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Israel considering attack on Syria ~ link ~ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has twice asked Jordan for its support to bomb Syria’s alleged chemical weapons facilities....

Oren said that Assad’s fall would be a boon to Israel and the Middle East, even if radical Islamists did try to fill the vacuum left by his departure. He said, “There’s the possibility that you’ll have Sunni extremist elements who will try to come to the fore. Our opinion is that any situation would be better than the current situation,” in which the Syrian regime has a strategic alliance with Iran and the Lebanese Shiite Muslim terrorist group Hezbollah.
Russia sends Two Naval Squadrons to Syria ~ link ~
Several days ago, various media outlets misinterpreted a statement out of Russia, in which it was said that Assad may be defeated by the local Al Qaeda-funded and US-supported rebels, and which many took as an indication that the geopolitics in the Middle East may be shifting as Russian support of Syria was ending. Turns out nothing could be further from the truth, and moments ago the AP reports that a "Russian navy squadron has set off for the Mediterranean" with destination Syria. The official point of the exercise: evacuation. The unofficial: anything but. "The Defense Ministry said Tuesday that the ships will rotate with those that have been in the area since November. Russian diplomats said last week that Moscow is preparing plans to evacuate thousands of Russians from Syria if necessary. The ministry did not say whether the navy ships are intended for an evacuation." Remember that "evacuation" was the pretext when Russia also sent the Grand Missile Cruiser Moskva off the Gaza coast last month at the height of the latest escalation of the Israel-Gaza conflict. The pretext then? "Evacuation" too. Why anyone would send their Black Sea Navy flag ship to 'evacuate' a few hundred citizens, all of whom are perfectly proficient with instructions on how to board a plane, is of course, anyone guess.

Alternatively, why Russia would go ahead and do everything to defend its strategic Syria naval base in Tartus, and a regime it has been very sympathetic to in the past, is pretty clear to everyone, especially now that the US and NATO are openly supplying Syria's northern neighbor Turkey with missiles: for now defensive, or so the media spin goes.

Russian warships sail for Syria and Iran ~ link ~ The Severomorsk heading for waters near the Persian Gulf is escorted by ships which Russian sources have not named as well as a military tanker and a supply and rescue ship.
debkafile’s military and Moscow sources report that, while the Russians are undoubtedly concerned with the fate of the 20,000 Russian nationals remaining in war-torn Syria, the type of warships dispatched to Tartus do not fit the description of evacuation craft. They look more like a major Russian naval buildup opposite the Syrian coast.

Washington targets Syria and Iran ~ link ~ US policies threaten both nations. Doing so imperils the region and beyond. Syria's now in focus. Iran's turn awaits.

What's likely should terrify everyone wanting America's imperium defeated and peace restored. Doing so remains a distant dream. Potential worst of times loom.
Barak says Israel will prevent Iran from becoming nuclear ~ link ~ More BS from one of Bibi's War Cabinet determined to launch World War III.  Stirling     
Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak said on Monday, Dec 17, his country is "determined to prevent Iran from becoming a military nuclear power," The Jerusalem Post reported. 

Intelligence analyst: Israeli death squads involved in Sandy Hook bloodbath ~ link ~ I will admit it is possible, but I simply don't think that this is the case.  The Norway massacre is more likely something else but my gut says this one is just a lone satanic nut.  And I am NOT one to support Bibi 666 Netanyahu.  And I must say that you could not create a more horrific event than the killing of so many very young children and teachers so close to Christmas, if you tried. But that does not mean that it was a False Flag Op.  However, the evil forces at work in the world, namely the Global Banking Cartel and the Netanyahu Zionists are certainly making use of this Sandy Hook massacre to attempt to take as much of our guns away from us as possible.  They want America destroyed for their New World Order and they will do anything or exploit anything to get the job done.   Stirling    
Days later, the Sandy Hook Massacre, the iconic slaughter of twenty small children, is now looking like a terrorist attack, not a “murder suicide.” Was “lone gunman” Adam Lanza a “patsy,” the same word Lee Harvey Oswald used to describe himself before being “silenced” in November 1963?

Today, Michael Harris, former Republican candidate for governor of Arizona and GOP campaign finance chairman, in an internationally televised news broadcast, cited “Israeli revenge” in, what he called, “the terrorist attack in Connecticut.”

Harris cited Israeli “rage” against the US and against President Barack Obama. By “Israel,” we mean “Netanyahu.”

The mission was to teach America a lesson, knowing that “America would take the punishment, keep “quiet,” and let a ‘fall guy’ take the blame.”

