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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin

Panetta opens combat roles to women ~ link ~ You know, even Cave Men knew better that that!  Women are NOT cut out for the horrors of modern combat; actually neither are men but they are better at it.  Women taken in combat will likely be raped/gang raped, something male POWs do not usually face.  This is disgraceful and Political Correctness (read anti-Americanism) carried to the extreme.  Shame on Panetta and all involved in this insanity.   No real man would ever do this.   Stirling    

Syrian "rebels" attack Christian churches in Syria ~ link ~ The tax dollars of America, Britain, France, and other NATO nations at work!!!  Beyond shameful and anti-Christian.   Stirling    
Godless and Apostate Judasgoat "Christian" Leaders Call for Gun Control ~ link  

The Rise of Bolshevik America ~ link ~ With the same elements behind this that were behind the Bolsheviks in Russia!!!  Stirling    

In his recent presidential directives President Obama has added something that most publications have been silent about; forcing doctors, and other health care providers to ask questions regarding gun ownership of patients. Ostensibly this is to 'find crazy people before they do something' but it reeks of the same system of informants the KGB used in an era before people happily posted all their private thoughts on the Internet. Is this truly an effort to keep people safer, or a sign of things to come?

Anyone who's read Solzhenitsyn knows how the KGB employed informants and quotas to counter anti-revolutionary measures. The American government is already preparing itself for revolution, with CDC concentration camps and the ability to create martial law, and removing constitutional laws enabling the American people to change their form of government if they so choose. This new network of required informants is yet another step in the direction of repressive regimes reminiscent of the former Soviet Union. Given the pretense of spotting people before a crime is committed, this is probably only the start. If health care providers are required to ask invasive questions, other federal employees in different spheres certainly will be asked to. The federal government may even try to coerce more states to involve more departments. How far is America from asking students about their parents activities at home?

The debate on Gay Marriage has been going on for decades, but there's one aspect that few are considering. The federal government is becoming more and more involved with what the Church can and cannot due. It has already been suggested by senators that the federal government should pass laws forcing any clergy who want to maintain their ability to perform marriages (note: in America clergy are able to legally create marriages unlike other countries where legal marriage and religious marriage are two separate events) that they must accept any homosexual couples interested in being married. The federal government has also insisted that Churches may not take a stand against political candidates who's policies would hurt the Church if they wish to keep their tax free status. Using the same two components, requirements for clergy to remain licensed to perform marriage, and Churches to maintain their tax free status, the Obama administration could quite easily begin requiring clergy to report to the authorities anyone mentioning guns during confession to report to the authorities.

The Sandy Hook Massacre: Unanswered Questions ~ link

The Police State is Not Coming - It is already here - with video ~ link

DHS stockpiling body armor and military gas agents ~ link  
Romanian government announces new round of austerity measures ~ link ~ Austerity Fascism = Obscene profits for the global banksters + Crap for the people!   Stirling  
Obama and the Chinese Infiltration ~ link
Americans have lived in relative safety and comfort for a very long time. It has been nearly 70 years since the nation operated in a modality that was geared toward its very survival, such as in the two World Wars. None of the military escapades in which we’ve since engaged possessed the gravity of those, and economically we have not suffered a calamity since the Great Depression matching that period.
Other nations cannot say the same. There are developed nations on the globe that can account for 100 million people having been murdered by their governments or in civil wars within the same 70 years. In undeveloped nations, the history is even bloodier and more bizarre, particularly if you include starvation deaths.

There are those in America who believe that the United States is long overdue for such upheaval, even deserving of same. In the 1960s and 1970s, radicals like President Obama’s mentor Bill Ayers and his Weather Underground comrades plotted America’s downfall, toying with estimations of how many millions of Americans they would have to kill to adequately pacify those remaining. This is not hearsay; it is a matter of public record. This methodology is boilerplate Marxism, in which Obama and key members of his Cabinet are well-versed, despite the benevolent representation of them maintained by the press.

Striking Athens subway workers defy court rulings ~ link ~ When the people have had enough they will tell the government and the courts to go directly to hell!   This appears to be beginning in Greece.   Stirling     
The strike by Athens subway workers continued into its seventh day yesterday in defiance of a court ruling declaring the work action illegal. The ruling handed down Monday night allows the government to invoke emergency powers to force the strikers back to work by means of a “civil mobilisation,” which effectively conscripts the workers into the armed forces.

The main metro workers’ union, SELMA, called the strike in opposition to massive pay cuts being imposed as part of a restructuring of civil service wages. The implementation of the cuts is a condition laid down by the “troika”—the European Union, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank—for Greece receiving further loans from the European Union. The New Democracy-led coalition government has pledged to impose the wage reductions along with many other attacks on Greek workers.

Half of Northern Hemisphere covered by snow ~ link
Extreme Cold: Hydro-Quebec reports RECORD electricity consumption ~ link    
Unprecedented glacier melting in the Andes blamed on climate change ~ link 
More and more people freeze to death in Russia ~ link ~ The Russians are hardy people and well prepared for cold weather.  I have been in Russia in winter, and it was something else.  So when you hear that they are having one hell of a winter, it must really be bad.   Stirling    

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