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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
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Debka: Unusual activity at Syrian chemical weapons sites amid rumors Assad is dead or fled ~ link ~ This site has some good articles but it is known as "the Mossad posting board".  You have to take its articles with a rather large "grain of salt".  It is strange that rumors saying EITHER Assad is dead or has left Syria are both circulating, if in fact they are circulating.  In any case, one does need to understand that the globalists operating through NATO and the GCC conservative Gulf monarchies and Israel are determined to cause World War III by igniting a war with Iran and the backdoor to such a General Middle East War (that will become WWIII) is Syria.  One also needs to understand that the Syrians have been invaded and attacked for the last two years and have been very restrained in their response.  However, they are a very tough people when it comes to the defense of their nation and they will NOT allow themselves to be steamrolled by the globalists and Zionists.  They are apt to go on the offensive and to utilize their WMD if they feel the Syrian nation is in danger of defeat.   Stirling        
debkafile’s Middle East sources add rumors were flying around the region Saturday night and Sunday morning that President Bashar Assad had been killed or fled Syria. Neither is confirmed. However, the rebels have in recent days made major strategic gains and begun to turn the tide of war against's Assad forces.  

The new rumors tie in with the suggestive movements of chemical weapons detected by Western intelligence without any indication of their likely target.

American and French warmongers openly plot the destruction of Syria ~ link ~ Good short article, do take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling     
Against the will of the international community, in open defiance of their own contrived international law, American and French warmongers openly plot the destruction of Syria.

A recent event held by the Neo-Conservative Foreign Policy Initiative, featured a “conversation” with Senator John McCain and self-proclaimed “philosopher” Bernard-Henri Lévy. Both men played a pivotal role in arranging and promoting the arming, funding, and diplomatic recognition of terrorists in Libya who have now overrun much of the country, committed wide scale atrocities, and have left a US Ambassador dead and a US consulate burnt to the ground. Despite this, they now openly seek to repeat their “success” in Syria.

The Final Push Against Syria ~ link ~ Gaza destruction is one of many in an array of desperate measures to inject legitimacy into anti-Syria-Iran campaign ahead of final push.
Even as nations like Turkey, Qatar, and Egypt protest the Western-backed and facilitated destruction of Gaza by Israel, they, along with these very Western nations they protest, including Israel, continue coordinating efforts with each other to topple and destroy Syria.
Weapons and aid that many Arabs would like to see sent to defend Gaza, are instead in the hands of terrorists killing fellow Arabs across the Levant in the pursuit of long-ago articulated US-Israeli-Saudi plans to reshape the Middle East for their collective hegemonic ambitions.
Signs the Bankers Are Prepping You for World War Z ~ link ~ This is one that you should read in full at the link!   Stirling     

The Banker Occupied Governments of this world are preparing you and your friends and family to play the role of the Zombies in the Brad Pitt film World War Z which will be released in June 2013. The Z in the title stands for Zombies. 

This movie is a metaphor for killing those pesky poor people (Zombies) who have nothing to eat because the bankers stole all of their money. Ask yourself why the US government has the Army playing war games in which they are training to kill Zombies. 

Iraqi Minister cautions about plots to undermine Iraqi and Syrian Armies ~ link ~ Iraqi Minister of Transportation Hadi Farhan al-Amiri warned of clandestine efforts to weaken the armies of Iraq and Syria in line with Israel's interests. 

"We side with the Syrian nation's demands but we are against the dissolution of the Syrian army, since this is a plot in line with Israel's interests," Amiri said.

Amiri, who is also secretary-general of Badr Organization, cautioned that a serious and clandestine plot is underway to weaken and target the two armies of Syria and Iraq.

"This plot has been hatched to serve the interests of Israel," he reiterated.

Iraqi official have on many occasions lashed out at certain countries for supplying military aid to Syrian rebels and underlined Baghdad's strong opposition to any foreign and military interference in Syria. 

