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After several hours of reading and posting for 2 May 2013, I had a crash and lost all of today's post. I will soon post something for today/tomorrow. Sorry, Tim, Earl of Stirling   

If you live in the MIddle East, or have family or friends there, now is a good time to take a long vacation someplace other than the Middle East!  Stirling    
US and over 30 allied nations to hold massive naval exercise in Persian Gulf beginning next week - with video ~ link ~ Considering that the Israelis are undergoing a large-scale surprise military reserve call-up right now and that events are clearly being moved towards a war footing for a General Middle East War, the chances of the war beginning in May and perhaps any day are very high...very high indeed.  This war is almost certain to become the Third World War ... so prepare yourselves!  Stirling    

The United States and over 30 of its allies, including Britain and most of the Arab kingdoms, are planning to hold a military exercise in the Persian Gulf, Press TV reports.

Washington claims the drill, which is reportedly scheduled to be held on May 6-30, is aimed at practicing minesweeping and the protection of commercial vessels, while political analysts in Russia describe the move as a provocation to Iran ahead of its upcoming presidential election, which is scheduled to be held on June 14.

The participants in the so-called
International Mine Countermeasures Exercise will gather in Bahrain.

Russian experts have also voiced concern over the silence within the international community about the plans of the military drill in the Persian Gulf waters.

“The exercise is a provocation on a global scale. This is not only to pressure Iran, these exercises are also meant to pile pressure on Syria,” said Stanisalav Ivanov from Russia’s Center for International Security

“The US exercises come on top of arming the region, constant presence in the Middle East and fueling new conflicts in the region. Any mass US-led operation risks a new conflict,” Ivanov added.
Israel calling up reserves - Major military "drill" begins this Sunday - reposting ~ link ~ Israel has a large percentage of its military force in the reserves and before any war they always have a call-up of key reserve units.  This "drill" may well be simply a cover story for the real thing!  We are really moving close now to the outbreak of major hostilities in the Middle East.  Hostilities that will instantly crash the global economy as all oil exports from that area are shut down.  Hostilities that almost certainly expand into the Third World War!!!   Stirling   
Russia ready for mass evacuation of nationals from Syria ~ link ~

Several Russian beach assault ships deployed in the Eastern Mediterranean are on standby to evacuate Russian nationals from Syria.

Commodore Alexei Komarov spoke about this on a port call to Haifa Wednesday.

What's Ahead for Syria ~ link ~ Being the epicenter of the beginning of World War III.   Stirling   

Syria's being systematically destroyed. Washington planned doing so years ago. Sovereign independence isn't tolerated. It's longstanding US policy.

Numerous states learned the hard way. Syria is America's latest victim. It's falsely blamed for Washington's war. The pattern by now is familiar.

Ravaging the world one country at a time or in multiples is policy. Terrorism is what they do, not us. Reasons for imperial wars are suppressed.  

Poll: Americans Opposed to Attacking Syria or North Korea ~ link ~ But Americans don't control their nation anymore!  The Zionists and the Global Banking Cartel are the powers that be, they control America!!!   Stirling    

Israel Owns The USA - video ~ link  

Avoid the Drumbeat to Escalate in Syria ~ link ~ Many politicians in Washington–not yet realizing that the still-broken American economy can no longer sustain an informal, globe-girdling U.S. empire—have sought to use Bashar al-Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons on a small scale to escalate U.S. involvement in the Syrian civil war. And it’s not only the economy that won’t support a more muscular effort in Syria; after the marathon quagmires in Iraq and Afghanistan, the American public is also tired of costly (in blood and treasure) involvement in faraway wars that provide a dubious threat to America’s vital interests.

Yet the politicians, on autopilot from prior to the 2007-2008 economic crash, have suggested a Chinese menu of options to do something—anything—more to get bogged down in a country that may be strategic for nearby Israel but is not for the United States. Although sensing that the vast majority of Americans are tired of perpetual U.S. brushfire wars and thus rhetorically rejecting “boots on the ground” in Syria, they have suggested, among other things, providing heavy weapons to “democratic” opposition groups and protecting rebels or refugees with “no fly” zones. These two options, however, seem to have nothing to do with reining in Assad’s chemical weapons. Thus, the politicians seem to be flailing for any excuse merely to deepen U.S. involvement to demonstrate American leadership–without solving the problem that is the alleged intervention trigger. 

Five Israeli fighter jets violate Lebanese airspace ~ link 

10 Signs that you are one of the 'sheeple' ~ link  

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