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Pope Benedict XVI amends Roman Catholic Conclave Law ~ link Pope Benedict XVI has amended Roman Catholic church law so that the conclave selecting his successor can be brought forward, the Vatican says.

The change to the constitution means cardinals will no longer have to wait 15 days after the papacy becomes vacant before beginning the conclave.

As a result, the conclave can now start before 15 March.
Pope Benedict XVI's resignation, the first by a pope in nearly 600 years, takes effect on Thursday 28 February. 

Cardinal's departure darkens mood as Pope allows early election ~ link ~ Also see Update 3 ~ linkA senior cleric resigned under duress and Pope Benedict took the rare step of changing Vatican law to allow his successor to be elected early, adding to a sense of crisis within the Roman Catholic Church. With just three days left before Benedict becomes the first pope in some six centuries to step down, he accepted the resignation on Monday of Britain's only cardinal elector, Archbishop Keith O'Brien, who was to have voted for the next pope.

O'Brien, who retains the title of cardinal, has denied allegations that he behaved inappropriately with priests over a period of 30 years, but said he was quitting the job of archbishop of Edinburgh. He could have attended the conclave despite his resignation, but said he would stay away because he did not want media attention to be focused on himself instead of the process of choosing the next leader of the 1.2 billion-member Church.

O'Brien's dramatic self-exclusion came as the Vatican continued to resist calls by some Catholics to stop other cardinals tainted by sex scandals, such as US Cardinal Roger Mahony, from taking part.

Cardinal Keith O'Brien resigns as Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh ~ link ~ The cardinal-electors need to understand that the "house is on fire" and they need to act to elect a Pope who will end celibacy and clean up the homosexual mess in the priesthood and religious orders NOW!!!   Stirling    
Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the most senior Roman Catholic cleric in Britain stepped down today amid allegations of his “inappropriate behaviour” with three priests and one former priest.

The decision to bring forward the 74-year-old cardinal’s resignation by three weeks was made personally by the pope.
In a statement this morning he said: “The Holy Father has now decided that my resignation will take effect today.”
“I thank Pope Benedict XVI for his kindness and courtesy to me and on my own behalf and on behalf of the people of Scotland, I wish him a long and happy retirement. I also ask God’s blessing on my brother Cardinals who will soon gather in Rome to elect his successor.”

Cardinal O'Brien resigns as Archbishop  - with video ~ link ~ Britain's most senior Roman Catholic cleric, Cardinal Keith O'Brien, is stepping down as leader of the Scottish Catholic Church.

He had been accused of inappropriate behaviour towards priests dating back to the 1980s - claims he contests.
Cardinal O'Brien, the Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh, apologised to "all whom I have offended" for "any failures" during his ministry.

He will not take part in electing a new pope, leaving Britain unrepresented.

Cardinal Keith O'Brian resigns to contest 'inappropriate behavior' claims ~ link ~ Cardinal Keith O'Brien has resigned to contest claims of inappropriate behaviour. Three priests and a former priest complained to the Vatican about inappropriate behaviour towards them going back 30 years, the Observer reported on Sunday.

Britain's most senior Catholic did not not attend Mass at St Mary's Cathedral in Edinburgh on Sunday following the allegations. He was due to celebrate eight years of Pope Benedict holding office.

The outspoken cardinal said in a statement "The Holy Father has now decided that my resignation will take effect today." He has denied all allegations of inappropriate behaviour and was due to retire when he turned 75 on March 17 next month.

Pope Benedict threatens automatic excommunication for violating secrecy ~ link ~ Pope Benedict XVI, who shocked the world last week by becoming the first Pope in more than six centuries to step down, has changed the Roman Catholic conclave law to, among other things, allow for a quicker process to select a new Holy Father. "I leave the College of Cardinals the possibility to bring forward the start of the conclave once all cardinals are present, or push the beginning of the election back by a few days should there be serious reasons," the Pope’s spokesman Father Federico Lombardi, said in a statement on behalf of Benedict.

Benedict’s resignation takes place on Thursday.
The Pope also amended the conclave law to allow for the automatic excommunication of any non-cardinal who broke the absolute oath of secrecy of the College of Cardinals during the proceedings to select the new leader of the Catholic Church. “[Such] an infraction will incur the penalty of automatic excommunication," the Pope’s order stated.

New Pope alone to see 'Vatileaks' report ~ link ~ The Vatican says a secret report on a leaks scandal in 2012 had revealed human "imperfections" in the running of the Catholic Church and would be shown exclusively to the future pope, not to voting cardinals.

"The Holy Father has decided that the documents, which only he has seen, will be exclusively available to his successor," Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said at a media conference. Italian media reports had suggested cardinals set to vote in a new pope once Benedict XVI has resigned would be given access to the report.

The Pope met on Monday with the cardinals who investigated the so-called "Vatileaks" scandal, Lombardi said.

The 85-year-old German pontiff cited his age as the main factor in his nearly unprecedented decision, but observers said Vatileaks may have been the last straw in a scandal-ridden papacy.


Britain's senior Catholic clergyman resigns after being implicated in sex scandal ~ link ~ Cardinal Keith O'Brien, who had been reported to the Vatican by three priests and a former priest in Scotland over inappropriate behaviour, said that he would not attend the election of Pope Benedict's replacement, which will take place soon.

Keith O'Brien, an outspoken opponent of gay marriage who had condemned homosexuality as immoral, has been accused by the four of developing inappropriate relationship with them at the time and demanded his immediate resignation.

They complained to nuncio Antonio Mennini, the Vatican's ambassador to Britain, that they had fallen victim to O’Brien’s inappropriate behaviour at the time.

Their claims had been submitted to the nuncio’s office the week before Pope Benedict's resignation on 11 February, nurturing speculations that Benedict's shock move may be connected to further scandals to come. Allegations of sexual abuse by members of the church have dogged the papacy of Benedict XVI, who is to step down as pope at the end of this week.

The Vatican said the pope, who steps down on Thursday, had accepted O'Brien's resignation as archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh.

The cardinal, who last week advocated allowing Catholic priests to marry as many found it difficult to cope with celibacy, rejected the allegations and was seeking legal advice, his spokesman said.

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