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All the President's Women (Part 3) Diane Feinstein ~ link ~

This is the third part in the installment of the series “All the President’s Women”. This part focuses on the public service of California Senator, Diane Feinstein.

It can be said that pleasures can be derived from a fine wine, the love of a fine woman, but no pleasure can be derived from the “public serivice” Feinstein. Soon, Aem Just like Hillary Clinton, Feinstein’s criminality runs so deep, the breadth of her actions cannot be covered in a book, much less an article. The following represents a snapshot of Feinstein’s conduct as a senator.

Innocents Betrayed - What happens when the public allows the political class to disarm them - video ~ link ~ A good overview of the last hundred years of "gun control"...often involving the globalists/banksters/Zionists!  Pay attention to this, if you want to live!  They are coming after America's guns in preparation for coming after Americans, the only nation that can really stand up against the globalists/Zionists!  Stirling     
In Defense of the Second Amendment - Without which there wouldn't be a United States of America - No enity can conquer America as long as its citizens have privately owned guns ~ link The American Revolution was a revolution of common people who were armed with weapons. The long rifle, fired from a distance, was a formidable weapon. A man who could shoot straight at a distance of several hundred yards could kill an officer on horseback. Officers wore special uniforms. This enabled their troops to identify who was in charge. They rode on horseback, above the troops. There was a universal agreement among the warriors of Western Europe that they would not target the officers. This, of course, was an agreement among officers.

The Americans honored no such agreement. Americans would target the officers from hundreds of yards away. The chain of command of British troops was disrupted by the American rifle. This was considered unsportsmanlike. But the Americans did not honor the same rules and sportsmanship.

This is why the militias were the formidable opponents of the British Army. George Washington only had two major victories, Trenton in 1776 (won by surprise) and Yorktown in 1781 (won by the French Navy). His army was usually unable to make direct confrontations in the field with the British Army. In contrast, militia units, firing from a distance against massed armies, and then running into the woods, could not be dealt with by British Army tacticians. The British armies were always tied to the cities. They could not venture far into the countryside to get food, because too many of them would be gunned down by militia members. They were dependent upon the British Navy to deliver supplies to them.

Commentary on the Bill of Rights ~ link ~ Good one Mike!  Stirling    

Say NO to Unnecessary and Unlawful new "gun control" - Join the Million Man Armed March on Washington ~ link ~ I have mixed feelings on this...the globalists/Zionists jerks would love to use such a armed march for a False Flag event!!!   Stirling     

There are elected officials that are actively engaging in the development of measures to infringe upon, disregard, and destroy our Constitutional right to bear arms as per the 2nd amendment. Our inalienable right to bear arms is under assault by unlawful and sweeping proposals for gun bans, ammunition bans, ammunition caps, forced gun registration, prognosticated gun confiscation, and more, based upon tragic mass shooting events perpetrated by CRIMINALS and/or the MENTALLY ILL, that obtained weapons ILLEGALLY. These tragic occurrences have NOTHING to do with the law abiding, gun owning citizenry of the United States. This petition is calling upon every law abiding citizen over the age of 18; every man, woman, civilian, law enforcement officer, military servant, veteran, husband, wife, student, or other, who respects, honors, and values our Constitution and our Constitutional rights, to take a stand against overreaching government and opportunistic political tyranny.
Our Constitutional rights and freedoms are under attack, and if the attack is allowed to be successful, what Constitutional right will be next? Stand up for freedom. Sign the petition, and pass it on to friends, relatives, neighbors, loved ones, and more. We need more than your signatures. We need you to MARCH.

"THE MILLION MAN ARMED MARCH ON WASHINGTON," will take place on Friday, February 15th, 2013, on and around the National Mall in Washington, D.C. This petition is calling upon every law abiding gun owner with a gun permit from their respective state of residence, to MARCH. It doesn't matter what state you live in. Bring your holstered, unloaded handgun on your hip in PLAIN VIEW  along with your GUN PERMIT, in peaceful and demonstrated defiance to those who seek to strip us of our Constitutional rights. The powers that be can't arrest one million people with guns.

Illinois state Senate postpones votes on gun and magazine bans, registration schemes and shooting range bans ~ link ~ It appears that the state senators were somewhat shaken up by the public outcry against their unconstitutional and traitorous efforts!  Stirling      
Illinois Senators were poised to vote today on two bills that aimed to trample on your individual rights by imposing sweeping semi-automatic and magazine bans, requiring registration of firearms and magazines, and crippling shooting ranges through onerous restrictions.

