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Wake Up People While You Still Can

I don't know if the satanic jerk that killed 26 little kids and teachers on Friday was programmed to do so by the government or if there were others involved as some reports claim.  I don't have specific knowledge on this, so I have not carried any stories on same as they seem mostly speculative.  What I do know, is that before the bodies of the children were even moved from their school the globalist/Zionist political whores were already attempting to use this massacre to denude American citizens of their basic right to bear arms.  And yes, that includes powerful assault rifles because the basic right is not just about hunting or target practice or shooting someone breaking in your home, but about the right to defend ourselves against our own government.  That is, at its most basic, what the traditional American right to bear arms is all about and has always been about.  The fact that these same fascist bastards that have given us the 9/11 False Flag Attack, and all the unnecessary long-ongoing wars since then, and the abuse of American freedoms, and the destruction of the American industrial infrastructure and global economy, now want to take away our guns leads me to the logical conclusion that they intend to impose a horrific high-tech police state with concentration camps and mass murders of the American civilians.  We must NOT ALLOW this to happen.  We are now living in a time period where the worst criminals have great political and economic power and do intend to utilize it in a way that makes the 80-100 million killed in the Soviet Union and the many millions killed in Nazi Germany pale by comparison.  People in America and Europe need to wake up, get off their butts, turn off the propagandist television set, and defend themselves against the satanists and monsters that seek to kill most of us off.   Tim Earl of Stirling     

Russia denies senior diplomat's comments on Assad's fall ~ link ~ Western lying PsyOps at work.   Stirling    
Comments were believed to have signaled a change in Russia’s stance on the Syrian president’s crumbling regime; denial comes about 22 hours after the diplomat’s remarks were made public.
Feinstein vows to introduce assault weapons ban bill ~ link ~ The globalists and Zionists would like to ban anything more powerful than a single-shot .22 cal. rifle and BB guns.  Later they will want to get rid of them also.  IF WE LET THE BASTARDS TAKE OUR GUNS AWAY THEY WILL END UP PUTTING AMERICANS IN CONCENTRATION CAMPS AND KILLING US IN MASS!  Stirling     
California Senate Democrat Dianne Feinstein – a renowned and notorious gun-grabber and enemy of the Second Amendment – targeted America’s “gun culture” in the wake of the deadly rampage in Connecticut attributed to a mentally ill man on Friday.
Feinstein has exploited shootings in the past as part of her ongoing effort to attack the Second Amendment. In 1993, following the the 101 California St. shooting in San Francisco, Feinstein introduced an assault weapons ban in the Senate. The decade long ban was signed into law by president Clinton in 1994. It outlawed a number of semi-automatic weapons based on cosmetic features and other attributes such as flash suppressors and telescoping stocks. The law also banned “high capacity magazines or feeding devices.” 
The Times of Israel: "Jewish politicians lead chorus calling for tighter gun laws" ~ link ~ Funny, but these same people support the gun laws in Israel that allow Israeli Jewish civilians to carry fully automatic assault rifles but ban them for Arab Israelis.  But in the US, they want to ban us 'Goy' from having anything to defend ourselves with.  I wonder WHY???   Stirling    
Senator Joe Lieberman wants commission to examine mass shootings; NY Mayor Bloomberg urges Obama to make gun control top of agenda
Politicians from across the US have called for a reassessment of gun laws in the wake of Friday’s deadly school shooting in Connecticut, with prominent Jewish representatives leading the charge. Two senators, including Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut, called Sunday for a national commission to examine mass shootings in the United States, while Senator Dianne Feinstein of California (D) vowed to ban the sale of military-style assault weapons.
Bloomberg demands Obama take "Executive Action" against Second Amendment - with video ~ link ~ The traitors in our mist are coming out of the closet now but they will have one hell of a fight on their hands trying to disarm Americans.   Stirling     
New York mayor and noted gun-grabber Michael Bloomberg went on Meet the Press today and told Obama he should skirt Congress and the Constitution and take executive action against firearms owners in the United States. 

