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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin

April Fools - Your Government Is A Joke ~ link
The Federal Reserve and the Bank of England agreed in December of 2912 to seize depositor’s savings rather than to let the banks fail and be reorganized under new and honest leadership. This was repeated in the Canadian budget plans. In Cyprus the EU and the IMF tried to convince us it was OK to take money from Russian (Jewish) criminals. But the Cypriot banks let the Russians take their money out of the 200 branches in Russia that never closed. The money was taken from the Cypriot people and from British pensioners. Now the EU, the UK, Canada and the Federal Reserve are eyeing your bank account, your IRA, tour 402K and your pension. The joke is on you. But this stunt does not go away when someone says April Fools.

The F-22 costs 361 million dollars each. It asphyxiates its pilots. The F-35 cannot operate in the rain pr in electrical storms. It will not survive combat. The CBC’s Brian Stewart called it a Global Wrecking Ball for its costs over runs. Everyone is cutting back on deliveries so the cost per plane should be over 300 million dollars. It would be far cheaper to buy that new Iranian stealth plane. Another joke on you. I hope you didn’t think that your government wanted you to win Word War III. As Goldfinger said to James Bond, “I expect you to die.”

Great Britain has allowed its citizens to use Habeas Corpus in courts since 1305. No More. Kenneth Clarke, Minister without Portfolio, has managed to get the House of Commons to pass Secret Courts legislation. The bill would make sure that any excessively angry depositor whose life savings had been plundered by Mr Clarke’s fellow Bilderbergers is thrown into jail without a lawyer or due process so he never see the light of day again. The UK is following Obama and the NDAA which also denies the Bill of Rights to anyone who gets angry about their bank deposits and pensions being stolen or their job being sent overseas. Anger is bad. You might change your government if you and your friends were allowed to express your anger.

Syrian War: March was conflict's deadliest month ~ link ~ Make no mistake about it, the war in Syria is a clear case of aggression by NATO/Israel/GCC states.  Stirling    

US Navy moves high-tech destroyer off North Korean coast ~ link 

UK Government imposes avalanche of cuts and "reforms" ~ link ~ Got to make sure there is enough money for more war and the banksters and Israel!!!  Screw the people!!!   Stirling    

"Tax on Deposits" is stealing your money - video ~ link ~ Good one Gerald!   Stirling    

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