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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
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The Israelis have crossed several important lines with the attack on a Syrian military base near Damascus.  What will be the response of Syria, and Iran???  How will Russia and China respond???  If there is a response, and it is highly likely that there will be a major response, will it be asymmetrical or a direct counter-attack?  The world is now a second or so from Midnight on the Third World War clock.  Will there be a False Flag attack on or near the Superbowl that will be blamed on Syria and/or Iran?  Stirling     

Lord Stirling (Tim Alexander) on the Nutrimedical Report Show today ~ link ~ first 15 minutes of Hour 1 and entire hour of Hour 3.  Topic the Breaking News of the Israeli attack on Syria.

Israel likely did not target chemical weapons ~ link ~  Bibi 666 Netanyahu wants his General Middle East War and the globalist banksters want their Third World War.  This is a MAJOR STEP in that direction.  Stirling    

"Syria says Israel struck military stie, as accounts diverge" - Wall Street Journal ~ link ~ The Wall Street Journal has it all wrong, most likely by design.  There were two sets of attacks, almost 24 hours apart.  The first was on a convoy of ground to air missiles just inside the Syrian border near Lebanon.  The second was well within Syria, near Damascus, and on a strategic military base/arms depot.   Stirling     

Israeli warplanes bombed military site near Damascus says Syrian state news agency ~ link ~ On the same day it became known that citizens of the Jewish state were stocking up on gas masks. The demand for them tripled at the end of January. Many Israelis believe that their country could face an assault with Syrian chemical weapons, RBC reports. 

Syria confirms Israeli air strike ~ link The army statement, quoted in Syria's official media, said: "Israeli fighter jets violated our airspace at dawn today and carried out a direct strike on a scientific research centre in charge of raising our level of resistance and self-defence."  The centre, in Jamraya, northwest of the capital Damascus, was damaged in the attack, along with an adjacent building and a car park, the statement said.  It said that "armed terrorist gangs", a term the government uses to describe rebel groups, had tried and failed repeatedly to capture the same facility in recent months.

The statement specifically denied reports that an arms convoy had been hit.  Hours earlier, unnamed Lebanese security sources reported that Israeli warplanes had struck lorries carrying missiles towards the Lebanese border
The Associated Press quoted a US official as saying the lorries were carrying Russian-made SA-17 anti-aircraft missiles.

"Western" push to oust Syrian regime escalates ~ linkStatements by top Iranian officials last weekend are another indication of the destabilising impact of the escalating efforts by the US and its allies to oust the Syrian regime of President Bashar al Assad. Ali Akbar Velayati, a top aide to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, told the media that “an attack on Syria would be considered an attack on Iran and Iran’s allies.”

The warning, the sharpest by Tehran since the civil war in Syria began, came as batteries of patriot missiles deployed by the US and NATO on the Syria-Turkey border, manned by hundreds of NATO troops, began to go operational. On Saturday, a pair of missile batteries provided by the Dutch government became active at Adana in Southern Turkey.

Two US Patriot missiles arrive in south Turkey ~ link ~ They are preparing the groundwork for a horrific war that will almost certainly beging the Third World War.   Stirling    

Two Patriot missile systems, sent by the United States, have arrived in southern Turkey.

The US vessel carrying parts of the surface-to-air missiles docked at the southern port of Iskenderun on Wednesday.

The systems are to be deployed near the Syrian border.

On Monday, two German batteries, which have been deployed around the southeastern Turkish city of Kahramanmaras, about 100 kilometers (62 miles) from the Syrian border, became operational.

On Saturday, the Netherlands activated two Patriot batteries near the southern city of Adana.

In November 2012, NATO announced a plan to deploy six batteries to “protect Turkey” from potential Syrian missile strikes.

US secures drone base in northwest Africa ~ link ~ The madmen (Rothschilds and their ilk) that run America and most of the world are creating wars everywhere and will not stop until they have driven the human race into the greatest war ever, World War III/Armageddon!  Stirling    

Washington has secured an agreement with the government of Niger to establish a US military base in the Northwest African country, which borders Mali. The agreement comes in the midst of the French intervention in Mali, employing ground troops and warplanes.

Obama approves sale of sensitive military technology to China ~ link ~ Unbelievable ... you simply cannot make this stuff up!!!   Stirling    
A Chinese company will take charge of sensitive military and battery technology following the Treasury Department’s decision on Tuesday to permit the sale of a U.S. company that was bankrolled with tax dollars to the Shanghai-based Wanxiang firm.

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) approved the $256 million sale of A123 Systems’ operation, despite warnings from military insiders and lawmakers on Capitol Hill that the sale presents a danger to national security.

A123 Systems, which went bankrupt despite the Obama administrations’ $249 million in green energy funding to produce advanced lithium ion batteries, controls 91 patents for the sensitive technology. “The approved sale marks yet another step in the coordinated strategy by foreign countries to acquire leading U.S. companies who are researching, developing and producing critical technologies,” said Dean Popps, co-chairman of the Strategic Materials Advisory Council. “CFIUS itself has recognized this strategy but continues to fail to do anything to prevent it.” The committee has not made public its rationale for the decision.