The Hegelian Dialectic ~ link ~ Keep this in mind as the 'usual suspects' seek to profit from the tragedy in the Connecticut school shooting to implement a disarming of Americans.  Do take the time to read this excellent article in full at the link.  Stirling    
I have spoken about the Hegelian Dialectic many many times on this blog. This is my 630th posting, since January 2010, and within this period I have referenced this dialectic many times. It is the main tool that the Illuminati overlords use, and use very effectively I might add.
Today, as you might have already seen, another tragedy that occurred once more, is once again being used by the Illuminati in this way. It is being implemented and constantly fed through their media channels to the masses, as a way to promote their thesis--antithesis--synthesis model.
I was just watching the CNN broadcast of the news coverage from Connecticut, and heard Wolf Blitzer and some of the other reporters refer to the children as 'Innocent Victims.' (which they are) But the point here is just how the Illuminati media use children, at will, as a tool to promote one thing or another. In light of this tradegy, the media puppets refer to children as 'innocent victims,' but when it comes to the abortion issue, the word children is removed and 'fetus' is used to dehuminize the child, and the much heralded term of 'Choice,' is subjectively chosen in order to promote that agenda. 

Report: US Congress to move against guns: "It will ban the Sale, the Transfer, the Importation and the Possession" ~ link ~ Then Americans will have a choice...fight or die or get the hell out of America!!!  Stirling    
School 'gun free zones' are death traps: Why we much allow qualified school principals and office staff to carry concealed ~ link ~ Good article, do take the time to read it all at the link.   Stirling     
As the recent Newtown, Conn. school shooting reminds us, criminals pay no attention to "gun free zone" signs that often emblazon our public schools. Just because some government bureaucrat declares a school to be a gun-free zone does not alter the action of some psycho-crazed, medicated kid showing up with a bunch of guns he stole from somebody else (which is exactly what happened with Adam Lanza in Conn).

But because all the teachers and school employees abide by the gun-free zone rules, they are completely disarmed at all times. This is why schools are the perfect hunting grounds for psychopathic criminals who want to avoid anyone shooting back.

"Blood is on the hands of members of Congress and the Connecticut legislators who voted to ban guns from all schools in Connecticut (and most other states)," wrote Larry Pratt, head of Gun Owners of America. "They are the ones who made it illegal to defend oneself with a gun in a school when that is the only effective way of resisting a gunman." "What a lethal, false security are the Gun Free Zone laws. All of our mass murders in the last 20 years have occurred in Gun Free Zones. The two people murdered a couple of days earlier in the shopping center in Oregon were also in a Gun Free Zone. Hopefully the Connecticut tragedy will be the tipping point after which a rising chorus of Americans will demand elimination of the Gun Free Zone laws that are in fact Criminal Safe Zones."
Prevailing against the anti-gun propaganda with the facts ~ link ~ If guns kill people, then spoons made people fat. There is a reason why there is anti gun propaganda. The US government wants us disarmed. With an armed population. Obama cannot put full blown socialism in place. The law-abiding people being armed is what stands in the way of full-blown tyranny. Now can I ask you? Do you think the US government has our best interest at heart? Do they really think of keeping us safe or keeping their power secure?

Mao Tsa Tung said” All political power comes out of the barrel of a gun.” That means we the people still have much power being armed. No matter how much it is a tragedy with the massacre in Newtown Connecticut. We cannot blame the guns. If guns really killed people. Then how can a person make it out of a gun show or a gun shop alive? Guns do not have a mind of their own. The problem is who has the finger on the trigger. Also what their state of mind is. They do not need a gun to kill. Just have a butcher knife or a baseball bat to inflict just as much lethal force on a victim. They don’t need a gun to murder someone.

Do not be discouraged seeing the gun control advocates out there in full force pushing to disarm the people.  They are so desperate right now. I read about a White House Petition calling for gun control having the necessary 25,000 signatures for a response. I read about the tweets in mass calling for gun control. I do not believe in this massive grassroots call for gun control. I’m suspicious if real people are signing the White House petition. Because the US government does have software to generate fake accounts online. These reports of the grassroots calling for Americans to be disarmed is most likely an illusion.

Look at the facts.

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