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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin
In Golan Heights, Druze villagers are preparing for war ~ link ~ In this crowded hillside village that straddles Israel’s border with Syria, everyone seems certain that war is on the way. The village, which faces Syria to the northeast and Israel to the southwest, has watched with nervous anticipation as Israel’s military has heightened preparations along the border and Syrian tanks can be seen maneuvering in the distance. Residents have cleaned out bomb shelters and hospitals have run emergency drills.
“You don’t witness as many wars as we do without getting a sense when one is about to land on your doorstep,” said Maryam al Din, a 78-year-old resident of Majdal Shams. “Ask anyone in the village, anyone in the villages around, and they will tell you that if you put your ear to the ground, you will clearly hear that war is coming to this place.”

US bases in Gulf on High Alert ~ link 

USAF missile crews unhappy ~ link ~The complaints shed fresh light on dissatisfactions roiling this critical arm of the Air Force, an undercurrent that has captured the attention of the service's leaders.
Key themes among the complaints include working under "poor leadership" and being stuck in "dead-end careers" in nuclear weapons, one email said. The sentiments were expressed privately by members of the 91st Missile Wing at Minot Air Force Base, N.D., in an unpublished study for the Air Force. The complaints also said there was a need for more experienced missile officers, a less arduous work schedule and "leaders who will listen."
Turkey: People have killed their fear of authorities - And the Protests are Growing ~ link ~ "Well, we are just filling light bulbs with paint," said my friend, a cafe owner in Cihangir, the Soho of Istanbul. Speaking to me on the phone, she sounded as relaxed as if she was baking an apple pie. "You know," she continued, "the only way to stop a TOMA is to throw paint on its window so that the vehicle loses orientation." 
My friend, who was completely uninterested in politics until six days ago, had never been in conflict with the police before. Now, like hundreds of thousands of others in Turkey, she has become a warrior with goggles around her neck, an oxygen mask on her face and an anti-acid solution bottle in her hand. As we have all learned, this the essential kit to fight the effects of tear gas. As for TOMA, that is the vehicle-mounted water cannon. To paralyse it, you either have to put a wet towel in its exhaust pipe or burn something under its engine or you and a dozen others can push it over. This kind of battle-info is circulating all over Turkey at the moment. It is like a civil war between the police and the people. Yet nobody expected this when, six days ago, a group of protesters organised a sit-in at Istanbul's Gezi Park to protect trees that were to be cut down for the government's urban redevelopment project.  

UK has highest food and energy inflation in EU ~ link ~ The political class (the three main parties) are too busy keeping the global banksters in the City of London, and the Zionists, happy to worry about the people and their increasingly difficult lives.   Stirling    
Food and energy prices are rising faster in Britain than anywhere else in Europe as the crippling squeeze on household finances continues, a major report said yesterday.
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development said food prices in April were 4.6 per cent higher than in the same month last year, while energy prices were up 2.2 per cent.

How UK went from making things to sitting at a desk: Census reveals huge drop in people working in factories and farms ~ link ~ All a part of the globalist drive to take the First World nations of Europe and North America DOWN.   Stirling     


Congresswoman Diane Black: Very chilling, IRS behaves like in Communist countries - video ~ link 

Kansas farmer sues Monsanto after discovering unapproved GM wheat in field ~ link ~ A Kansas farmer has sued seed giant Monsanto over last week’s discovery of genetically engineered experimental wheat in an 80-acre field in Oregon, claiming the company’s gross negligence hurt U.S. growers by driving down wheat prices and causing some international markets to suspend certain imports.
The federal civil lawsuit, filed Monday by Ernest Barnes, who farms 1,000 acres near Elkhart in southwest Kansas, seeks unspecified damages to be determined at trial.
Thousands of Cambodian workers protest over arrested Nike strikers ~ link ~ The trouble with globalism is that it transfers jobs from nations with good public and job safety requirements, and environmental regulations, and union laws to nations that have little that stand in the way of the worst exploitation of workers possible... All to make 'a buck'.    Stirling   

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