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Syria: Coming False Flag designed to discredit Russia ~ link On Friday, 11 January 2013 the Russian military diplomat stated that the involved parties are in the process of recruiting Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian mercenaries who are supposed to take part in the operation.

The mercenaries would then be deployed to locations in Turkey and Jordan where large-scale scenes, supposed to represent destroyed Syrian villages have long been built for training purposes.

The false Russian mercenaries would then engage in mock fire fights with supposed fighters of the Free Syrian Army and be captured. The captured “actors” are then supposed to be interviewed on camera while admitting that they had been deployed from Russia to “support the Syrian Regime”.

If your an American you should see this short video ~ link 

Stop funding Israel - These are the companies assisting the funding of the Palestinian genocide - with video ~ link  

Line of Control remains tense as India and Pakistan exchange fire ~ linkTension continued to prevail along the India, Pakistan border in Jammu and Kashmir on Friday where Army was on alert after repeated ceasefire violations by Pakistani troops.

Pakistani troops fired at Indian posts in Jammu and Kashmir again on Friday, leading to an exchange of fire between Indian and Pakistani Army across the Line of Control (LoC).
Illinois State Government wants gold registration ~ link ~ These fascist bastards need a lesson in basic American citizenship.  The government does NOT own us, we own the government!  Stirling   

“So let me get this straight,” writes Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg. “First they want gun registration and now precious metal registration?  I’m sure the government would only use such information in our best interests, because as we all know: Your Government Loves You.  Sounds reasonable, after all, only ‘terrorists’ buy guns and gold anyway.”

Although the bill has yet to see the light of day, it reveals the control freak mindset of government, especially in Illinois where a long-entrenched mafia has ruled Chicago and the current don is a former high-level Obama administration commissar.

Civil War's A-Brewing ~ link ~ We are dead...just a matter of time...if we let the bastards take our guns!!!  Stirling   

I love guns. Grew up with ‘em. As a former police officer with 12 years in the U.S. military, I know how to use them, too – use them well. I plan to buy more – a bunch more. In fact, who’s to say I don’t already have a veritable arsenal?
Point is, tain’t Big Brother Barack’s nor any other candy-keistered-liberal-cream-puff’s bloody business whether I do or not.

See, the left’s totalitarian brand of “gun control” has nothing to do with controlling guns – or bad guys. Rather, it has everything to do with controlling – disarming – the law-abiding masses. It’s not about protecting the innocents. It’s about rendering the innocents defenseless.

Wyoming Bill would nullify Obama Gun Control and jail Feds ~ link ~ The US Constitution has very specific limits on federal authority with all remaining powers reserved to the states and to the people.  When the feds step outside of the Constitution and attempt to enforce unconstitutional laws and regulations they are subject to arrest by state/local authorities and trial and imprisonment.  It takes a few people at the state and local level who have the balls to be Americans and say NO to the fascists to stop a lot of this crap from going down!!!   Stirling    

As the Obama administration plots various assaults on gun rights by “executive order” and legislation, proposals described as “very extreme” even by some Democrats, state lawmakers in Wyoming have another idea. Republican legislators are rallying behind nullification legislation that would void unconstitutional infringements on the right to keep and bear arms, even providing prison time for any federal agents who may try to enforce Washington, D.C., gun control in the state. Lawmakers expect it to pass.

The new bill, H.B. 0104 or the “Firearms Protection Act,” would nullify any new federal infringements on the constitutionally protected gun rights of state residents — who enjoy some of the lowest crime rates while being among the most heavily armed people in America. Unconstitutional federal gun registration schemes, as well as restrictions on semi-automatic guns or standard-capacity magazines, would also be nullified under the legislation.

There are teeth in the proposed law too: Any federal official attempting to enforce unconstitutional statutes or decrees infringing on gun rights passed after January 1 of this year would be charged with a felony. If convicted, criminal officials would be punished by up to five years in state prison and a $5,000 fine. The legislation also authorizes the state attorney general to defend citizens of Wyoming if federal authorities seek prosecutions under unconstitutional gun control rules.

Sheriffs CAN Block Federal Gun Control ~ link ~
“A high-profile former sheriff who once sued the U.S. government over its gun regulations – and won – says it is the local sheriff who will have to defend Americans when and if the feds starting banning and confiscating guns.

Richard Mack, a former sheriff in Graham County, Ariz., joined with then-Ravalli County Sheriff Jay Printz in a lawsuit against Washington when Bill Clinton demanded sheriff’s enforce provisions of the Brady Bill gun control law.

Now, as Washington gears up to consider imperious plans to limit guns, require fingerprinting and registration, impose additional taxes and fees, ban particular features or functions outright, and even confiscate weapons of self-defense, Mack has told WND that there’s hope remaining in local law enforcement.He won. And since then he’s been at the front of a movement that highlights the responsibility of local sheriffs.

