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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
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Syrian "rebels" 'beheaded Christian and fed him to dogs' ~ link ~ If you live in a NATO country this is what your tax dollars are going to support!!!  This is not a laughing matter, but a case of multiple martyrdoms of people for being a Christian.  Many have been killed by the so-called "rebels" in Syria.  What they are, are radical Muslims and hired thugs killing Christians. That your godless/anti-Christian political class is doing nothing to end this behavior and in fact supporting it, is reflective that we as Christians are not standing up for God in these times.  Stirling    

HE HAD just got married and his wife was about to give birth but this did not save Andrei Arbashe, a young Christian, from a horrific fate at the hands of rebels fighting President Bashar al-Assad's regime earlier this month.

"They beheaded him, cut him into pieces and fed him to the dogs," said Agnes-Mariam de la Croix, mother superior of the Monastery of St James the Mutilated between Damascus and Homs.

Report: Syrian and Jordanian armies clash on border ~ linkJordanian civilians living near the border with Syria reported heavy clashes between the Jordanian and Syrian armies late Saturday night, during which the Syrian army allegedly crossed the border and used attack helicopters.

Residents of Ramtha, located 2 miles from the Syrian border, told the Islamist Jordanian daily As-Sabeel that they flocked to their rooftops to view the heavy exchange of fire near the Ramtha border crossing around midnight Sunday morning. No report of military clashes appeared in the Jordanian mainstream media.

Cheminade and Tahhan: The Threat of a New World War ~ link ~ While the confrontation between the Western powers and Syria spirals out of control, and creates the conditions for a new world war, because of the interplay among regional and international alliances, in our country, the horror of the war that threatens is nowhere to be found in the "news." Thus, Frenchmen continue to attend to business as usual, just like the people in Breughel paintings, who are blinded to the fundamental changes which are about to determine their very existence.

With the decision to deploy Patriot anti-missile missiles on the Turkish-Syrian border, the West has taken yet one more step down the slippery slope that can lead us to global confrontation. One need not be a great strategist to realize that there is no need to deploy Patriots supported by AWACS systems, if the purpose is merely to defend against sporadic artillery and mortar fire between the loyalist army of Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian jihadists on the Turkish-Syrian border. Only the possibility of a generalized conflict with Syria, which has tens of thousands of missiles, but also with Iran, could justify the deployment of such systems, which actually aim at protecting Turkey and Israel.

Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Gen. Hassan Firouzabadi was not off the mark when he denounced the deployment of the Patriots, on Dec. 16th, as being part of "plans for a world war," devised by the "Western countries." Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi also called it a "provocation" with "incalculable" consequences.

Kyle Bass: "This Ends in War: The Government is never going to tell you that it's going to happen" ~ link ~ In a follow up presentation to the AmeriCatalyst Group, Hayman Capital fund manager Kyle Bass shares thoughts on a number of key issues facing the world over the next few years. Among those that stood out, was the inevitability of a major war, escalation of food riots, and why the government’s job is to maintain confidence over truth.

Michael Rivero: QE4 is little more than LEGALIZED COUNTERFETTING!  Economic collapse and WW3 - video ~ link

Peterborough England city council social cuts targets elderly and disabled ~ link ~ But the UK still has money to spend on unnecessary Middle East Wars for the Global Banking Cartel and tiny racist Israel!!!   Stirling    

Japan whaling fleet leaves port for Antarctica ~ link ~ There is NO NEED and NO JUSTIFICATION for whaling by Japan!  It is shameful that the nations of this world allow this.   Stirling      

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