A “fall guy” is another word for “patsy.”

Harris, citing the flood of inconsistencies in the “cover story,” pointed out the following, “The facts are now becoming obvious. This is another case where Israel has chosen violence and terrorism where their bullying in Washington has failed. Israel believes the US “threw them under the bus,” particularly after the recent Gaza war, allowing Israel to be humiliated in the United Nations. Their response was to stage a terror attack, targeting America in the most hideous and brutal way possible, in fact, an Israeli “signature attack,” one that butchers children, one reminiscent of the attacks that killed so many children in Gaza?”

Washington is terrified of Israel, their powerful lobby and its relationship with organized crime. Now, a key former Senator, Chuck Hagel, who has helped expose this fact, is likely to be nominated as the secretary of defense, despite vocal protests from Israel.

Today, Israeli news gave further credence to Harris’ analysis when they issued the following statements regarding the probable nomination of Hegel:

“Chuck Hagel’s statements and actions regarding Israel have raised serious concerns for many Americans who care about Israel,” said the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) Executive Director, Matt Brooks. “The Jewish community and every American who supports a strong US-Israel relationship have cause for alarm if the president taps Hagel for such an important post.”

“The appointment of Chuck Hagel would be a slap in the face for every American who is concerned about the safety of Israel,” he asserted

Citing a 2006 interview with Hegel, the news continued, “The political reality is…that the Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up here. I have always argued against some of the dumb things they do because I don’t think it’s in the interest of Israel. I just don’t think it’s smart for Israel.”

Hagel also said he didn’t think he had ever signed one of the letters the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) regularly circulates to demonstrate support for Israel or tough stands against parties such as Iran.

“I didn’t sign the letter because it was a stupid letter…I’m not an Israeli senator, I’m a United States senator.”

During his interview today, Mike Harris explained his rationale for looking to Israel as responsible for Sandy Hook, saying “This is exactly what Israel did in Norway; the political party that voted sanctions against Israel was retaliated against by a “lone gunman” who killed 77 children. This is what Israel always does, they go after the children. It is what they do in Gaza every day. It is what was done in Norway. It is what happened at Sandy Hook. Nobody buys the “lone gunman” story anymore, not with the Gabby Giffords’ shooting, not with the Aurora “Batman” shooting, certainly not with Breveik, and certainly not in Connecticut.”

After Harris’ broadcast, key members of the military and law enforcement community contacted Veterans Today in full support of Harris’ analysis.

One three star general is quoted as saying, “Harris hit the nail right on the head and it is about time someone spoke up.” 

No more questions to ask about Sandy Hook shootings? ~ link ~ Was the Sandy Hook Massacre a False Flag Operation? Early Eyewitness Reports From Newton, CT Suggest So ... We will continue to follow this story closely because there are just too many unanswered questions, and the "official" version of what happened on Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary continues to shift and change. – SGTReport

Dominant Social Theme: There are no more questions to ask. Everything is settled.
Free-Market Analysis: There are questions to ask, just as there were at Columbine where hundreds of witnesses saw more than two young shooters and tried, to no avail, to testify about what they witnessed.
The Columbine investigation was closed without addressing this point and many others, including the medical condition of the two young men who live on only in bloody Internet pictures. Viewers have pointed out inconsistencies in the death photos that tend to undermine the idea of a mutual suicide – the official story.
Questions emerged after the recent Aurora cinema shooting in Colorado by suspect James Holmes, as well. Eyewitnesses even questioned whether it was Holmes who actually did the shooting.

MSNBC's Ed Schultz: Confiscate guns and kill the Second Amendment ~ link ~ Good article take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling     

“Why should anyone own an assault rifle?” Schultz asked, and then said “it’s the confiscation of these types of weapons that counts and will have an impact.”
“The NRA needs to state the case why assault weapons are needed by anyone,” he added.
Ed, like most liberals and other government-lovers, is completely brain-dead when it comes to the Second Amendment. It was added not to ensure the rights of duck hunters and plinkers, but as a last resort to fend off a tyrannical government.
George Mason, considered one of the founding fathers of the Bill of Rights, said disarming the people is “the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”
This is precisely what Ed Schultz and the liberals want to do – disarm the American people. For Schultz and his fellow travelers, a tyrannical government is inconceivable .
As anybody who understands history realizes, gun confiscation is not about saving children. The Soviet Union and communist China did not confiscate weapons to save children. Hitler did confiscate Germany’s gun to put a stop to school shootings.
Confiscation is about the government having its way with us. It’s about slavery.