However, thanks to your timely action and the volume of telephone calls to state legislators in Springfield, the Senate leadership decided to postpone its votes on these issues. These legislative threats have not yet been defeated and can still be voted on as early as Tuesday, January 8 when the Senate reconvenes for the last two days of its lame duck session.

Illinois anti-gun action shifts to State House on Sunday ~ link ~ Yesterday when Senate President John Cullerton was unable to garner thirty votes in the Illinois Senate to pass legislation banning firearms and magazines, he postponed the floor votes on these bills until next week.  Now Governor Patrick Quinn and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel have shifted their anti-gun focus to the state House of Representatives in an attempt to ban your guns and magazines during the Lame Duck session on Sunday through Tuesday.

As a way of distracting attention from his failure to control and reduce out-of-control violent crime in Chicago, Emanuel is once again actively seeking to restrict your Second Amendment rights.  Emanuel is infamous for saying “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.  And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”  Convenience should never be used as a factor.  No time should ever be considered a good time to attack the law-abiding public and strip it of its rights and civil liberties.  As previously reported here, the Illinois Senate recently attempted and continues to try to pass two extreme anti-gun bills which, if enacted, will ban, tax and require registration for semi-automatic firearms or detachable magazines, impose severe restrictions on shooting ranges and create a myriad of new laws that will easily turn an entire class of law-abiding citizens into felons.  After their efforts stalled yesterday in the Illinois Senate, thanks to your efforts to call and e-mail your state Senators, it appears that Emanuel and Quinn are still hell-bent on exploiting recent tragedies to achieve their goal of making YOU a felon by shifting their anti-gun focus to the state House.   So they are now looking to introduce similar gun and magazine ban registration language in the House when it convenes on Sunday for the last few days of their lame duck session.

NY gun owners brace for Historic Assault on Gun Rights from Albany ~ link ~ Next Wednesday, the New York Assembly and Senate will convene for the 2013 legislative session.  Anti-gun Governor Andrew Cuomo has expressed his desire to make gun control a top legislative agenda item.

Gun owners should pay particular attention to his State of the State address next week.   Your NRA-ILA has been closely monitoring and preparing to fight these extreme and senseless restrictions on the Second Amendment rights of New Yorkers.

These proposals do nothing except criminalize law-abiding gun owners, target shooters and hunters, and do nothing to prevent crime or impact public safety.

Dianne Feinstein: Thy Name Is Corruption ~ link ~  Oh yes this is one that you should read in full at the link.  This bitch is rotten to the core!   Stirling    

This is a sequel to How Gun Grabber Feinstein Stole $100s Of Billions In Gold.
Even the Leftist singer Jello Biafra formerly of the Dead Kennedys has stated that Feinstein is “easily one of the most evil people [he's] ever met.” He has also described her as, “the Dragon Lady with no f***ing heart.”

Dianne Feinstein was first elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1969. She won one of her elections by campaigning late the night before election day at sado-masochistic bars. She got the whip vote and was smart enough to it so late that the news media could not get the story out to the voters. This was at a time when the SF Coroner’s office admitted that 10% of all unnatural deaths were the result of sadists cutting off the circulation of their sexual partners. The coroner ran classes to educate the sadists as to the correct methods of tying up people. Establishments were set up with doctors and nurses on call so masochists could receive immediate medical attention. Unfortunately for America she defeated Quentin Kopp for President of the Board of Supervisors in 1978. On November 27, 1978 Mayor Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk were assassinated by ex-Supervisor Dan White and she became Mayor of San Francisco.  Mr White used the Twinkie defense and was convicted of manslaughter as opposed to murder. He served less than two years of a 5 to 7 year sentence.

