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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
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"And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?
- Alexander Solzhenitsyn, "The Gulag Archipelago" (1973)
We are living in a propaganda matrix that is controlled by a tiny demonic global banking elite.  Their almost total control of the mainstream news media and most politicians allows them to do all types of PsyOps that in a normal society would 'never fly'.  Stirling     
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  Two Orthodox Archbishops kidnapped in Syria still captive - Earlier reports of their release were false ~ link ~ Two Syrian Orthodox bishops who had been kidnapped on the outskirts of Aleppo have not been released yet, according to the Antiochian Archdiocese of North America. Their driver, who was also a deacon, was killed during the attack.
“His Eminence Metropolitan Philip spoke by phone this morning to His Beatitude John X, Patriarch of Antioch and all the East (pictured), who said that these reports are false, and that the release of these two hierarchs has NOT taken place,” reads the statement on the official website of Self-Ruled Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America.

Earlier a number of reports emerged that the bishops had been freed.

The Russian Orthodox Church had previously expressed condolences, calling on the international community to join efforts to free the two bishops who were abducted in the Syrian province of Aleppo, said Metropolitan Hilarion, chair of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate.

"We are now taking steps to find out where they are, to help them and get them early return from captivity," he said, according to the department’s official website.
Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill wrote to Russian President Vladimir Putin asking Moscow to take every measure to ensure the early release of the Syrian bishops, the Church's website said.

Earlier, Metropolitan Hilarion noted that his close contact with the bishops of the Antiochian Orthodox Church, made him believe that “in those places where the authorities are replaced by the rebel groups, Christianity is being exterminated  to the last man: Christians are expelled, or physically destroyed,” quotes Itar-Tass. He recalled that “Syria has taken more than two million Iraqi refugees, thousands of whom are Christians.”  But now the Metroplitain says “thousands of militant extremists under the guise of opposition forces unleashed a civil war in this country. Extremist groups armed and trained by means of foreign powers are deliberately killing Christians, ” Metropolitan Hilarion said.

Boston's Prelude To Martial Law - video ~ link ~ Good One!  Stirling      

Image shows Dzhokhar Tsarnaev fleeing Boston bombing still wearing backpack, while exploded backpack looks like someone else's -with photos ~ link ~ Tell your friends that there is photo evidence that the suspect in custody did NOT do the bombing.  The early lies were designed to fool the one-third of the population that chooses to be willfully ignorant and the one-third that is so stupid that they cannot engage in rational thought processes.  When the word gets out sufficiently, another False Flag Op will be working against the evil bastards that organized it!!!   Stirling      

Jeff Rense & Gerald Celente: Americans on a Hamster Wheel to Hell - video ~ link ~ Good One.  Stirling     

China's mutated Bird Flu jumps the border as first case CONFIRMED in Taiwan ~ link ~ While precious little space has been dedicated in the US media to what remains an uncontained epidemic of the H7N9 bird flu in China, cases continue to spread even as the number of deaths mount, taking at least 22 reported lives at last check. Things just got from bad to worse, as the bird flu is now following in the footsteps of the 2003 SARS breakout, with the first reported case outside of China hitting newswires overnight. 

The SCMP reports that "Taiwan on Wednesday reported the first case of the H7N9 bird flu outside of mainland China. The case involves a 53-year-old man, who had been working in the eastern Chinese city of Suzhou. He showed flu symptoms three days after returning to Taiwan via Shanghai, the Centres for Disease Control said, adding that he had been hospitalised since April 16 and was in a critical condition." Considering the lack of transparency of the Chinese government one can only guess, literally, at what the true morbidity and mortality statistics of the flu epidemic are, which is perhaps the main reason this ongoing story for the past two months has so far evaded major coverage. However, as more and more cases are reported outside of China, the world will have no choice but to start paying attention, especially with the WHO announced that "This is one of the most lethal influenza viruses we have seen so far." 

WHO says new Bird Flu strain is "One Of The Most Lethal" flu viruses ~ link ~ Of course it is a genetically engineered killer virus!   Stirling     

Taiwan confirms first H7N9 Bird Flu case outside China  ~ link ~ The 53-year-old man, who had been working in the eastern Chinese city of Suzhou, showed symptoms three days after returning to Taiwan via Shanghai, the Centers for Disease Control said, adding that he had been hospitalised since April 16 and was in a critical condition.

China KFC supplier Sunner posts 1st Quarter loss - Business hurt by H7N9/safety concerns ~ link ~ One of China’s biggest chicken processors on Monday posted a first-quarter loss, citing fallout from bird flu N7N9 as a factor.

Researchers: Elderly more at risk from H7N9 ~ link Research into the H7N9 virus suggests the risk of contracting serious illness rises with age and that more people may be infected than the 105 cases reported, according to a study by the Hong Kong University.  

Obama to ban importation of ammo, magazines and gun accessories without Congressional approval ~ link ~ OK, Americans start a small business manufacturing that which he is blocking...strong demand...use capitalism against the bastards.   Stirling     

San Onofre Edison - West Coast Radiation Crisis - Part I ~ link ~ Part of what is going on in the world now is that there are deliberate multiple population reduction and chaos programs, established by the Global Banking Cartel/globalists, running.    These include the on-going weather modification program stemming from the deliberate BP Oil Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the Fukushima on-going nuclear mega disaster, the roll-out of new genetically engineered killer viruses (such as the mutated H7N9), etc.  The bastards behind all of this are sick totally evil satanists, doing their master's bidding.   Stirling    

Sinclair: Full-Blown Panic As People Ask "Where Is The Gold" ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one in full at the link.   Stirling    

The question now is, ‘Where has the gold gone?’  Who has all of this gold?  Because of the nature of gold leasing, all of this gold has been purchased and it has gone somewhere.  The reality of the empty vaults reveal that the gold has gone missing.

Look at ABN AMRO Bank which decided to change the rules on its clients, against contract rules and against storage obligations, this certainly made a statement that the gold was gone or there was much less than would be required to deliver.

People need to be reminded that when the market broke in 1980, from $887 down to $449, it then recovered in a straight line to $750.  It was If it wasn’t for the fact that Volcker had taken the cost of overnight money into the 20s (percent), and that 10-Year money was at almost 15%, gold would have gone and made a new high based on the tremendous amount of fear that was present at the time.

I think we are in for a repeat of that type of massive rebound in gold, based on the fact that it’s become obvious to anybody who understands the gold market that the paper market is a total fraud.  Key market participants also understand that the Western central bank gold has been leased out and it is gone.  It’s not in the vaults where the West pretends it is.

This has created an atmosphere where individuals are now panicking in an attempt to get possession of their physical gold, but they are being met with strong resistance, or the contracts are simply being changed unilaterally just like we saw back in 1980 on the COMEX. 

What is concerning to key players right now is the fact that this is occurring not just in unallocated accounts, but in many allocated accounts as well.  In other words, the pile of gold that is supposed to be there, in your name, isn’t there


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