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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin
Western Aggression brings the Russian Fleet back to the Mediterranean ~ link ~ This is an excellent article that I recommend my viewers read.  It gives an interesting overview of the military technology that the crazy demonic Israeli's are stirring up.   Stirling    
The recent Israeli attacks on Syria, particularly the use of a nuclear bunker buster gave the Russians a gift from heaven, opening the door to make a defensive deployment to protect their longtime ally in Syria.
Here is what corporate media has not been telling you all. The preemptive strike doctrine of the Israelis and Neocons is going to be challenged. Netanyahu can talk all he wants to about red lines which will trigger a preemptive ‘defensive’ strike, but yours truly has written in these columns that eventually the intended targets would adopt that policy themselves. They have actually been given permission to by the dummies who invented it. 
Their fleet, even its older ships will be carrying their state-of-the-art weapons like the S-400’s where a pilot only has two or three seconds to live once the ‘beep beep’ that they are locked onto at tremendous speeds. The Russian ships on patrol will be able to shoot any attacking Israeli planes down, including those returning to base post attack. They can even be shot down while taking off.
Their updated Iskander missiles are stated to have speeds in the Mach 6 to 7 range but our sources say over Mach 8. To evade anti-missile fire they can pull 30+ g turns and make a 90-degree dive onto a target while doing so.

The Israeli bullies have never had to stand up to a modern military but they may get the chance. They won’t like it.

The beauty in all of this is the scenario described above could all be done in a purely defensive mode while resisting an Israeli attack.

In the long run more than a few international civilian and military Intel entities have long suspected that this is what eventually would have to happen to remove Israel as a threat to everybody. They would attack the wrong people at the wrong time.

The Global Showdown over Syria has reached a Pivotal Point ~ link ~ The White House is considering a no-fly-zone in Syria. Russia plans to send the S-300 missile system to Syria, which could down aircraft attempting to enforce a no-fly zone.

Someone has to blink — or things could get really bad.

Syria will retaliate any Israeli aggression says Foreign Minister ~ link ~ Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem said in an interview with Lebanese TV station al-Mayadeen on Wednesday that any response from Damascus will be given without a warning.

“Syria will not let any Israeli aggression go unanswered without retaliation. The retaliation will be the same size as the aggression, and the same type of weapons will be used,” the Syrian foreign minister stated.
Muallem said that Syria would take part in the upcoming talks in Geneva without any precondition, adding that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would remain president until the next presidential election scheduled to be held in 2014.

"From now until the next elections, President Bashar al-Assad is the president of the Syrian Arab Republic," he said.

The Syrian foreign minister also noted that any deal reached in the Geneva talks, due to be held possibly next month, would be put to a referendum inside Syria.

Faking It: How the mainstream media manipulates the World into War ~ link ~ The mainstream news media lying .... hard to believe....NOT.   Stirling   

Two die after mutated H7N9 Bird Flu developes drug resistance ~ link ~ The shape of things to come!!!  Stirling   

Scientists have found the first cases of the new bird flu virus proving resistant to treatment with Tamiflu or similar drugs. The virus has so far killed 36 people in China and been confirmed in 95 others.

The analysis of the course of the H7N9 bird flu virus and use of antivirals in 14 patients, reported in the Lancet medical journal, found that three severely ill people did not respond to the group of medicines that are the standard weapon against threatened flu pandemics. Two died and the third still needed specialist equipment to oxygenate their blood at the time the research paper was submitted.

Hungary torches 500 hectares of GM corn to eradicate GMOs from form supply ~ linkWhen it comes to protecting the public from GMOs, Hungary knows how to get the job done: set fire to the fields growing GM corn!

Although environmentalists might at first argue about the ramifications of burning so much
organic matter right out in the open, the deeper truth is that genetic pollution poses a vastly more serious threat to our world, and burning GM corn is the one sure way to destroy the poisonous genetic code contained in plant tissues. In fact, I hope to see the day when the U.S. courts order the destruction of all GM corn fields across America. And I suspect that if the courts won't rise to the occasion, the People will sooner or later find a way to get it done on their own. Think "Army of the 12 Monkeys" but with a GMO slant.

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