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Middle East War could erupt right after US election ~ link ~ Or maybe not...time will tell...but the indicators are still pointing in the direction of war soon.   Stirling   

Some political experts claim there will be a risk that a new “big wave” in the Middle East could reach its peak after the American presidential elections, and that the region might plummet into the abyss. They say that Israel is ready to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

At the same time the Islamic Republic, whose economy is on the verge of collapse due to sanctions, is also prepared to stand up to Israel.

So far, uncertainty in the US presidential race has served as a containment factor. But what will happen after the elections?

Netanyahu: A War on Iran Would Be Good for Arabs ~ link ~ Proving that the Antichrist is truly NUTS!  But it does earn dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu another dreaded Five BS Flag Award.  Stirling


Illuminati, Nazis and the Illegal State of Israel ~ link ~ Take the time to read this one.   Stirling    

25 Additional items to have on your 'bug-in' list ~ link ~ If you were hunkered in for an indefinite amount of time what would you wish you had picked up when you had the chance? If you are experiencing minimal effects from the storm, it's not too late!

For instance, do you know of easy ways to keep clean without water? Super easy to pick up at the store and bug-out with. What about medicinal items that treat a variety of problems when you can't get help? What item in your cabinet also serves as an emergency candle that burns for 45 hours? What small remedy can immediately calm down anyone facing trauma, fear or hysterics? What cabinet item serves as a strengthening elixir for weakness, hunger, and blood sugar imbalance?

Golden Haarp and Allocated Gold Exposure ~ link ~ A nasty Golden Harp could soon have its cords plucked, with the resonance working to shake loose the bankster cover of improper illicit duplicitous and probably highly illegal usage of Allocated Gold Accounts. When diverse scattered accounts are pilfered and depleted without authorization in Switzerland, resulting in several multi-$billion class action lawsuits in Zurich, all kept dutifully out of the news, that is one thing. But when a few key official government gold accounts are ransacked in systematic fashion from established trusted locations, defying and betraying the trust of the German Govt and other national governments, that is quite another. To be sure, the system can tolerate ransacking and replacing with scurried harried efforts the Venezuelan gold account like in 2011. The media told the story with creativity and aplomb, avoiding the truth, inventing a tale, but finding a credible pile of dung to feed the public, which swallowed it whole. The global monetary war has been raging for four years, ever since the Lehman Brothers firm was targeted and destroyed with planning and motivated execution, for the benefit of Goldman Sachs full CDS redemptions and exploit by JPMorgan in war chest reload under cover of bankruptcy court orders. The media prefers regularly to refer to the global financial crisis incorrectly and improperly. A crisis passes after a year or so. This war lingers like WWI and WW2 and Vietnam, with a clear emerging agenda to defend the USDollar regime from global isolation shun, to conceal the USTreasury Bond support mechanisms in derivatives, to avoid the US banking system from grotesque insolvency but kept afloat by grand money laundering channels, and to motivate an endless war to secure resource thefts and control that center on oil fields and the poppy fields. Witness the slow gradual inexorable collapse of the global monetary and financial system.

Gerald Celente: Sell your Euros and hoard gold as 'war' looms ~ link ~ "Ireland is heading the same way as the rest of Europe -- down. Why would it get any better when you are imposing austerity, cutting pensions, raising taxes and making people work till they are dead? Ireland had its option to walk away from the EU -- but didn't. The people voted in the austerity coalition government -- are they into sadomasochism? Sadly people often get what they deserve."

What could happen in the first 12 hours of a US Dollar collapse ~ link

Over Two-Thirds of US Corporations Pay NO Federal Income Tax ~ link ~ The Americans have become the biggest suckers on Earth!  Stirling   

A Nation of Denial ~ link   ~ Renowned investor Jim Sinclair explained money printing by the Fed on his website recently by saying, “The economy is a drug addict. The creation of money is history making in a modern economy and money creation acts exactly like a drug. Like a drug the more you take, the more you need. The more money you create, the more money you must continue to create until it goes to infinity. You go cold turkey on money creation, you unleash the economic wrath of hell in the entire Western world. It all comes down in one great implosion.”  How much trouble is the U.S. economy in that its central bank has to create unprecedented amounts of currency to keep it from “one great implosion”?  Is there any wonder why Mr. Sinclair predicts gold is going about $3,000 per ounce in the not-so-distant future, and will ultimately hit $12,000 per ounce.

