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There is not a dry eye in America, from President Obama on down.  I have cried more tears in the last day than in a long time.  The killing of so many innocent people, 20 of them little children, is the act of an evil madman.  May God have mercy on those killed, the lady injured, and all the survivors and those effected by this horrible act.   Tim Earl of Stirling     
Newtown school gunman forced his way in, police say - with video ~ link ~ The gunman who killed 20 children and six adults at a school in Newtown, Connecticut, forced his way into the building, police say.
The suspect, named in media reports as Adam Lanza, was not "voluntarily let in", said Lt Paul Vance.

"I told time I love them...and there's a bad man in the school": Hero music teacher tells how she saved 20 children by barricading them into a closet and saying prayers ~ link ~ The hero music teacher who saved 20 children from being shot dead by the Newtown killer has revealed that she kept them quiet by saying prayers and telling them: ‘I love you’.

Maryrose Kristopik said she barricaded herself in to the closet with the nine and 10-year-olds while gunman Adam Lanza, 20, reportedly battered on the door screaming: ‘Let me in! Let me in!’ In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, she revealed that only when the shots which had been ringing out had died down did she lead them all outside to safety.

School gunman Adam Lanza 'a loner' and 'one of the goths' ~ link ~ The goth part explains a lot.  Many of the kids into this culture are into satanism.  Stirling   

First pictures of the tragic children murdered in their classrooms after 'deeply disturbed' gunman massacred 26 at Connecticut school ~ link ~  These are not crime photos, just a few photos of the little innocent ones before tragedy happened.  Stirling     

She threw herself in front of the gunman to save her students: Astonishing story of the brave teacher who died protecting children from killer ~ link ~  This beautiful young lady had great courage and she is now with God in Heaven.  She exemplified the very best in the teaching profession.  God bless her!!!   Stirling      

A young teacher displayed astonishing bravery and sacrificed her life saving as many children in her first grade class as she could after she came face-to-face with gunman Adam Lanza.

Victoria Soto, 27, had worked at Sandy Hook Elementary for five years. Her final moments were spent ushering her students into a closet when Lanza entered her classroom and she tried her best to shield the children from the evil gunman.

Newtown gunman forced his way into school, police say - with video ~ link ~ The school had relatively good security with locked doors, etc.  The state of Connecticut has tough gun laws.  It is hard to stop a evil madman intent on killing and taking his own life.   Stirling     

Gunman 'fought' with four teachers at school the day before shooting only to return and murder 26 in bloody rampage ~ link ~ Reports have emerged that Adam Lanza had visited Sandy Hook Elementary the day before Friday's massacre during which he was involved in an altercation with four members of staff at the school - three of whom are now dead. The fourth teacher - and only survivor of the altercation - wasn't at school yesterday and is currently being interviewed by investigators. It hasn't been revealed what the argument was over or if it was reported to authorities.

Four teachers, who all died heroes trying to save their students, have been named as Principal Dawn Hochsprung, 47, school psychologist Mary Sherlach, 56, first grade teacher Victoria Soto, 27, and Lauren Rousseau, 30.

8-year-old says teacher saved him in shooting - with video ~ link ~ "I saw some of the bullets going down the hall that I was right next to and then a teacher pulled me into her classroom," the student said.

"It sounded like someone was kicking a door," he said of the bullets.
Harrowing task for parents of dead children... ~ link ~ Something so terrible points out the value of all life and why we should work very hard to avoid all wars and events that cause loss of lives.   Stirling     
Parents in Newtown, Connecticut, are reportedly being called in one by one to positively identify the bodies of children following Friday's tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Reuters deputy social media editor Matthew Keys tweeted the news on Friday around 11.30pm saying he heard it on WNBC. The bodies of the dead students are still being held inside the school, sources at the scene of the shooting told MailOnline.

Police find 'good evidence' on motive for Connecticut massacre ~ link ~ The attacker, identified by law enforcement sources as Adam Lanza, opened fire on Friday morning at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, which teaches children aged 5 to 10. The shooter killed 26 people - including first-graders, who would be about 6 years old - before turning the gun on himself.

He was also suspected of killing another person, possibly his mother, before the massacre.

How the gunman carried out the massacre ~ link ~
On Friday morning, Adam Lanza, 20, got into his car and left the house he shared with his mother, Nancy Lanza, who's lifeless body was now hidden within after Adam had shot her dead.
Lanza entered the school shortly before 9:30 a.m. dressed entirely in black and carrying two automatic handguns.

In pictures ~ link  

NYC Mayor Bloomberg: Obama must take 'immediate action' against guns ~ link ~ Leave it to this Wall Street Zionist jerk to try to use this satanic event to denude Americans from their final line of defense against the fascist bastards that are determined to destroy us.  Stirling     

22 children and elderly woman stabbed outside primary school by Chinese knifeman ~ linkAnd what would Bloomberg have the Chinese do, go without would they eat?  It is NOT GUNS THAT KILL PEOPLE, OR KNIVES, BUT PEOPLE THAT KILL PEOPLE!!!   Stirling     

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Dan. said...

I'm sorry for your loss as a country I'm English and can only imagine the impact of such an event. However I've been reading articles about first reports of a second gunman which soon was wiped from the media. Witness's seeing cops leading a male suspect away into the woods. Also there's the back ground of the suspect taking medication for physiological problems. As mentioned on infowars. All in at this early stage I personally might be inclined to suggest a clandestine mkultra type situation as pretext to take Americas guns.
Was this man evil for the killings or completely controlled by powerful physiological and chemical compounds. After all the mind is simply a collection of chemical chain reactions. Hijacking them does not nesceraly make someone evil simply their acts.