229 Sheriffs saying NO to Obama Gun Control ~ link ~ Good for them, they are real Americans!  Stirling   

Who runs the World? Solid proof that a core group of wealthy elitists is pulling the strings ~ link ~ Does a shadowy group of obscenely wealthy elitists control the world?  Do men and women with enormous amounts of money really run the world from behind the scenes?  The answer might surprise you.  Most of us tend to think of money as a convenient way to conduct transactions, but the truth is that it also represents power and control.  And today we live in a neo-fuedalist system in which the super rich pull all the strings.  When I am talking about the ultra-wealthy, I am not just talking about people that have a few million dollars.  As you will see later in this article, the ultra-wealthy have enough money sitting in offshore banks to buy all of the goods and services produced in the United States during the course of an entire year and still be able to pay off the entire U.S. national debt.  That is an amount of money so large that it is almost incomprehensible.  Under this ne0-feudalist system, all the rest of us are debt slaves, including our own governments.  Just look around - everyone is drowning in debt, and all of that debt is making the ultra-wealthy even wealthier.  But the ultra-wealthy don't just sit on all of that wealth.  They use some of it to dominate the affairs of the nations.  The ultra-wealthy own virtually every major bank and every major corporation on the planet.  They use a vast network of secret societies, think tanks and charitable organizations to advance their agendas and to keep their members in line.  They control how we view the world through their ownership of the media and their dominance over our education system.  They fund the campaigns of most of our politicians and they exert a tremendous amount of influence over international organizations such as the United Nations, the IMF, the World Bank and the WTO.  When you step back and take a look at the big picture, there is little doubt about who runs the world.  It is just that most people don't want to admit the truth.

The ultra-wealthy don't run down and put their money in the local bank like you and I do.  Instead, they tend to stash their assets in places where they won't be taxed such as the Cayman Islands.  According to a report that was released last summer, the global elite have up to 32 TRILLION dollars stashed in offshore banks around the globe.

U.S. GDP for 2011 was about 15 trillion dollars, and the U.S. national debt is sitting at about 16 trillion dollars, so you could add them both together and you still wouldn't hit 32 trillion dollars.

And of course that does not even count the money that is stashed in other locations that the study did not account for, and it does not count all of the wealth that the global elite have in hard assets such as real estate, precious metals, art, yachts, etc.

Clashes in Athens as protesters break into government building - with video and photos ~ link ~ If things continue the way they are headed, I would not be surprised to see protesters break into Parliament or some Ministry building and drag MPs and Cabinet Ministers out and hang them!  Stirling    
Austerity enraged protesters broke into a government building and threatened the labor minister, Wednesday. Riot police then intervened with tear gas, batons and pepper spray, with one person taken to hospital. 

A quarter of jobs in America pay BELOW the Federal Poverty Line ~ linkOver two years ago (and reiterated last year) Zero Hedge first wrote on what was and is an undisputed transition within the US labor force: a shift from full-time to temp, or part-time labor, with virtually no contractual or welfare benefits, and where workers are lucky to get minimum wage. This is because in the "New Normal" where copious amounts of structural slack are pervasive due precisely to the Fed's constant flawed micromanagement of the economy, the US has now become an "employers' market."

Furthermore, we were the first to make the critical distinction that it is absolutely not all about the quantity of jobs, but much more importantly, the quality of the new jobs being created. However, just like 99% of the general public, and all of the mainstream media, has an inborn genetic disorder preventing it from grasping the distinction between nominal and real, so these two critical aspects of the US jobs market languished unperturbed. Until now, two years later, when we are happy to see that the mainstream media has finally caught up with what our readers knew in December 2010.

Scotland's First Minister holds talks with Quebec's PM Marious ~ link ~ If the world is still in one piece come 2014, it is highly likely that Scotland will break away from England and the rest of the United Kingdom to return to its historic states as a fully independent sovereign nation state.   Stirling    

Taking aspirin as few times as once a week triples risk of blindness ~ link ~ Many conventional doctors advise their patients to pop one every day like a multivitamin in order to supposedly ward off heart attacks, strokes, and even cancer. But taking an aspirin as few times as once a week, especially when you are not actually sick or in pain, can be incredibly dangerous, especially for your eyesight. This is the conclusion of a recent study published in Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), which found that "supplementing" at least once a week with aspirin can triple the risk of going blind.

For their study, researchers from Australia tracked nearly 2,400 middle-aged and elderly individuals for 15 years. Among this group, 257 individuals were determined to be "regular" uses of aspirin who took the drug at least once a week, while the rest were occasional users that took the drug less frequently. All participants were evaluated at the end of the study to determine their health status in conjunction with aspirin intake.


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