Bailed-Out Chrysler to move US Jeep production to Italy - with videos ~ link

Ron Paul: The real US unemployment rate is over 20% - video ~ link   

Middle-Class protests put Chinese government on edge ~ link ~ A victory by protesters against the expansion of a chemical plant proves the new rule in China: The authoritarian government is scared of middle-class rebellion and will give in if the demonstrators’ aims are limited and not openly political.

It’s far from a revolution. China’s nascent middle class, the product of the past decade’s economic boom, is looking for better government, not a different one. They’re especially concerned about issues like health, education and property values and often resist the growth-at-all-costs model Beijing has pushed.

There are THREE - Not One - Wellheads at BP's Macondo Gulf Oil Disaster Site ~ link ~ This disaster is still on-going and still effecting the entire World's weather patterns due to the death of the Gulf of Mexico's Loop Current.   Stirling     

Electronic Voting Machines DESIGNED to Steal Elections ~ link ~ Electronic voting machines are perfectly designed to steal elections. That’s their principle purpose. Ireland has just gotten rid of them altogether. Germany, Japan, Canada, Switzerland all use paper ballots. Why? Because you can actually count them in public, and then count them again.
But here in the US, elections are corporate-owned and operated. Anyone who experienced pushing the e-spot for John Kerry and having the name George W. Bush light up—as happened so often in Ohio 2004—knows all too well that what Marta Steele documents in this remarkable book has become the defining reality in American election theft.

Hack the Vote: Russian election chief rips US elections and voting machines ~ link ~ You know America has gone to Hell when the Russian voting system is better than ours!!!  Stirling     

Russia’s Central Election Commission chief has ranked the American electoral system among the “worst in the world.” 

Churov then discussed a perennial problem with American elections: electronic voting machines that do not provide voters with a receipt for their vote, and which are highly vulnerable to manipulation. "American voting machines have not been designed to provide any documentary evidence of citizen participation in the electoral process,” the Russian observer noted. “Moreover, operators [of the machinery] are technically capable of adding or dropping votes in favor of one candidate or another, leaving behind no evidence of violations.”

In October’s issue of Harper’s Magazine, Victoria Collier shows that with the advent of modern technology, “a brave new world of election rigging emerged,” which emerged with the “mass adoption of computerized voting technology and the outsourcing of our elections to a handful of corporations that operate in the shadows, with little oversight or accountability.” Collier called the “privatization of our elections…one of the most dangerous and least understood crisis in the history of American democracy.”

Political polling is no longer meaningful ~ link ~ Neither is the entire election process when computer voting and vote counting is used.   Stirling     

The truth is that we have no idea who is ahead in the presidential race. Opinion polling has entered uncharted territory as response rates have plummeted.

When you receive an unexpected call from a private number or 1-800 number, do you answer the phone? Most people don't, and those who do are hardly a representative sample of the American population. Yet the results of all major political polls are based on the assumption that the 9 percent of us who answer the phone are perfectly representative of the 91 percent who don't.

Chemo 'benefits' wildly over hyped by oncologists, cancer patients actually believe they will be 'cured' by poison ~ link ~ If you, or someone you know has cancer GET OUTSIDE OF THE BIG PHARMA BULLSHIT BOX IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!!!  Check into Rife treatments and other alternative treatments.   Stirling  

Mainstream medical researchers are finally starting to admit that toxic chemotherapy drugs do absolutely nothing to cure cancer, and often cause cancer patients to die much more quickly than they otherwise would apart from getting the so-called "treatment." Dr. Deborah Schrag from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston and her colleagues let the cat out of the bag in a recent study they published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), which revealed that most cancer patients have no idea that their disease will never be cured as a result of chemotherapy.

According to the study's findings, as many as 69 percent of terminally ill lung cancer patients and 81 percent of terminally ill colorectal patients have no idea that chemotherapy drugs are fully incapable of curing their cancers. Though they are said to potentially help some cancer patients live slightly longer lives, chemotherapy drugs admittedly do not stop the growth or spread of cancer cells and tumors, which means many of the patients who opt for the treatment are not being told the full truth about its major shortcomings.

