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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin
Syrian Army inflicts heavy losses on foreign mercenaries ~ link ~ As I said on Wednesday, on the Nutrimedical Report Show, the Syrians and Assad are winning the war in Syria and the globalists and Zionists are desperate to do something to keep the 'backdoor to a war with Iran' still open.   Hence the recent Israeli air attack on Syria and all the mainstream news media/propaganda lies about Syria falling apart.   Stirling     
The Syrian Army says it has inflicted heavy losses on foreign-backed militants who are fighting against the government in different parts of the country.

Syrian soldiers killed a number of militants in the Damascus suburbs of Douma, Harasta, Erbeen, and Beit Sahem, the army stated on Saturday.

Automatic rifles, machine guns, RPG rounds, and ammunition were seized in Douma and Harasta.

In the west, government forces inflicted heavy losses on armed groups in the Hula area of Homs province, while the army continues clearing operations in the southwestern city of Dara’a.

Syrian troops also killed and injured a number of armed men in operations that targeted militant hideouts and gatherings in the eastern city of Deir Ezzor and the city of Aleppo in the north. 

The Syrian government says the chaos is being orchestrated from outside the country, and there are reports that a very large number of the militants fighting the Syrian government are foreign nationals. 
Iran to unveil upgraded domestically manufactured tanks ~ link ~ The Iranians have "committed" many "sins" against the globalists/Zionists.  They have their own central bank, they oppose Israel, they do not take part in the international arms manufacturing scam/ripoff.  They are now moving almost across the board with high tech domestically made 'arms'.  This last one is a slap in the face of one the the big cash cows of the globalists.  Getting nations, including poor ones, to spend large percentages of their GDP on grossly overpriced fighters, helicopters, ships, subs, missiles, tanks, etc., etc., is a great scam for the globalists, but the Iranians are not 'playing by the globalists' rules'.  They have the audacity to build their own arms at a tiny fraction of the costs of what the globalists would charge in their owned/controlled military industrial complex.  Stirling    
Netanyahu tasked by Israeli President to form next Israeli government ~ link Yes, and believe me the Antichrist (Netanyahu) has an itchy trigger finger when it comes to World War III.    Stirling    
United Kingdom: Israeli raid on Syria is justified ~ link ~  The rumors that the British Prime Minister wears underwear with the words "I am Israel's Bitch" are probability not true.   Stirling     
Spanish protests after Prime Minister Rajoy denies slush fund claim ~ link ~ When the average income becomes so relatively bad that 40% of it goes for basic food items, the rioting begins...we are approaching this in Europe and will soon be there in America!!!  Stirling     

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