Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE


 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin
Senior US general in South Korea: North Korean situation is 'volatile' and 'dangerous' - with video ~ link ~ I believe that describes the entire World at present...we are in the End of Days and the Final Battle draws near.   Stirling     
North Korean analyst: 'One of the most dangerous moments since 1953' - with video ~ linkThis is a staged/created crisis, but that does not mean it is not real and very dangerous!  Stirling    
Thumbing its nose again at the international community, North Korea announced Tuesday that it would restart a nuclear reactor that was closed in 2007 under a six-nation disarmament agreement.
Although Pyongyang claimed in the past that the reactor's purpose was to generate electricity, this time the regime declared outright it would also be "bolstering up the nuclear armed force both in quantity and in quality."

"I have to say this is one of the most dangerous moments since 1953," said Shi Yinhong, a professor of international relations at Beijing’s Renmin University, referring to the end of the Korean War.

US Navy moving ship and radar platform to better monitor North Korea - with photos ~ link ~ This is a radar station that is built on something like a massive ocean going oil platform.  Impressive!  Stirling    

Israeli tanks fire into Syrian territory as Israel launches its first air strike into Gaza since the November truce ~ link ~ Dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu smells blood in the air and is just itching to get WWIII going!!!   Stirling    

Senator Mikulshi apologizes over passage of Monsanto Protection Act ~ link ~ Sometimes the crimes in the D.C. (District of Criminals) stink so bad the crooks even apologize, but they don't really mean it.   Stirling      

Heavy rains and flooding leave at least 5 dead in Buenos Aires ~ link 

The Big Banks are Recklessly Gambling with Our Money and It Will Cause the Global Financial System to Collapse ~ link ~ Yes...it is SUPPOSE TO!!!  The global banksters plan to crash the old system so that they can bring about their solution to the crisis that they created in the first place...the satanic New World Order!!!   Stirling      
Pope reviewing Vatican Bank and Roman Curia ~ link ~ Many serious changes need to be made but the most vital and basic one is ending celibacy and the power of the Gay Mafia in the Roman Church.  Stirling      

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Anonymous said...

The Russian revolution was the work of Wall Street, that is a fact.
Lenin and Trotsky were Wall Street operatives or agents of the bankers of W. S.
Both of them were trained in Europe and 10,000s of their followers were also trained in Europe.
The aim was to get rid of the Tzar and to conquer the Russian commodities.
The Russian revolution was an experiment executed by Wall Street bankers.
They wanted to find out, if the exploitation of workers can be increased by Marx's theory.

Karl Marx was a J.,
W. I. Lenin was one of them and
Leo Trotsky was also one of those who have seven candles in their windows.

I think that capitalism is a conspiracy against humanity, induced by those evil men with long curls and black hats, banging their evil heads against stone walls, but not in Wall Street.