The prison system expands at frighting rate following Declaration of War on Drugs ~ link ~ Check out the graph!  America now has more people per percentage of population in prison than North Korea or any other nation on earth.  That is horrific!!!  Stirling     

Micro-Drones and DNA hacking could make a very scary future ~ link ~ If the human race wants a good future it needs to kick the satanists out of power!!! Stirling     

Who killed Lucia and Leo Krim? ~ linkOn 10/25/2012 two corporate financial media bastions,  MarketWatch  (an affiliate of the Wall Street Journal) and CNBC, presented their readers with a bombshell.  In a too-good-to-be-true lawsuit, the top echelons of the USA’s banking and civilian government had been sued for “racketeering and money laundering.”  The suit requested “the return of $43 trillion to the United States Treasury.”  Yes, you’ve read that right: 43 trillion—roughly 3 years worth of America’s GDP or 3 times America’s underestimate of its own national debt.

How did witches come to ride broomsticks? ~ link ~ Mike always runs this on and near Halloween and I usually link to it.   Stirling    

Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE


 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin
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In Memorial: Michele Ann Shourds Alexander of Greenan, Baroness of Greenan
The $50 Billion Superstorm: Photos of the devastation ~ link 

Superstorm Sandy: Eastern USA gets back on its feet - with video ~ link 
18 Startling Quotes about the incredible destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy ~ link ~ It is hard to put into words the absolute devastation that we are seeing along many areas of the east coast right now.  Boats have been washed ashore, homes have been razed, some coastal roads have been essentially destroyed, and large numbers of people are still trapped in their homes by flood waters.  It is being reported that more than 50 people are dead and more than 8 million people along the east coast have lost power.  Those without power might not get it back for a week or more.  In New York City, an all-time record storm surge of almost 14 feet caused incredible destruction.  It is going to take months for New York City to recover, and along the Jersey coast things are even worse.  Hurricane Sandy really did turn out to be "the worst case scenario" for much of the eastern seaboard.  At this point more than 15,000 flights have been cancelled, and nobody knows when subway service in New York City is going to be restored.  More than 4 million people a day use that subway system, and right now many of the most important tunnels are absolutely flooded with water. Sadly, this crisis is far from over.  The storm formerly known as Hurricane Sandy has moved inland over Pennsylvania where it continues to do a tremendous amount of damage.  The full extent of the destruction caused by this storm will probably not be known for weeks.

We have truly seen some unprecedented things during this storm.  For example, a 168 foot long tanker was driven ashore on Staten Island.  Right now the tanker is sitting on Front Street.

In the beachfront Queens neighborhood of Breezy Point, a massive fire broke out and burned just about everything that was not already flooded.  The blaze destroyed close to 100 homes, and by the end of the fire more than 190 firefighters were battling it.

Some areas in the West Virginia mountains have already had up to 3 feet of snow, and yet it just continues to fall.  When all of that snow starts to melt in a few days, tremendous flooding is anticipated.

The northeast has never seen a storm quite like this, and the ripple effects are going to be felt for years to come.
The following are 18 startling quotes about the incredible destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy...
"Owning the Weather": The idea that Hurricane Sandy is a man-made phenomenon cannot be thrown out ~ link

Meteorologist: Sandy is Manufactured - video ~ link
HAARP West Coast Earthquake Signal As HAARP Is "In Full Blast" ~ link ~ This image shows HAARP is in full blast and has been for 16 hours. We saw this start and a coorelation of the longwave building down into Southern California is that of a targeted Earthquake.

If these signals continue we can expected a size-able Earthquake on the Western Coastal States.  More from One look at the Induction Magnetometer down below from Galkuna, Alaska shows that HAARP is heating up again. A great short video about HAARP’s ability to cause earthquakes and more for those who still haven’t figured out that our govt and others can cause hurricanes, earthquakes and other severe weather events.
Was Benghazi a Warning from Putin? ~ link ~ The U.S. mission, when the mainstream media have discussed the Benghazi attacks at all, has been referred to as a consulate or embassy, but it’s become clear as more information comes out that it was anything but. It seems that it was part of a CIA operation to coordinate the funneling of heavy weapons and Islamist fighters, including al-Qaida-linked terrorists, to Syria through Turkey.

The dirty, open secret of the Arab Spring is that the “democracy” movements across the Mideast were all instigated by the Obama Administration through proxies, relying heavily on jihadists, the very people our troops have been fighting in Afghanistan and elsewhere. The Arab Spring was nothing more than mass regime change in multiple countries by President Obama, who no doubt thought he was going to wind up being the big man in control at the end of all the violence.

It hasn’t worked out that way. The Muslim Brotherhood took advantage of Obama’s fundamentally weak, narcissistic character to put its own people in charge. Obama thought he was using the Muslim Brotherhood, but it is actually the other way around.

