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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin


Australian think tank outlines US plans for War against China ~ link ~ This is where the Global Banking Cartel satanists are taking us.  Remember it was the globalists who built up China from a backwards nation to the economic and technological powerhouse it is today.   Stirling    
The US and its allies, in particular Australia and Japan, are engaged in advanced preparations for war with China. A paper released yesterday, entitled “Planning the unthinkable war: ‘AirSea Battle’ and its implications for Australia,” by the government-funded Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) has provided an outline of the war plans.
The “AirSea Battle” strategy developed over the past three years by the Pentagon is integral to the Obama administration’s “pivot” or “rebalance” to Asia, aimed at containing China on every front—diplomatically, economically and militarily. Amid a worsening global economic breakdown, the US is determined to use its military might to offset its economic decline and prevent China from becoming a challenge to its hegemony in Asia and the world.
Once the media tells us Who carried out the Boston Marathon bombing, how can we believe them? ~ link ~ At some point here in the next few days, the mainstream media is going to announce the culprit behind yesterday's bombings at the Boston marathon race. The question, though, is how can we believe them?

When it comes to reporting the truth about acts of terrorism, the media has zero credibility. For starters, the entire mainstream media still won't report anything about WTC building 7. This is a concrete and steel structure that the government says collapsed on 9/11, in perfect demolition style, because of a few fires burning inside the building.

There's only one problem with that: Concrete doesn't burn or melt. In the entire history of architecture, concrete-and-steel buildings have never -- NEVER! -- collapsed from fires.
The New World Order Formula for False Flag Attacks ~ link 
All MSM implying "We need to give up Rights for Safety and Security" after Boston - Video of Major Oddity of bombing coverage ~ link ~ Interesting!  Stirling    
Illuminati Strategy - "Inventing Danger" ~ link 
Syrian Army in major break through ~ link  

China accuses US of destabilizing Asia-Pacific region ~ link ~ Does this included creating/spreading the mutated H7N9 Bird Flu in China, as a senior Air Force officer recently claimed???  Stirling   
4-Year-Old Mutated Bird Flu 'carrier' worries China ~ link ~ Doctors say the discovery of a 4-year-old carrier of the H7N9 bird flu virus who shows no symptoms of the potentially lethal virus is a worrying development that could make the spread of the infection more difficult to monitor.

The Beijing Municipal Health Bureau said the boy was detected from a group of close contacts of the first infection in Beijing and the laboratory results showed the boy was an asymptomatic carrier of the disease.

H7N9 Mutated Bird Flu Poised To Spread ~ link ~ The H7N9 avian flu virus greatly expanded its geographical range over the weekend, with two new  human cases reported in Beijing in the north of China, and another two in Henan province in the centre. Up until now, the virus had been restricted to Shanghai and neighbouring regions on the Eastern seaboard. Experts worry that this new development may be the start of an expansion that may see H7N9 quickly fan out across large areas of China, and beyond.

H7N9 Minhang Familial Cluster Of Three Confirmed ~ linkThe above translation matches previously reported suspect / PCR confirmed H7N9 bird flu cases linked to the Fifth People’s Hospital in the Minhang District (see map).  The two suspect cases were the sons (55M and 69M) of those first confirmed case (87M represented by A/Shanghai/1/2013).  Like their father, both had severe pneumonia and the younger son died.  However, in contrast to their father, they tested negative for H7N9.  All three family members were admitted between March 14 and 24, and the father developed symptoms on March 19 suggesting he was infected by one or both sons.  This human to human (H2H) transmission is also supported by the absence of any travel by the father from his residence in the 2 weeks prior to disease onset.

Since both sons were hospitalized with severe pneumonia, it is likely that serum samples were collected at admission, as well as times closer to discharge or death, allowing for a greater than four fold increase in H7 antibody titer, confirming H7N9.

Is the Takedown of Gold a sign that the entire global financial system is about to crack? ~ linkSomebody out there is sure getting prepared for something really big.  We have just witnessed a takedown of gold and silver unlike anything that we have witnessed in decades.  On Monday, the price of gold had fallen by more than 10 percent at one point.  It shocked investors all over the globe, and overall what we have just seen was the largest two day decline in the price of gold in 30 years.  The price of silver dropped even more rapidly on Monday.  It was down more than 14 percent at one point.  There was an atmosphere of "panic selling" as investors and financial institutions raced to liquidate their holdings of silver and gold.  But was this exactly what someone out there wanted?  As I wrote about the other day, big banks and news outlets all over the world have been boldly proclaiming for weeks that gold is entering a "bear market" and that now is the time for all of us to sell our gold.  In particular, Goldman Sachs reportedly told their clients earlier this month that they "recommend initiating a short COMEX gold position".  Was that just a "good guess" on their part, or was something else going on?  Were they actually trying to help create a "selling frenzy" that would drive the price of gold much lower?
What we witnessed on Monday was absolutely jaw-dropping.  Just check out this chart of the price of gold over the past 10 years.  The takedown of gold on Monday sticks out like a sore thumb...

Sick Man of Europe is calling Rothschild ~ link 

100 Years of Silver sold in a single day ~ link  

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