Monday, May 13, 2013

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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin

I have a funeral to attend today, out of town, so todays' postings will be limited.  Stirling   

USA currently fighting 74 different wars ~ link ~ Little wars, big wars, and soon the mother of all wars!  This is what happens when the public allows the most evil and demonic of crooks to control the nation!!!   Stirling     

Israeli tanks and bulldozers carry out incursion into NE Gaza Strip ~ link ~ Gaza the world's largest open air prison.   Totally shameful the way the Jews of Israel treat the Muslims and Christians in Gaza and Palestine.   Stirling    

Turkish F-16 fighter jet crashes near Syria border ~ link link   

Satanists control Britain with blackmail ~ link ~Blair an bastard son of one of the Rothschilds?  Interesting!  Stirling    

Israel's desperation to Perpetuate Aggression will lead to its ultimate destruction ~ link ~ You can see it happening!!!   Stirling    
Another prominent child rapist who was then forced to do Rothschild bidding is the former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. An Intelligence minion like Hurd would ask him if he wanted a go with a boy, and the PM would say "that's very prudent of you". Planned in advance, he then used this phrase an inordinate  amount of times in the mass media to millions. Easy to understand when you know how.

Tony Blair was introduced to me as "the future Prime Minister" in about 1992 by Douglas Hurd and Mandelson, although Hurd told me Mandelson was more important (Rothschild direct contact). Hurd told me that Tony Blair wasn't into rape as much as others, same as Evelyn Rothschild usually didn't get involved directly. "Sometimes my brother does" Evelyn told us. - See more at:

Zionists are at the Forefront of Advancing Gun Control in America ~ link ~ They abuse the freedom and protection good hearted American population shows them, to try to denude us of our guns so that their fascist puppets in Washington can enslave us all.  Beyond shameful and beyond stupid!!!  Stirling 

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

You have had quite a few personal set-backs during the last year.
Your mother has had serious health problems and now your sister-in-law and your Aunt faded away.
It is hard to find the right words, but I promise that will remember them in my prayers.
I know that you have things to do at this time which are more important than publishing a blog every day.

Yours, in Jesus Christ, our Saviour,

Joaquin, Germany