Turkey fires back after "Syrian" shell hits ~ link ~ The shell struck near the village of Besaslan in southern Hatay province amid escalating clashes between Syrian loyalist troops and rebels in the Syrian town of Haram, just across the border, Anatolia said.

So Many Black Swans I Can't See The Sun ~ link ~ Great take the time to read it all at the link.  We have allowed satanic monsters to take over our nation and truly horrific things are happening now and the worst is yet to come!  Stirling     

The US bond market is in a Bubble. The Federal Reserve has announced they will continue its policy of low interest rates. The value of an existing bond varies inversely with interest rates. People overseas are still willing to buy US Treasury and corporate bonds. They see the dollar as a haven of safety. It is not. An investor needs a return of his capital. The US does not have enough employed people making wages above the poverty line to pay the interest on its 20 trillion dollars in federal, state and local government debts. At some point, someone will figure out that the US inflation rate is three times interest rates so they are losing money. The first person to exit the US bond market will keep his money. Everyone else will lose their fair share of tens trillions of dollars.

The dollar is in a Bubble. The value of a currency is set by supply and demand. The demand for the dollar should be lowered because interest rates are a third of the inflation rate. The demand for the dollar is less than for other countries because American politicians shipped 50.000 manufacturing plants and 12 million jobs overseas. The dollar is doing well compared to the yen, the euro and the pound. But compare them to gold and silver. At less than $35 an ounce, the entire annual global output of silver could theoretically be purchased for 35 billion dollars. That is less than 1/10 of 1% of the value of the  bond market. Situations that cannot last will not last.

Some people have been investing in agricultural commodities to get out of the bond and dollar markets. But Genetically Modified food has been banned in 49 countries. What happens if American food cannot be exported?  In 2001 Epicyte Corporation isolated a protein that causes sterility and spliced its gene into corn so that men and women eating the corn would become sterile. They sold that technology to Monsanto You might be better off investing in either a garden or sprouting seeds inside your house. So what happens if you are invested either in corn futures or in the shares of Big Agriculture and the buyers overseas do not want your GMO corn?

Syria, Turkey, Israel and a Greater Middle East Energy War ~ link ~ Despite the miscarriage of NATO’s secret military operation against Syria, withdrawal by the West stumbles on two issues. Can Washington and its allies refrain from grabbing the Syrian gas reserves? And can they leave Syria in the position of being the only state in the region which escapes the control of the Muslim Brotherhood?

Iran developes Ababil - T: A 2,000 km range stealth attack UAV (drone) ~ link ~ According to our military sources, in mid-September, Tehran secretly shipped to Lebanon a batch of dismantled Ababil-T UAVs although the Iranians could not be sure that Israel would not discover their location and its air force bomb them before they were launched. The Syrian war is also making it hard to maintain permanent Iranian launching teams in Lebanon.
However, Iran is making great strides in producing drones with more capabilities and longer ranges. During the 2006 Lebanon War, Hizballah launched an earlier model of the Ababil to bomb Tel Aviv. It was shot down by the Israeli Air Force.  Since then, the Iranians have produced the more advanced Ababil-T for short and medium range attack and Ababils-B and –S.

Re-posting: VA-111 Shkval underwater rocket ~ link ~ Iran has many of these from Russia and many that they manufacture themselves.  There is no good defense once one of these monsters is launched!  Stirling   

Iraq, Libya and 9/11 - Jailed for telling the truth - video ~ link 

Sikorsky to build superfast military S-97 Raider helicopter ~ link  
Over 300 Muslims killed in recent attacks in Myanmar ~ link ~ Where is the UN???   Stirling     

Over 300 Muslims have been killed in recent attacks by Buddhist extremists in Myanmar as a new wave of ethnic and sectarian violence has targeted Rohingya Muslims in the country, Press TV reports.

A Muslim community leader told Press TV on Tuesday that at least 50,000 Rohingyas have been displaced in the fresh round of violence in the country’s western regions.

