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EU says US snooping operation could cause grave harm to fundamental rights of EU citizens ~ link ~ This is what fascist and communist nations do, NOT free nations!!!  Stirling  
EU justice commissioner Viviane Reding has in a letter to US attorney general Eric Holder warned the Prism snooping scandal "could have grave adverse consequences for the fundamental rights of EU citizens."
Top counter-Terrorism Tsar: Revealing NSA Spying Program Does NOT Harm National Security ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one in full at the link.  Stirling   
Undermining the Fourth Amendment: NSA Memos Expose Obama's Administration's Lies About Wiretapping ~ linkNational Security Agency internal memorandums made public over a decade ago refute the Obama administration’s claims that its vast domestic surveillance program are being carried out as part of a “war on terror.”

Plans to carry out the abrogation of basic democratic rights were well underway at least ten months before the “global war on terror” was launched in the aftermath of the still unexplained events of September 11th, 2001.

The “Transition 2001” memo, published internally by the NSA at the end of 2000 in preparation for the inauguration of President George W. Bush, discloses a decade-old plan to undermine the foundations of the Fourth Amendment. The heavily-redacted document was made public by a Freedom of Information Act request filed by a George Washington University professor.
Americans' choice: Constitution, world peace, economic abundance OR 1% un-American dicts ~ link ~ This is an excellent article, do take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling   
Life has provided Americans many years to choose one of two futures:
  • Unalienable rights, limited government under the US Constitution, enforcement of war law that proves US wars as Orwellian unlawful, and obvious economic solutions to end national debt, optimize infrastructure, and have full-employment
  • 1% lies of omission and commission to divide humans between “us” and “them” that destroys explicit Constitutional rights for all “persons,” war-murders in the millions, millions of agonizing deaths from preventable poverty, torture, newly disclosed full-spectrum searching of the innocent with their tax dollars, and bankster economics that escalates our debt, and enables deteriorating infrastructure despite massive unemployment.

The 1%’s form of government rejects limits of the Constitution and law, therefore by definition is “un-American.” We have other names to describe a form of government unlimited by rule of law: fascism is likely the most accurate, but certainly one of dictatorship. The etymology of dictatorship embraces dictate, or government by dicts: what is said or dictated at any given time unlimited by law.

Humanitarian Crisis in Syria: "The West should pay War Reparations to Syria" ~ link ~ Yes and a lot of senior political leaders in the West should be tried as War Criminals, and this includes the global banksters who profit from the war.   But don't 'hold your breath' on this!   Stirling  

Turkey: Epicenter of Police State Violence ~ link ~ For over two weeks, daily anti-government protests rocked Turkey. Police attacked peaceful demonstrators intermittently. They’ve done so brutally. Turkey’s notorious for police state viciousness.

It’s a democracy in name only. Prime Minister Erdogan is authoritarian and hardline  Turkey’s one of 28 NATO countries. Erdogan partners with Washington’s imperial wars. He’s unapologetic about neoliberal harshness. More on that below.
Lithuanian President: 'Politicians should start by cutting their own wages first" ~ link ~ Great idea, but somehow the phrase, "When Hell freezes over", comes to mind.    Stirling  
US Treasury Bonds are Junk Bonds ~ link ~
Recently, I wrote an article explaining why US Treasury Bonds are junk bonds and why rating agencies cannot be trusted at all, because they have been up to their eyeballs in fraudulent activities.

I wrote that what I am stating may seem outlandish but it reflected reality – that the US as well as its ally in crime, the United Kingdom (UK) are bankrupt. Very few economists dare assert such a conclusion because it would be a death sentence for their careers.
GMO and Monsanto: Glyphosate Weed Killer Found in Human Urine Across Europe ~ link
People in 18 countries across Europe have been found to have traces of the weed killer glyphosate in their urine, show the results of tests commissioned by Friends of the Earth Europe and released today [1].
The findings raise concerns about increasing levels of exposure to glyphosate-based weed killers, commonly used by farmers, public authorities and gardeners across Europe. The use of glyphosate is predicted to rise further if more genetically modified (GM) crops are grown in Europe [2].

Despite its widespread use, there is currently little monitoring of glyphosate in food, water or the wider environment. This is the first time monitoring has been carried out across Europe for the presence of the weed killer in human bodies.

Thirteen nations to lose seats in European Parliament to make room for Croatian MEPs ~ link

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