Friday, March 15, 2013

Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE


 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin

USA bolsters missile defense in face of North Korean nuke threat ~ link ~ I believe that if we have another war with North Korea, and if we use our full range of military technology, that North Korea will cease to exist within the first hour of the war!!!   Stirling    
USA to deploy more ground-based missile interceptors as North Korea steps up threats ~ link 
US drone almost attacked over Straight of Hormuz - Syria threatens to bomb enemy in Lebanon - Russian Marines dock in Beirut ~ link ~ Closer and closer by the day, we creep ever closer to the Third World War.  Stirling     
US Air Force plans to build huge network of underground tunnels ~ link ~ People keep telling me that they already have a truly massive secret complex of such tunnels all over America.   Stirling    

Zionist Claims to Israel Unfounded ~ link ~ This is written by a Jew and published by a Jew.  The point is, that Zionism and the Jewish people are not the same and Zionism, and the Global Banking Cartel families who financed political Zionism, is based on lies and is often harmful to the Jews.   Stirling   

Jesuit Pope Agenda - Meet the Templars, Knights of Malta and Blackwater/Xe Exterminators ~ link ~ I don't know that I see the Jesuits as all that powerful in today's world, compared to the agents of the Global Banking Cartel.  However, a nearby resident/neighbor of mine is a relative of the late Jesuit Cardinal Dullas, who called the founder of the CIA and the former war time Secretary of State, Uncle Allen Dulles and Uncle Avery Dulles.   
Pope Francis can cope with the Catholic Church's crisis says Pontiff's sister ~ link ~ The real key is will the new Pope act, and act quickly and fully, to end celibacy and to get a influx of heterosexual priests and bishops to break the back of the 'gay mafia' that is now running the Catholic Church.  If he does not launch a all-out assault on this, he is NOT serious about reforming the Catholic Church and is one of the ones committed to destroying the largest Christian church from the inside.   We should get a good idea of this during the new Pope's "honeymoon" period right at the beginning of his Papacy.   Stirling     
Bernanke could lose half a trillion ~ link 
The NYPD declares Martial Law in Brooklyn ~ link 
US Judge rules National Security Letters unconstitutional ~ link  

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Eurozone agrees to €10bn bailout package for Cyprus

In a radical departure from previous aid packages, eurozone ministers forced Cyprus' savers, almost half of whom are believed to be non-resident Russians, to pay up to 10% of their deposits to raise almost €6bn.

"I'm extremely angry. I worked years and years to get it together and now I am losing it on the say-so of the Dutch and the Germans," said British-Cypriot Andy Georgiou, 54, who returned to Cyprus in mid-2012 with his savings.

"They call Sicily the island of the mafia. It's not Sicily, it's Cyprus. This is theft, pure and simple," said a pensioner.