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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin
Kidnapped Syrian bishops are released says church official ~ link ~ It appears that someone higher up in the rebel foreign mercenary organization realized that this was 'bad publicity' and canceled the kidnapping.  Of course, the poor deacon who was driving the two archbishops was martyred before the cancellation was given.   May his soul be with the holy martyrs of God in Heaven.   Stirling     
Two bishops who were abducted by gunmen in a rebel-held area of northern Syria have been released, a church official has said. The pair have returned to the city of Aleppo, Greek Orthodox Bishop Tony Yazigi told Reuters. 

Two Orthodox archbishops abducted in Syria are released ~ link Syriac Orthodox Archbishop of Aleppo Yohanna Ibrahim and Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Aleppo Paul Yazigi were captured by "a terrorist group" as they were "carrying out humanitarian work" in a village in Aleppo governorate on Monday, Syria’s official news agency SANA reported.

"Terrorists intercepted the bishops' car in Kafr Dael village, took the driver out of the car and kidnapped the bishops," SANA said.

According to Aleppo residents, Ibrahim went to pick up Yazigi from the rebel-controlled Bab al-Hawa crossing with Turkey. Their car was intercepted on the way back by militants who kidnapped the archbishops and killed their driver. 

Pictures of the day ~ link ~ Another False Flag Op begins to unravel big time.  The trouble is, about a third of the population is wise to the crap that the globalists/Zionists are pushing; another roughly third are 'willfully ignorant' because they don't want to/can't handle the truth; another third of mature people are simply too dumb to question or think logically/rationally.   The False Flag Ops are designed to play towards the willfully ignorant and ignorant section of the population.   Stirling    

Photos surfaces of 'The Craft' mobile communications van at Boston Marathon ~ link ~ It appears that a well trained and well equipped team of military commandos were in-place right near the explosion sites, at the time of the explosions.  These were the 'black and tans' that others have had questions about.  Now WHY were they there???  And WHY are the mainstream news media silent about them???   If they are there for security, and are who I think they are, they would be on max alert for things like backpack-size bundles left on the ground.  Something does not add up here, if you want to believe the official line of what happened!!!  Stirling   







Boston Commissioner tells the truth by mistake - video ~ link  

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