a River of Darkness. That boat has to go to the scrapyard. I'm working on getting a collective crew together, who agrees with me and maybe together, we can convince all the people on that overloaded boat, to disembark at some finer port of call; one and all.

Every reader needs to keep in mind that it is not the damage done by jobs gone south, the economic collapse, the resident police state and a host of other injuries, being visited upon us, by a cabal of devoted Satanists. The greatest damage being done is on the interior of our hearts and minds. When these Satanists, who have been at this for a long time, are able to kill our faith in ourselves; destroy our capacity to dream and make those dreams become a reality, then, then they've got you where they want you. They got you jammed up tight, between a rock, that does not exist and a
hard place that does not exist. They have constructed this state in your mind. It's what they do.

Deputy PM Nick Glegg warns over Syrian intervention ~ link ~ Translation: He does not want to die in WWIII and does not trust the promises of a 'safe and secure bunker for him and his family'.   Stirling    

20 Items to Kick Start your Food Storage Plan ~ link ~ Have you started yours YET???  Stirling    

Russia launching into service three new powerful subs ~ link ~ According to the Commander in Chief of the Russian Navy, Russia will receive two nuclear submarines - Alexander Nevsky and Vladimir Monomakh - and one multi-purpose submarine - Severodvinsk - before the end of 2013. If it happens, it will mark the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union, when Russia passes new nuclear submarines into service.

Independent Scotland WILL FLOURISH says economist ~ link ~ If we can keep from blowing up the planet in WWIII.   Stirling    
Revolution?  Brazilian protests SWELLS TO MILLIONS: Government calls emergency meeting ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~   My guess is that many a Cabinet Minister and senior politician are SCARED shitless!!!  Check out the photo of just one of the demonstrations at the link.   Stirling      
Brazil protesters storm Foreign Ministry ~ link ~  This is getting really serious.  Stirling   
Hastings' death in fiery car crash is just the latest in a growing list of dead investigative journos ~ link ~ Also see ~ link One has to imagine that Hastings was looking over his shoulder in the wake of “The Runaway General” piece and The Operators. I saw him on a cable-news program not too many months ago and he comes across as serious and professional. And now we hear that Hastings’ car “crossed the median, slammed into a tree and bust into flames.” 

Hastings was found dead at the scene, a’la whistleblower Karen Silkwood in 1974, here in Oklahoma. Will we get the truth of how Hastings’ car went out of control? Granted, a lot of investigative journalists are known to love “living on the edge.”
And while journalism is viewed as one of the worst professions in America, journalists are desperately needed to keep the powerful honest. They need to be the watchdogs. We are so sorry to hear about the death of Michael Hastings. He was a brave and honest reporter.

Evidence Indicates Michael Hastings WAS ASSASSINATED ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ And see this ~ link ~ link ~ link ~  This is what happens when you allow totally evil men to systematically corrupt your nation.   Stirling  

Nigel Farage, MEP: The government is going to steal your money ~ link ~ Farage:  “The fact is that America is living massively beyond its means.  Pursuing policies that really are not in the interests of America.  They are just a means of keeping the whole thing (financial system) propped up. 

I thought we had learned the lessons in the past.  Money printing leads to disaster....

Chinese Banks Ready to Go Bust ~ link ~ The Cornucopia from Hell is getting read to dump its rotten fruit on our collective heads, soon.  Stirling      

China factory activity slows further ~ link 

Greece's Democratic Left Party defects from coalition ~ link ~ That should make it more interesting, especially if they have to call another election.   Stirling     

World Health Organization calls emergency meeting to respond to SARS-like (MERS) outbreak ~ link ~ This is, in my estimate, a genetically engineered disease that is suppose to act as a 'cover' for a brief but important period of time as WWIII breaks out and the global economy totally collapses.  They don't want a Brazil-type mess and/or revolution all over the World.  So they will have a medical crisis to tell 'everyone to stay inside'.    Stirling    

Deadly new virus - MERS ~ link ~ I have been carrying stories on this for some time, but the mainstream news media is just now beginning to do so.   Stirling   

Top children's vitamin brand chock-full of GMOs, aspartame and other deadly ingredients ~ link ~ When you see as much information about similar cases, as I have, you can only come to the conclusion that Big Pharma in actively involved in 'Population Reduction' Kill Programs as a part of the Global Banking Cartel's demonic strategy.   Stirling     

20 Signs that the Pharmaceutical Companies (Big Pharma) Are Running a $280 billion money making scam ~ link ~ A scam that kills massive numbers of people!!!   Stirling  

