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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin
French military White Paper plans on escalating wars and great-power conflicts ~ link ~ This is what happens when you have a string of Zionist Rothschild puppets as President.  Stirling    
The current White Paper lays out plans not only to continue but to massively escalate French military aggression overseas. It notes, “The evolution of the strategic context could lead our country not only to take the initiative of operations, but to take on, more often than in the past, a substantial portion of the responsibilities involved in the conduct of military action.”

The White Paper assembles a stunningly vast list of targets or potential targets for French military aggression. It discusses the possibility of further wars in Africa, deployments in the Middle East and Asia for possible conflicts with Iran and China, and more extensive deployments of French nuclear forces.

The PS government’s adoption of the White Paper and the reaction to it in the media are symptoms of a ruling class that has completely lost its head. French media reports have criticised the White Paper not for outlining a megalomaniacal militarist agenda, but for not arming France heavily enough to prosecute these conflicts effectively.

Australian warship to join US Fleet off Korean Peninsula ~ link ~ The satanic globalists don't want to leave the Australians out of World War III.   Stirling    

Bush Official: Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack Could Be 'Israeli False Flag Operation' ~ link ~ No kidding.  Stirling   

Israel pushing US into War with Syria - with video ~ link

Two rockets hit Damascus International Airport, sparking massive fire ~ link ~ I just met a man and his daughter from Damascus, Christians who visited my parish church.  He was returning to Damascus today...he said to die.  The Syrians love their nation and will do whatever they have to, to fight the foreign mercenaries.  Pray for them.   Stirling     

UKIP surges in England's by-election on anti-EU ticket ~ link“The message to the Coalition is you are losing the argument. If I was a Tory MP in a marginal constituency I would be worried. If I was a Labour MP in a marginal I would be worried too, ” said UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall speaking at the count. We are not just taking votes from Conservatives. This is the fourth by-election on the trot in the North where UKIP has finished second ,” he stated.

"This is a big deal for the British politics, which for many years has been dominated by the three main parties – Conservatives, Labor, Liberal Democrats. And as of today, there’s a new party on the scene. And it’s certainly shaking things up here in London ," the editor of a UK political news website, Alex Stevenson, told RT.

Claim that researchers in China created mutated Bird Flu virus ~ link ~ I don't think that I buy the line that some Chinese 'researchers' caused thisBut it is for sure that someone engineered this mess!   Stirling    

Global meltdown - 70% of China's export 'partners' saw orders plunge ~ link ~ Things are going from Bad to Worst and soon to Horrible!!!   Stirling    

Ex-Pontiff moves into Vatican retirement flat ~ link  


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