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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
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Russia's Foreign Minister: Beirut flights NOT Syrian evacuation - with video ~ link ~ Russia, China and Iran (plus Pakistan, Iraq, and other powers) will NOT allow Syria to fall.  This sets the stage for World War III.   Stirling     

Prominent gun-control advocates compares firearms owners to Nazis ~ link ~ This is either a midget-brained fool or a demonic mouthpiece.   Stirling    

Feinstein has new 'assault weapons' ban bill, to be introduced on Thursday ~ link ~ Speaking of a demonic mouthpiece!  Stirling      

School will not back down over five-year-old girl's "Bubble Gun Terrorist Threat" ~ link ~ The administrators and school board are BRAIN DEAD and have no business being involved in education. Stirling     

A school that suspended a five-year-old girl for “threatening” class mates with a Hello Kitty bubble gun will not back down on the issue, refusing to retract a statement describing the girl’s actions as “terroristic”.

As we reported last week, the incident occurred on January 10th, when the girl, whose identity is being protected, declared she was going to shoot other children, and then herself with a pink toy gun that fires bubbles composed of a harmless soap solution.  School officials reportedly categorized the incident as a “terroristic threat,” and labeled the girl’s actions a “threat to harm others.”

Australian gun-grabbers target bolt-action firearms ~ link ~ Don't let anyone kid you about "assault rifles", they want all weapons that the population can use to defend themselves from the fascists.  If you let them succeed you are a fool marked for death.  Stirling    

However, according to Ed Chenel, an Australian police officer, the government confiscation in fact made Australians more susceptible to violent crime, not less as Thompson argued.

“The first year results are now in: Australia-wide, homicides are up 3.2 percent, Australia-wide, assaults are up 8.6 percent; Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent (yes, 44 percent!),” Chenel wrote a year after the government forced disarmament. “In the state of Victoria alone, homicides with firearms are now up 300 percent. (Note that while the law-abiding citizens turned them in, the criminals did not and criminals still possess their guns!)” In addition, there was a dramatic increase in break-ins and assaults of the elderly.”

China plans to establish "China Cities" and "Special Economic Zones" ALL OVER AMERICA ~ link ~ The globalists and their front man Obama are determined to kill off America.  We need to say NO to this crap while we still can!!!   Stirling    

What in the world is China up to?  Over the past several years, the Chinese government and large Chinese corporations (which are often at least partially owned by the government) have been systematically buying up businesses, homes, farmland, real estate, infrastructure and natural resources all over America.  In some cases, China appears to be attempting to purchase entire communities in one fell swoop.  So why is this happening?  Is this some form of "economic colonization" that is taking place?  Some have speculated that China may be intending to establish "special economic zones" inside the United States modeled after the very successful Chinese city of Shenzhen.  Back in the 1970s, Shenzhen was just a very small fishing village, but now it is a sprawling metropolis of over 14 million people.  Initially, these "special economic zones" were only established within China, but now the Chinese government has been buying huge tracts of land in foreign countries such as Nigeria and establishing special economic zones in those nations.  So could such a thing actually happen in America?  Well, according to Dr. Jerome Corsi, a plan being pushed by the Chinese Central Bank would set up "development zones" in the United States that would allow China to "establish Chinese-owned businesses and bring in its citizens to the U.S. to work."  Under the plan, some of the $1.17 trillion that the U.S. owes China would be converted from debt to "equity".  As a result, "China would own U.S. businesses, U.S. infrastructure and U.S. high-value land, all with a U.S. government guarantee against loss."  Does all of this sound far-fetched?  Well, it isn't.  In fact, the economic colonization of America is already far more advanced than most Americans would dare to imagine.

So how in the world did we get to this point?  A few decades ago, the United States was the unchallenged economic powerhouse of the world and China was essentially a third world country.

So what happened?

IMF: "Global Economic Recovery" weakening ~ link ~ What total bullshit!  There is NO RECOVERY and never was.  What there is, is a Global Depression that is threatening to become the 'Greatest Depression' in human history.   In fact this level of BS earns the dreaded Five BS Flag Award.   Stirling

20 Ways to become more self-sufficient before 'the crunch' arrives ~ link ~ Good One.  Stirling    

One thing you don't want to be during the coming "crunch" -- a polite word for "collapse" -- is dependent on the system. The more you can take care of yourself, the better off you'll be physically, financially, emotionally and even spiritually. Here are 20 ways to become more self-sufficient while you still can: 

25 Signs that American women are being destroyed by the sexual revolution and our promiscuous cultures ~ linkThe real battle, that we are witnessing in culture, religion, economics, politics, etc., is a battle on the spiritual level between the fallen Lucifer and his minions/fools and God and His people and good angels.  The way to understand this is to think of the old Star Trek Space Chess game that was played on several levels.   The spiritual level is the highest level and those playing at the lower levels are often totally unaware of the connection to the higher levels.  Don't be a fool and allow the satanists to take your soul and your life here.  Get right with God while you still can.   Stirling     

Globesity: How globalists are feeding off the global obesity crisis ~ link ~ The globalists create the problem, profit from it, use it to kill off people, and create a 'solution' to the problem, and profit off the 'solution', and use the 'solution' to take even more rights from us.   Stirling    

At least 50 African children, so far, paralyzed after receiving Bill Gates-backed meningitis vaccine ~ link ~  There is an interesting story about how it came to be that Gates was allowed by IBM to develop his software and become a multi-billionaire.  His Jewish mother was involved in the eugenics movement, ....   Stirling     

Bill and Melinda Gates have been on a crusade for at least the past decade to vaccinate every single child on the planet. And one of their primary geographical targets has been the continent of Africa, where poor sanitations and lack of clean water have created conditions in which diseases like meningitis and malaria run rampant. But rather than try to meet these basic needs, the multi-billionaires and their many allies have instead thrust vaccines on indigenous populations as the solution, which has in turn sparked a wave of paralysis among Africa’s younger populations.

As covered by investigative journalist Christina England over at, the small village of Gouro in northern Chad, for instance, recently fell victim to the dark side of this vaccine agenda after at least 50 youth in the area developed paralysis following vaccination with “MenAfriVac,” a new meningitis vaccine developed specifically for Africa. Touted as a preventive cure for meningitis, MenAfriVac reportedly caused each of the children, some of whom were as young as seven, to suffer hallucinations, convulsions, and ultimately paralysis.

The TSA is NOT eliminating X-Ray Body Scanners ~ link ~ Contrary to reports last week that the TSA is eliminating its expensive fleet of x-ray body scanners from airports, the federal agency signed a contract months ago with a separate company to provide the very same machines.

The Big Chill: Unusual stratospheric phenomenon is bringing frigid cold to USA ~ link

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