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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin

Debka: Russian Naval, Marine and Air Power headed for Syria to oppose 'Western' intervention ~ link ~ What all of this, plus the advanced S-300 and very advanced S-400 Air Defense Systems and 400 TOS1A 'Buratino' thermobaric armor warfare units add up to is:  Any attack on Syria means World War III, and this could happen at any time in the next few days or this Summer!!!   Stirling     
The Russian Interfax news agency identified the warships heading for Syrian shores as the Nikolai Filchenkov Large Landing Ship and the Vice Admiral Kulakov, a Udaloy 1 class destroyer, each carrying 300 marines. Aboard the former are also 20 tanks and 15 armored troop carriers or military trucks, while the Kulakov is designed mainly for anti-submarine warfare.
G8 calls for peace talks to provide cover for US war preparations against Syria ~ link ~ Putin’s refusal to accede to these demands frustrated the scheme that had been worked out by Cameron and Obama, but it will do nothing to halt the preparations for war now underway...
War against Syria is opposed by the vast majority of working people in the US and Europe. Fully 70 percent of Americans oppose arming the opposition, according to Pew Research, while in the UK only 17 percent support the US initiative. But war will continue to be planned behind closed doors so that the major powers can divide the oil riches of the Middle East between them.  
A Viral Plague of Megalomaniacs and the Fall of Empire ~ link ~ Good One Les!!!  Stirling      
There is a very good reason why it should not be disturbing. You should view all of these surreal low jinks, as a clear example that The Apocalypse doing it's job. Perhaps it is that many people do not understand the full gamut of The Apocalypse’s arsenal. We know that it is operational, for the purpose of 'revealing' and 'uncovering'. What we might not all be privy to, is the fact that it also forces situations and entities into 'revealing' and 'uncovering' themselves. It forces things into the light; things like this for instance. As this writer has stated, also for years, there was a epidemic of whistleblowers that were set to appear at a certain time and... that time is upon us. It's going to snowball down hill and... 'downhill' is the appropriate direction; way down hill. Although they kill with impunity still, their time for recompense is close at hand. Judgment will come but first... they have to be forced into the light and that is continuing apace, as anyone looking for that particular evidence can see...
As has been said a lot here of late and in earlier times, Mr. Apocalypse is making the rounds with his walking stick. We're going to try to get you a photo of Mr. Apocalypse and his stick. We do have one. Mr Apocalypse is tap tap tapping everywhere that evil and ignorance dwell. He's not just uncovering and revealing crimes, ancient and modern, he's forcing the practitioners to ever greater outrages so that the mass of the world's population, may become aware of what's been happening to them and who is behind it. This might seem counter productive to you but... when the general population is so incredibly brain dead, stupid, there is no other way to get their attention. Other means have already been tried. This is a last resort. Understand, regardless of appearances. Regardless of how it looks, especially, most especially at the moment, the universe is benevolent, however, as that great teacher Mikhail Aivanhov once pointed out, “When the cosmos wants to wake you up, it comes and gently shakes your shoulder, exhorting you to awaken. When this fails, the cosmos shakes your shoulder considerably harder and... when this too fails, the cosmos picks up a 2X4”. I'm paraphrasing. He said it differently but the essence is one hundred percent the same.
Warmonger Blair urges Syria meddling ~ link ~ He is a bloody whore that killed many a British solder to make his masters happy so that he could hold onto power.  I suspect that his long term (that is in Eternity) outlook is NOT very good.   Stirling     

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