The Shootings, The Globalists and Gun Control: The 2nd Phase of Disarming Americans ~ link ~ The globalists know that an educated society armed with all the facts and the ability to rationally think and reason as individuals is a well armed society that is not easily overtaken.

The globalists also know that such a society is wise enough and intelligent enough to realize that this is not a perfect world full of benevolent people that we live in and that by disarming society as a whole from protecting itself from greedy power hungry people is an invitation for trouble, not the assurance of safety.

That is why the globalists have been working diligently through the last 50 years to dumb down and numb up Americans which is the most crucial step toward fully disarming and ruling the masses with the least amount of resistance. 

The problem is not the guns. The problem is that we are now an "Illuminati" controlled society that is reacting to mass programming.

Twenty-two stats that prove there is something seriously wrong with young men in America ~ link ~ They live in a society that the worst and most evil crooks totally control.   Stirling     

When are we finally going to admit that we have a very serious problem with this generation of young men in America?  We have failed them so dramatically that it is hard to put it into words.  We have raised an entire generation of young males that don't know how to be men, and many of them feel completely lost.  Sometimes they feel so lost that they "snap" in very destructive ways.  Adam Lanza and James Holmes are two names that come to mind.  Why is it that mass murderers are almost always young men?  Why don't young women behave the same way?  Sadly, Adam Lanza and James Holmes are just the tip of the iceberg of a much larger problem in our society.  Our young women vastly outperform our young men in almost every important statistical category.  Young men are much more likely to perform poorly in school, they are much more likely to have disciplinary problems and they are much more likely to commit suicide.  In the old days, our young men would gather in the streets or in the parks to play with one another after school, but today most of them are content to spend countless hours feeding their addictions to video games, movies and other forms of entertainment.  When our young men grow up, many of them are extremely averse to taking on responsibility.  They want to have lots of sex, but they aren't interested in marriage.  They enjoy the comforts of living at home, but they don't want to go out and pursue career goals so that they can provide those things for themselves.  Our young men are supposed to be "the leaders of tomorrow", but instead many of them are a major burden on society.  When are we finally going to admit that something has gone horribly wrong?

There is even a name for this generation of young men that does not want to grow up.  It is called the "Peter Pan generation".  They want to enjoy the benefits of being grown up without ever taking on the responsibilities.  A member of this "Peter Pan generation" recent wrote an article for the Daily Mail in which he discussed what he and his friends are going through...

The Government cannot take away our guns ~ link ~
What I mean is that the act of trying to take our guns would be futile and, were it attempted, would result in an all-out insurrection.

From well before the nation’s independence, won by gun owning militias and a standing army, Americans have always been armed. In the early years of the nation’s history you surely were not going to put meat on the table without one.
Our Founding Fathers were unanimous in their belief that Americans should have the right to bear arms and it is no accident that it is the Second Amendment that guarantees the rights expressed in the First. Thomas Jefferson wrote, “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms - Quotes ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one.  Stirling      

The Meaning of the Second Amendment ~ link

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms - The Chicago Study ~ link   

More massacres until gun laws enacted - Insider ~ link

Major protests expected in Spanish cities ~ link ~ The Spanish continue to protests against Austerity Fascism, but their political class are totally bought-and-paid-for whores that the globalists own.  Stirling  

The US, UK, Europe and Japan are all implementing policies that must ultimately result in the complete destruction of their currencies ~ link ~  Yes, this is very obvious.  It is part of the Grand Strategy to bring about the new global currency and New World Order slave state.   Stirling   

Ecuador implements nation wide acial and voice recognition system ~ link ~ As I reported back in September, Speech Technology Center operates under the name SpeechPro in the United States. The company’s controversial technology enables authorities to build a massive database containing several million “voiceprints” of known criminals, suspects, or persons of interest. When authorities want to ID speakers on an intercepted call, the recording is entered into the database, which provides a match with what SpeechPro claims is about 97 percent accuracy. The system that the firm says it has provided to Ecuador also allows authorities to accumulate a large image database of suspects, with a facial recognition tool that supplements the so-called “VoiceGrid.” While facial recognition technology in the past has lacked accuracy, SpeechPro says it has invented algorithms which “deliver reliable results even when facial characteristics have undergone physical changes.”

A 1938 LESSON IN DECONSTRUCTING THE PROPAGANDA OF THE WAR MONGERS ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one.  Stirling    

37 Dead in 24 hours in Ukraine 'Cold Snap' ~ link 

Over a meter of snow in Romania ~ link  

Heavy snow blankets Iranian cities - with video ~ link  

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