If you could get 70 percent of Americans addicted to your drugs and rake in $280 billion a year in the process, would you do it?  If you could come up with a “pill for every problem” and charge Americans twice as much for those pills as people in other countries pay, would you do it?  If you could make more money than you ever dreamed possible by turning the American people into the most doped up people in the history of the planet, would you do it?  In America today, the number of people hooked on legal drugs absolutely dwarfs the number of people hooked on illegal drugs.  And sadly, the number of people killed by legal drugs absolutely dwarfs the number of people killed by illegal drugs.  But most Americans assume that if a drug is “legal” that it must be safe.  After all, the big pharmaceutical companies and the federal government would never allow us to take anything that would hurt us, right?  Sadly, the truth is that they don’t really care about us.  They don’t really care that prescription painkillers are some of the most addictive drugs on the entire planet and that they kill more Americans each year than heroin and cocaine combined.  They don’t care that antidepressants are turning tens of millions of Americans into zombies and can significantly increase the chance of suicide (just look at the warning label).  All the big pharmaceutical companies really care about is making as much money as they possibly can.  The following are 20 signs that the pharmaceutical companies are running a $280 billion money making scam… 

Shocking list of American popular food and drinks banned all over the world because they are DANGEROUS ~ link ~ American is Target Number One for the globalists, Europe is Target Number Two.   Stirling    

India floods kill 200 and leave thousands stranded ~ link ~ Also see: Death toll now 550 ~ link ~ The mainstream news media will NEVER mention the BP Oil Disaster connection to the strange weather patterns of the last 2+ years.   Stirling    

NOAA: 2013 Dead-Zone in Gulf of Mexico to be among lergest ever recorded ~ link ~ See above BP comment.  Stirling     

Calgary flooding could force up to 100,000 from homes ~ link 

Worst environmental crisis in a decade: Apocalyptic smog engulfs Singapore ~ link  
~ Also see ~ link 

The American prison system is so massive that its estimated turnover of $74 billion eclipses the GNP of 133 nations ~ link ~ George Washington, Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Major General the Marquis De Lafayette and Major General Lord Stirling and other Founding Fathers are 'spinning in their graves' about this and how we have allowed the worst crooks in human history to destroy our great nation.   Stirling    

Prisons Full of Innocents in America ~ link
There are probably more innocent men and women in prison in the United States now than there were people in prison here total — innocent and guilty — 30 years ago, or than there are total people in prison (proportionately or as an absolute number) in most nations on earth.

I don’t mean that people are locked up for actions that shouldn’t be considered crimes, although they are.  I don’t mean that people are policed and indicted and prosecuted by a racist system that makes some people far more likely to end up in prison than other people guilty of the same actions, although that is true, just as it’s also true that the justice system works better for the wealthy than for the poor.  I am referring rather to men (it’s mostly men) who have been wrongly convicted of crimes they simply did not commit.  I’m not even counting Guantanamo or Bagram or immigrants’ prisons.  I’m talking about the prisons just up the road, full of people from just down the road.

I don’t know whether wrongful convictions have increased as a percentage of convictions.  What has indisputably increased is the number of convictions and the lengths of sentences.  The prison population has skyrocketed.  It’s multiplied several fold.  And it’s done so during a political climate that has rewarded legislators, judges, prosecutors, and police for locking people up — and not for preventing the conviction of innocents.  This growth does not correlate in any way with an underlying growth in crime.

Royal Ascot: The Queen's horse 'Estimeat' wins historic Gold Cup ~ link ~ link ~ This means more to the Queen than almost anything, outside of God, her family and Crown, that I can think of.  Good for her!   Stirling   

Project Zero: Half plane, half helicopter ~ link ~ The CarterCopter is much better.  Stirling   

Most of it has to do with the way the American legal system works, and how it has changed over the last 40 years. In the 1970’s, lawmakers were dealing with a nationwide rash of drug-use and crime. By declaring a nation-wide war on drugs in 1971, President Richard Nixon set a precedent for hard-line policies towards drug-related crime. New York governor Nelson Rockefeller followed suit declaring “For drug pushing, life sentence, no parole, no probation.” His policies once put into action promised 15 years to life in prison for drug users and dealers. His policies catalyzed the growth of a colossal corrections system that currently houses an estimated 2.2 million inmates.
The runaway growth of US corrections did not come overnight, and did not come from the government alone. Since the 1970’s federal and state correction agencies have consistently struggled to meet the increased demands brought on by the US Department of Justice and strict drug laws. In 1982, three Texas businessmen, Tom Beasley, John Ferguson, and Don Hutto saw an opportunity in the shortcomings of the Texas corrections system’s inability to deal with this influx of incarcerations. They devised and executed a plan to secure the first government contract to design, build, and operate a corrections facility from the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the Texas Department of Justice.
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