Authorities said on Monday that 88 people were killed this month. 
The Incredible Shrinking Half-Life of Central Bank Action ~ link ~ It seems the market - or the collection of pre-programmed heuristic biases that make up the equity investing public (and machines) - is slowly but surely realizing the confidence trick that is the Fed's Quantitative Easing programs. The following chart should clarify - to anyone placing their gambling chips on the hopes of another round of easing from the Fed - why the game is up. To wit, the reverse geometric progression of S&P 500 performance during each Fed action: QE1 +50%, QE2 +30%, Twist +18%, QE3 & Twist +8%... so QE4 +4%, QE5 +2%, and QE6 +1%...
Crisis, an instrument in building the Euroempire ~ linkThe carefully engineered and fueled debt crisis, coupled to Brussels’ regionalization policies, not only causes nation-statehoods in Europe to crumble but, from a wider perspective, undermines national sovereignty and statehood as general principles. Authors Andrei Ganzha and Sergei Klimovsky of the Strategic Culture Foundation scrutinize below the erosion of the Spanish state.

The Truth About America's Jobless Rate ~ link ~ In many respects, much if not all of the economic gains made in the United States from the past decade have been wiped out due to Wall Street malfeasance. Looking forward, I expect America to lose at least another decade.

In conclusion, the persistently high jobless rate seen in the US is not due to structural factors. At the same time, it cannot be explained fully by economic cycle theory. America continues to suffer from its longest and most severe economic recession in over 130 years. This recession is the first of what will surely be more to come over the next decade.

Once historians and economists figure out what has happened and find the courage to document it accurately, this period will eventually be referred to as America’s Second Great Depression. Unfortunately, by that time it will be too late for those who stand to lose the most. 
Turk - 15,000 TONS of Central Bank Gold Is GONE ~ link 
The Psychological Conditioning of Americans ~ link ~ In the past, I have mentioned that Edward Bernays in PROPAGANDA (1928) said: "Those who manipulate the organized habits and opinions of the masses constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of the country....The technical means have been invented and developed by which opinion may be regimented." And in THE IMPACT OF SCIENCE ON SOCIETY (1951), Bertrand Russell wrote: "Although this science of mass psychology will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions are generated."

US Presidential Election Fraud is inevitable from digital voting machines ~ link ~ Technology changes, while human nature remains constant. Voter fraud is a repetitive part of the election experience. The lack of integrity in voting procedures, and more importantly the ballot counting process, causes the gravest concerns and casts substantial doubt on the legitimacy of the entire political system. Eight years ago in a different presidential cycle, the article 2004 - a time to go fishing, asks why do people tolerate this tainted and pseudo election process.
Compounds in Black Tea may neutralize Bioterrorism Micro-organisms ~ link ~ This is NOT an across the board solution, just something that is effective on Ricin.   Stirling   
Could the natural compounds found in black tea be powerful enough to successfully counter the deadly effects of a biological terrorist attack? New research out of the U.K. seems to suggest so, having found that a specific compound abundant in tea effectively deactivates and neutralizes ricin, a highly-toxic chemical byproduct of castor beans that is often used in attempted acts of biological terrorism.

Dr. Simon Richardson, a senior lecturer in Biopharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Greenwich School of Science in the U.K., and his colleagues examined the various compounds naturally found in tea and discovered that one in particular, which was not named in their research, disables ricin’s toxic effects. And if extracted from tea into processed form, Dr. Richardson believes the compound could hold the key to potentially thwarting biological terrorism.

Sasquatch in Siberia? Hair found in Russian cave belonged to unknown mammal closely related to man ~ link ~   Analysis was conducted in the Russia and US and 'agreed the hair came from a human-like creature which is not a Homo sapien yet is more closely related to man than a monkey', said the Siberian Times, citing claims made on a regional government website in Russia in the area where the hair samples were allegedly found.

It stated that long-awaited scientific tests were conducted on their hair at two institutions in Russia and one in Idaho in the US. 'All three world level universities have finished DNA analysis of the hair and said that the hair belongs to a creature which is closer by its biological parameters to Homo sapiens than a monkey. The Yeti's DNA is evidently less than one per cent different to that of a human.'

Is this the world's happest man? ~ link 

Ancient Knowledge - Part 3 - video ~ link  ~ This is one you should really take the time to will make you think.   Stirling   

Europe's oldest prehistoric town unearthed in Bulgaria ~ linkArchaeologists believe that the town was home to some 350 people and dates back to between 4700 and 4200 BC.

That is about 1,500 years before the start of ancient Greek civilisation.

As Sistine Chapel turns 500 years old, Vatican may limit visitors - video ~ link ~ There is nothing else like this great work of art on Earth.  I spent 45 minutes in the Chapel (until they ran us out because it was closing) and I was simply 'blown away' by the beauty and scale of Michelangelo's masterpiece.   Stirling