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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin
Syrian Prime Minister: Victory over the foreign mercenaries is nearing ~ link ~ And that means that the "West" (controlled by the Global Banking Cartel and Netanyahu's Israel) is running out of time to use a all-out war against Syria as a 'backdoor' to starting a General Middle East War and World War III.  That is dangerous!!!   Stirling   
Halqi's remarks come at a time when Syrian forces have been making progress in their battle to drive the militants out of the strategic town of Qusayr, located near the Lebanese border. The army killed scores of militants, and destroyed their weaponry and equipment. Among those killed was the senior commander of the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front in Qusayr, identified as Abu Omar.

Meanwhile, the Syrian army killed a number of foreign-backed militants in clashes on the Wa'er farms of Homs on Tuesday.

On Saturday, President Bashar al-Assad said militants from 29 different countries are fighting against the government in Syria. He stated that foreign intervention is the most important factor aggravating the situation in Syria.
SYRIA'S FAILURE TO LOSE ~ link ~ This is one that you really need to read, in full, at the link!   Stirling   
The “neocon nightmare,” Israel as America’s “aircraft carrier” in the Middle East, or America’s “junk-yard dog,” is a policy the Obama administration now openly admits is an utter failure. That policy allowed “the tail,” Israel, to “wag the dog,” the United States, pushing America into wars intent on empowering the Likudists as rulers of that “greater Israel” they dream of.

“Greater Israel” would be paid for by three trillion US taxpayer dollars and thousands of American lives lost, hundreds of thousands damaged and a world facing economic ruin and world war.

The dream of “Greater Israel,” allowing “the tail” to “wag the dog,” has been fostered by a multi-faceted attack on every aspect of America. America has been “propagandized” into self-hatred, class warfare and sectarian strife.

America has been inundated with cultural meltdown, rampant unemployment, poverty, and broad acceptance of totalitarianism and injustice as a requirement for security.

The American people are now continually reminded of the threat through carefully orchestrated false flag terror attacks, now so blatant that none can miss the intended message.
Charles Darwin - Stock Picker ~ link ~ Check it out.  You can't make this stuff up.  Stirling    

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