Dianne Feinstein was a member of the Trilateral Commission during the 1980s which was founded by by David Rockefeller and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. She and her third husband Richard C Blum were also members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Dianne Feinstein and her husband Richard Blum currently own a private jet, a Gulfstream G650, worth $55 million in 2008. Blum and Feinstein also own The Carlton hotel in San Francisco. They also own six other homes. Blum and Feinstein own substantial interests in the Career Educational Corporation and ITT Educational Services. The Los Angeles Times said the following of her on October 28, 1994.
“A review of the senator’s first two years in office found that Feinstein supported several positions that benefited Blum, his wealthy clients and their investments. She was a vocal proponent of increased trade with China while Blum’s firm was planning a major investment there. She also voted for appropriations bills that provided more than $100 million a year in federal funds to three companies in which her husband is a substantial investor.”
Currently Dianne Feinstein wants to ban all semi-automatic handguns and rifles. The people who run the Trilateral Commission and the CFR and their forbears financed and controlled the people who instigated gun control in nations that subsequently killed 260 million of their own unarmed citizens in the 20th century.

Zionist controlled media responsible for violence in America, not guns - with video  ~ link ~ link ~ No wonder they hate Press TV so much...they have so much to hide and such people just hate those who shine the light of truth on things.   Stirling     

 The Four Business Gangs That Run America ~ link ~ Great article, do take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling     

If you’ve ever suspected politics is increasingly being run in the interests of big business, I have news: Jeffrey Sachs, a highly respected economist from Columbia University, agrees with you – at least in respect of the United States.

In his book, The Price of Civilisation, he says the US economy is caught in a feedback loop. ”Corporate wealth translates into political power through campaign financing, corporate lobbying and the revolving door of jobs between government and industry; and political power translates into further wealth through tax cuts, deregulation and sweetheart contracts between government and industry. Wealth begets power, and power begets wealth,” he says.

Sachs says four key sectors of US business exemplify this feedback loop and the takeover of political power in America by the ”corporatocracy”.

Inside a Failed State: Zimbabwe - video ~ link ~ From 2007, but informative nevertheless.  Stirling    

Zimbabwe, once one of the most prosperous nations in Africa, now has the lowest life expectancy and highest inflation rate in the world. Life has become an everyday struggle for survival. The supermarkets in Bulawayo are all empty. According to the shopkeeper, the last time they had bread was “a month ago”. Filming secretly undercover, journalist Ginny Stein captures the desperation everywhere. “There is no water. Nothing, just nothing”, laments ‘Tony’. “Children are hungry, everyone is hungry. Our government is a monster”. Even if there were things in the shops, most people couldn’t afford them. A teacher’s monthly salary now buys the equivalent of one McDonald’s family meal. Malnutrition is taking its toll on people’s health. “Up to 75% of the people coming in have diarrhea and vomiting”, states Dr Thandazani. The fear is that these problems will only get worse. In July, the government forced businesses to half their prices. Now it’s proposing to nationalize 51% of all white-owned businesses. “The economy must be in the hands of Zimbabweans”, states Ambassador Khaya Moyo. But unsurprisingly, manufacturers and retailers feel they’re being made new enemies of the state. 

NDAA bans Iran's Press TV from US airwaves ~ link ~ The globalist/Zionist control of American mainstream news media is at about 96%, and they simply cannot stand competition, especially competition that might tell the truth!!!   Stirling      

The massive 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), signed into law by President Obama Jan. 2, contains sanctions that effectivly ban Iran’s popular station, Press TV, from U.S. airwaves or cable networks. Press TV is still available on the internet.

Following the NDAA’s passage, Press TV interviewed Chicago anti-war leader Joe Iosbaker. The interview can be seen here.… . Iosbaker is also a spokesperson for the Committee to Stop FBI Repression, and is one of the anti-war and international solidarity activists whose home was raided by the FBI.

Iosbaker told Press TV, “In order for there to be an anti-war movement, there has to be alternative sources of information. And they’re afraid of the anti-war movement because even in just the recent history, the anti-war movement has had consequences for the rulers here.”

The Inconvenient Truth - There is Poison in the Tap Water - video ~ link ~ Besides adding to overall illness and death levels, fluoride has negative effect on the intelligence levels of many people.  This is why it has been added to so much of the tap water in the western sicken, to kill, and to make ignorant...all goals of the totally satanic New World Order globalists!!!   Stirling      

An Inconvenient Tooth is a documentary film about fluoride. It was released September 6th, 2012 at the city hall in Portland, Oregon. Fluoride does horrible damage to human bones, thyroids, the pineal gland, and many other areas of the body, yet big industry, the medical establishment, and those in government continue to promote its use in tap water and in tooth paste and dental treatments. 

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