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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
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Israel: Russia is correct - Syria's chemical weapons safe for now ~ linkDebka claims that a special Russian commando unit stepped in to take control of the WMD.  This may be true but keep in mind that Debka is often known as a Mossad posting board.   Stirling     
debkafile’s military sources disclose that the battle of al Safira was abruptly interrupted by a foreign military force which stepped in and stopped the fighting in order to commandeer the chemical and biological stocks.

The entire episode is covered in a heavy blanket of secrecy, imposed from Moscow, Washington, Jerusalem and Damascus. They are using the public preoccupation with the holiday period in the West to keep it dark. However, from the scraps of evidence available, it is transpires that the foreign special unit reaching al Safira gave both sides, the Syrian army and the rebels, an ultimatum to hold their fire until the arsenals were removed, or else this special unit would mete out crushing punishment.

Neocons against Chuck Hagel ~ link ~ If these reports are true, that would be a good reason to support his nomination for Sec. of Defense.   Stirling   
Chuck Hagel is the Neoconservatives' worst nightmare. A decorated combat veteran who disdains promiscuous war-making. A conservative Republican who rejects a foreign policy of wandering the globe bombing, invading, and occupying other nations. A supporter of Israel who won't subcontract his judgment to the demands of Israel's Likud Party.

No wonder the usual suspects responded in the usual way. By calling Hagel an anti-Semite.

Former Senator Chuck Hagel faces relentless assaults ~ link ~ The leading candidate being considered by President Obama to serve as the next Secretary of Defense, former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, continues to face an onslaught of attacks to an extent that puts his confirmation, even his nomination, in serious doubt.

Hagel is an outsider when it comes to his own party in the realm of foreign policy. Hawks have harshly criticized him as unworthy of the position because of his record of opposition to interventionism, military quagmires, sanctions, and for not toeing the line demanded by the pro-Israel lobby.

Netanyahu: Israel is preparing for 'dramatic' changes in Syria ~ link ~ This evil man just cannot stop messing with his neighbors and Israel's so called allies (USA, UK, France, Germany, NATO).  He is very apt to begin World War III in 2013!!!   Stirling  

Russia: Assad will NOT quit even if given safe passage ~ linkMany people, with the help of Western propaganda, have taken a change in Syrian strategy to be signaling the collapse of the Syrian Government.  This is not true.  They made the decision, a couple of weeks ago, not to contest every inch of Syria and thereby allow their western enemies the strategic initiative.  They now contest those areas that they chose to, when/when/and how they chose to.   Stirling       

The Last Christmas In America ~ link ~ Rising Prices For Essentials, Systemically High Unemployment, Stagnant Wages, Profound Behavioral Issues, Debt & Liabilities Set To Increase $70 Trillion, Central Banking Measures Have Lost Their Effectiveness, And ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Reckoning Day Is Near

Gerald Celente: This will usher in a Massive Financial Collapse in 2013 ~ link ~ Eric King:  “Gerald, I wanted to take a look at this upcoming issue you have coming out.  (In here it says,)  ‘Bonds Away!  The bond bomb is ready to explode ... threatening to make the real estate and dot-com bubbles, and even the Great Recession, look like market corrections.’  Can you talk about that?”

Celente: “Yes.  This piece is being penned by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, the former Assistant Treasury Secretary under Ronald Reagan.  And he is convinced that the bond bubble is about to burst.  This cannot continue to go on the way it is.  Everyone knows that the whole game is rigged, and so is this....

26 Moments that restored our faith in humanity this year ~ link

Many thousands lose power in Quebec and Ontario due to severe winter storm ~ link

Major US snowstorm beginning on Christmas Day ~ link

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

I wish you a Merry Christmas.
I hope you can meet your friends and I also hope, that you can celebrate X-Mas with your mother.

Up to now mankind has been lucky, WW3 has been avoided by wise politicians.
But 2013 is the year of decision. Let us hope, that wise men and women will lead us into a future without famine, torture, murder and ignorance.

I hope you will continue your blog in the future to open peoples eyes.

Yours, in Jesus Christ, our Saviour,

Joaquin, Germany