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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin

They will come with guns to take our guns - Ron Paul interview ~ link
Warning: Another False Flag Coming - with video ~ link  
New proposal would force gun owners to stor assault weapons at Government authorized storage depots ~ link 

Message to Obama: 'Come and Take It' ~ link
Sandy Hook mystery man identified - Serious questions remain ~ link 
Sheriff Richard Mack: Hell NO to Gun Control - video ~ link 
No rifles used in Sandy Hook Massacre only handguns ~ link ~ My, how the story changes!!!  Stirling   
Sandy Hook, Land of Black Honda Civics - with videos ~ link  

Sandy Hook, evidence of official foreknowledge? ~ link
Israel gets away with murder tanks to western media ~ link    

Japan and China send fighter aircraft over Islands in dispute ~ link
The Institutionalization of Tyranny ~ link
Republicans and conservative Americans are still fighting Big Government in its welfare state form. Apparently, they have never heard of the militarized police state form of Big Government, or, if they have, they are comfortable with it and have no objection.

Republicans, including those in the House and Senate, are content for big government to initiate wars without a declaration of war or even Congress’ assent, and to murder with drones citizens of countries with which Washington is not at war. Republicans do not mind that federal “security” agencies spy on American citizens without warrants and record every email, Internet site visited, Facebook posting, cell phone call, and credit card purchase. Republicans in Congress even voted to fund the massive structure in Utah in which this information is stored.

But heaven forbid that big government should do anything for a poor person.

Forget about buying guns - Start storing FOOD now ~ link 
The World is in Trouble ~ linkWe make more than we’ve ever made, we owe more than we’ve ever owed, and we have less than we've had in decades which is distributed to those that did not earn the money. This is a working definition of Trouble. The stock market is at an all-time high while the financial condition of the country has seriously deteriorated. We are printing $90 billion a month of little green pieces of paper while the Democrats yell at the Republicans to up the debt ceiling as they want to spend even more money to promote social welfare programs. We cannot afford the bills that we have now and we are being asked to add more to them. This is a recipe for disaster and I am reminded of those months right before the financial crisis of 2008/2009 where no documentation loans for Real Estate flourished and easy money was the normal course of things. Perhaps the landscape has shifted from “money for nothing” for property to “money for nothing” for our national debt. Fiscal responsibility has evaporated in a grand scheme to get voters and Obama has put the Chavez Plan in place which appeals to the poorest of citizens, hands them money and expects their support at the polls. Hard work and earning a living are the ethics of past generations that are slowly being ground to dust in the flurry to socialize America and re-distribute wealth and having succeeded and having money is now thought of as a crime not far behind rape and arson. The White Knight is walking backwards and the Red Queen has lost her head and the Mad Hatter is in charge of the tea party.
“The trouble with practical jokes is that they very often get elected."    -Will Rogers
The Death of America ~ link 

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