Netanyahu brushes off world condemnations of settlement plans ~ link ~ He has the heart of a demon!  Stirling     

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday brushed off world condemnation of Israel's plans to expand Jewish settlements after the Palestinians won de facto U.N. recognition of statehood.

We will carry on building in Jerusalem and in all the places that are on the map of Israel's strategic interests," a defiant Netanyahu said at the weekly cabinet meeting. 

Haneyya: Bombing Jordanian field hospital a message to Amman ~ linkGaza Prime Minister Ismail Haneyya condemned targeting civilians, ambulance and media crews and hospitals by the Israeli occupation forces in the recent aggression, considering it a serious violation of all morals and international norms.
Haneyya visited on Friday the Jordanian field hospital which had been directly targeted during the aggression on the Gaza Strip

He said that the missiles, which targeted the hospital, were carrying a message to Jordan mainly to convince Jordanian solidarity activists to leave the Palestinian territories.
Parts of the Jordanian hospital have been destroyed, especially the administrative offices of doctors and nurses.
Truth and Trauma in Gaza ~ link“The most recent war was more severe and vigorous than the Operation Cast Lead,” he said slowly, leaning back in his chair and looking into the distance.  “I was more affected this time. The weapons were very strong, destroying everything. One rocket could completely destroy a building.” The 8-day Israeli offensive in November lasted for fewer days and brought fewer casualties, but it was nonstop and relentless, and everywhere.

U.S. media and government statements are full of accounts about the scattershot Hamas rocket fire that had taken one Israeli life in the months before the Israeli bombing campaign.  The U.S. government demands that the Gazans disarm completely.  Due to simple racism and a jingoistic eagerness to get in line with U.S. military policy, Western commentators ignore the bombardment of Gazan neighborhoods which has caused thousands of casualties over just the past few years. They automatically frame Israel’s actions as self-defense and the only conceivable response to Palestinians who, under whatever provocations, dare to make themselves a threat.

“Any house can be destroyed.  The airplanes filled the skies,” Dr. T. continued.  “They were hitting civilians like the one who was distributing water.”  The Palestine Centre for Human Rights report confirms that Dr. T is discussing Suhail Hamada Mohman and his ten year old son, who were both killed instantly at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, November 18, 2012 in Beit Lahiya while distributing water to their neighbors.

Jewish Lobby Bullying Exposed in Australia ~ link ~ Very good take the time to read it all at the link.   Stirling     

When people get rattled they always tend to make poor quick decisions. We are now seeing a pattern of this as the Israeli lobbies are openly exposing themselves as agents for a foreign government. Guess Who?

No western country prosecutes Israeli espionage operations, making massive recruiting a piece of cake.  No one is afraid to work with them. On the contrary, it is consider smart business in most places.

The intelligence community has considered militant Judaism and Zionism to be major national security threats for decades.  As I said above, political espionage and corruption have cut our counterintelligence people off at the pass at rolling up the Israeli networks and their ‘helpers’. The result would include a large number of prosecutions not only in the political establishment, but the judicial and military, also.We have strong indications that a military house cleaning is in progress, and Obama has extended it to all branches of government. See Gordon Duff’s recent work on how American corporate media is totally ignoring this historical presidential directive.

Who am I talking about?…well known members of Congress,  including some very high up ones and past White House executives. The same situation exists in Canada, Britain, and Australia to varying degrees. But what could be a huge surprise, that no one saw coming, is that Australia could be the first to get off it’s knees and explain to this small group of disloyal citizens, that:

Israeli warmongers become "Global Thinkers" ~ link ~ Right..."global thinkers from Hell"!   Stirling     

Is a WMD-Free Middle East a Cruel Charade? ~ link ~ Do bears shit in the woods?  Stirling     
The U.S. helping Israel Hide its WMD Programs has been a Foreign Policy Disaster and Must be Reversed

Beyond the Phantom of Terror: Five Real Ways America Is Under Attack ~ link 

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