Kentucky Sheriff to Obama: No Gun Disarmament in my County ~ link ~ I like this man.  He is a real American!!! God bless him and all like him.   Stirling   
Jackson County Kentucky Sheriff Denny Peyman is making it clear that no law that violates the Constitution will be upheld in his county.

This especially applies to new gun control edicts Obama & Co. are trying to push onto the American people.
Said Peyman: “My office will not comply with any federal action which violates the United States Constitution or the Kentucky Constitution which I swore uphold.”
And far from worrying about repercussions for doing this, Peyman sees the gun control push as a sign of weakness that will crumble in the face of real opposition: “Just a few of us have to be willing to stand up to political opposition putting our people at risk. The other side will back down.”

Effort to get Texas to repeal all laws pertainin to firearms or ammunition ~ link 

Stealth Wear: New counter-surveillance clothing makes you "invisible" to drones ~ link ~ In early 2012 the U.S. Congress authorized the FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act. Within this bill is a provision calling for the deployment of some 30,000 robotic drones over the skies of America by 2015, arguably the boldest overt domestic surveillance initiative to have ever been introduced in the land of the free. With an average of some 600 drones allocated per state, this future network of highly advanced surveillance systems promises to give law enforcement, military and intelligence assets unprecedented video and audio access into the lives of every single American.

Privacy advocates are justifiably outraged.

But whenever government attempts to institute a ban on contraband items, or pass draconian laws, or introduce new tracking and surveillance methods, rebellious elements within the target populace rapidly develop counter-strategies and technologies to marginalize the threat.

Oftentimes, billion dollar government initiatives and development projects are rendered almost useless by low-tech strategies and designs.

Obama's gun-control weapon: Psychiatrists ~ link ~ As a means to enforce gun confiscation and reduce gun ownership, Hammond believes Obama could order the “expansion” of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.
Also known as the Brady Check, the system is designed to filter those who can purchase weapons by disqualifying prospective firearms customers if they suffer from a mental illness or some other factor that could deem them unable to own a firearm. Hammond says that the final decision under NICS for determining who is capable of owning a firearm is a “government psychiatrist.”  “The Clinton administration interpreted the NICS to mean that if a government psychiatrist determined you were unfit you would no longer be able to own a firearm,” he said.

Hard Black Line of the 2nd Amendment ~ link ~ Crass, heartless liberals, heeding Rahm Emmanuel's admonition to let no crisis go to waste, have seized upon the Sandy Hook killings to ram through as much gun-restricting legislation as they can. Doing their very best to channel public emotions into pressuring legislators across the country, and in Washington, to quickly, emotionally and unthinkingly enact restrictive measures against gun ownership and possession, they are shameless in their exploitation of the deaths of those children and their teachers.

But not so fast there all you gloating liberal gun haters; for there is growing evidence that your shameless exploitation of those children's deaths has provoked a rapidly expanding counter-outrage among that far larger cohort of Americans who own guns, wisely for protection of what they hold dear. It is a concept that only blooms in the minds of parents as they become responsible for lives other than their own.
How many young American couples have come to realize, upon the birth of their first child, that they now bear the responsibility to protect something more precious to them than life itself? And do you suppose that as a family grows to include more children that sense of needing to protect those little ones doesn't grow as well?

There is ample evidence to show that the original intent of our Founding Fathers, in guaranteeing our right to bear arms, was for the purpose of the people being able to oppose the tyranny of a standing federal army. In our present circumstances, can we believe those stalwart men would take issue with the reality that the crucial right they gave us to bear arms now serves to protect us from criminal tyranny in our homes? 

Fake looking Sandy Hook interviews - video ~ link ~ If my child had just been massacred I would not find anything to laugh about like this guy!  Stirling   

Psych meds linked to 90% of school shootings ~ link  ~ Some 90 percent of school shootings over more than a decade have been linked to a widely prescribed type of antidepressant called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs, according to British psychiatrist Dr. David Healy, a founder of, an independent website for researching and reporting on prescription drugs.

Greek Parliament passes new tax increases ~ link ~ This will destroy what is left of the Middle Class in Greece and what's left of the economy there.  I am amazed that the Greeks have not yet broken into Parliament and taken most MPs out and hung them!  Stirling      

The Greek parliament has approved a series of unpopular tax rises aimed at boosting revenue in line with Athens' commitments to international creditors.

The measures, approved overnight, introduce a new top tax rate of 42% for Greeks earning more than 42,000 euros (£34,700; $56,000) a year. Corporate rates also go up and the tax base now includes low-earning farmers.

Banking elite continuing polities ensuring devaluation of fiat currencies and price inflation in commodities such as gold, silver, food and oil ~ link ~ For several years, Notable Independent Commentators, including Deepcaster, have warned that the Elite Central Banks’ Orgy of Fiat Currency Printing, a la QE etc, would result in Price Inflation, so it is no surprise to us that The Bond King, Bill Gross of PIMCO, with about $2 Trillion under Management, would finally warn in his January 2013 letter to Investors of Impending Price Inflation in Key Commodities.  Of course, General Price Inflation is already here, if one looks at the Real Numbers (e.g., U.S. CPI at 9.8% per as opposed to the Bogus Official Ones.
Going forward, this Mega Bank-generated Price Inflation provides considerable Profit Opportunities, but only in certain kinds of Commodities, and especially in one Sector Bill Gross does not specifically mention.  In sum, Policies actually being Implemented by the Power-Banker Elite virtually ensure a continuation of Fiat-Currency Depreciating Policies, and thus Price Inflation in Certain Commodities Sectors, as well as Increasing Risk of Systemic Destabilizing à la 2008-2009.
Obama to nominate Jack Lew as next US Treasury Secretary ~ link ~ Jack is a former senior Rockefeller banker and an Orthodox Jew.  As I have said before, the rank and file Jews will take the blame when the banksters totally crash the economy, set off a new civil war over trying to take our guns away, and start World War III in the Middle East.  All the top financial "leaders" are connected to the globalists big banks and most are Jews.  Just as the rank and file Jews in Nazi Germany took the blame for the horrors that the global bankers inflicted on Germany, so will the Jews in America unless they wake up and put a stop to it.   Stirling    
White House petition to publicly assay and validate the US Treasury's 8,100 Tons of Gold ~ link ~ Good luck with that...the Rothschilds and their ilk have looted most of it!   Stirling    
In the past few weeks there has been a veritable explosion of White House petitions ranging from the bizarre to the surreal to the outright absurd, including such demands as Texas (and other southern states) seceding, deporting Piers Morgan, not deporting Piers Morgan, creating a Joe Biden sitcom, and even making a total mockery out of the US, and global, monetary system and evading the debt ceiling using a cheap, platinum coin-based parlor trick.

All of these are, for lack of a better word, a la carte distractions launched by bored American citizens, meant to evade the menial drudgery of everyday life, and, generally, reality. In short: entertainment. And, logically, virtually none have so far contained actual, actionable provisions, that stood to benefit all Americans, instead of just one half of the ideological or party split. At least not until a new petition appeared two days ago, one demanding that the administration do something that has never been done on the public record: perform an assayed public audit of all the 8,100 tons of gold owned by the US Treasury. And not just any audit, but one including "professional auditors outside of the Mint, Treasury, GAO, Inspector General and Federal Reserve system."

That is one petition, which unlike all the other gimmicky wastes of time, that we (and certainly the German people if not the Bundesbank) would wholeheartedly endorse, and one which we hope promptly crosses the 25,000 signature threshold needed for a formal response from the White House. 

Corporate Fascism: The Destruction of America's Middle Class - video ~ link ~ If you 'follow the money' you will see WHO it is that is behind the corporations.  That is the Global Banking Cartel families!!!   Stirling    

Big sunspot unleashes an intense Solar Flare ~ link ~ If the theories are correct, this will increase the level of volcanic activity and earthquakes.   Stirling    

Five reasons why I'll never get a Flu Shot ~ link ~  Do take the time to read this one in full at the link.  Stirling     

If you’re looking for a deeply scientific treatise on the flu shot, this isn’t it.

I’m not a chemist, a physician or someone with an advanced degree in biology.  I’m just a mom with an internet connection.  I’m a person who has researched and compiled an assortment of worrisome facts that point in one direction: the flu shot is NOT beneficial.

Some of these reasons are backed up by science, and others are an acceptance of that little voice of reason whispering “Something just isn’t right about this.”  As a reader, you are welcome to take my personal instinct with a grain of salt.  I strongly encourage you to do your own independent research and come to your own conclusions. Look for sources that are not linked to the dollars being earned from these flu shots – no Big Pharma funded studies, no CDC, no FDA.  Check out the funding for the studies that you cite and then judge the findings accordingly.

Say NO to Thimerosal - Say NO to the Flu Vaccine ~ link ~ Saying no to vaccines in the face of the gale wind of propaganda and governmentally supported vaccine campaigns is high treason punishable to the point of having your kids taken away if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

True medicine cries out against vaccines and all the harm they are doing to children and people around the globe but we have medical authorities claiming them to offer deliverance when in reality they offer little of anything but further toxic attacks on the body and immune system.

Snow chaos to cripple Britain with -15C degrees ~ link 


Snow for UK as winter hits hard ~ link ~The Met Office has issued a weekend weather warning with snow expected to blanket most of England.

The Level 2 Alert warns there is a high risk of severe cold, icy and snow conditions from now until Tuesday. The alert highlights all of England as being at risk.

UK Met Office forecasts several years of cooler than expected temperatures ~ link ~ OK, one more time: This is all related to the continuing death of the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico caused by the BP Oil Disaster.   Stirling     

California cold snap threatens $2 billion citrus harvest ~ link 

California hit be bi freeze with temperatures as low as 12F degrees ~ link  

State of Washington: Epic snow ~ link 

Pakistan in extreme cold wave - video ~ link  

Heavy snow in Athens, Greece causes trouble ~ link  

Record snow in Lebanon and Mideast ~ link


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