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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin
 ~ link  
Debka: "US-Iranian nuclear talks fall, Iran has Plutonium for 24 Nagasaki-type bombs" ~ link ~ This wins the dreaded Five BS Flag Award for pure 100% Grade AAA Bullshit!!!   Stirling
NATO turns up the heat in Syrian Psy-War ~ link ~ As this threat's credibility diminishes, NATO has retroactively justified their November decision with a new tale of "Scud missiles" landing "fairly close" to the Turkish border, according to Reuters. Within the same report, "Scud missiles" would be downgraded to "Scud-style ballistic missiles," in what appears to be immediate backpedaling that casts doubt on the entire narrative.

Syria has denied the accusations, and in response, no evidence has been provided by NATO, with the claims emanating apparently from unnamed "US officials" claiming to cite undisclosed "intelligence information." It is very likely that more fabricated incidents will be announced as the missiles are put into position. 
China-Japan island row could turn into military clash ~ link ~ The globalists are desperate to begin a new global war...World War III...and they need multiple war theaters to make it a real world war.   Stirling     
The row over the disputed East China Sea islands "could easily veer into a serious military clash", a state-run Chinese daily warned on Friday, a day after Japan scrambled fighter jets after a Chinese plane flew into its airspace.

An article in the Global Times said that the Chinese marine surveillance plane flew over the Diaoyu Islands, joining the vessels patrolling the islands for the first time. 

The Fix Is In: They're Coming For Our Guns - video  ~ link 
Connecticut's strict gun control laws did not stop the school shooting in Newtown ~ linkOne more time: Guns don't kill people...people kill people!!!   It is the fascists/communists that always the guns taken away from the people so that they can be enslaved.  Don't let them BS you...if they take away the citizens guns in America we are all as good as dead.   Stirling    
Do not blame the gun for the massacre. Blame the individual for the act. Blame strict gun control laws and the ridicules rules of engagement used by the Police preventing them from responding effectively . Connecticut is one of the states that have the most strict gun control laws preventing the law abiding from being armed to respond to situations like what happened in Newtown. Also the federal” Gun Free School Zones” is a joke that only restrict the law abiding, not the criminal or the deranged.  It didn’t stop the gunman killing 22 students in Sandy Hooker Elementary School.
Who's Really To Blame For School Shooting? ~ link ~
The aftermath of the Newtown school massacre is beginning to resemble the 9-11 false flag.


Biggest Social Media Sites Censor Alternative News ~ link ~ Most social media companies are globalist connected and ran by Zionists.   Stirling     
Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging - video ~ link 

The link between school shootings and Vet. suicides is Big Pharma NOT guns ~ link ~ The media is quick to jump on, and point out the gun issue in this tragic shooting. Yet what they fail time and time again to point out is that in every single case bar none, Big Pharma anti-psychotic drugs have been ingested. It is being reported that today's shooter in Connecticut has a history of mental illiness already. Odd that the mainstream media has failed to point that out, or is it?
Texas school where teachers carry guns prepared to protect students ~ link ~ Texas Gov. Rick Perry urged school districts to review their plans to ensure they are prepared to respond to incidents such as the horrific shooting at a Connecticut elementary school Friday.

David Thweatt, superintendent of the tiny Harrold school district in northwest Texas, believes his staff is ready  Besides special locks and security cameras, an undisclosed number of staff members and teachers carry concealed handguns.

Read more here:
15 Signs that the economy is rapidly getting worse as we head into 2013 ~ link How can the mainstream media claim that the U.S. economy is "improving" when it is painfully obvious to anyone with a brain that the middle class is being absolutely eviscerated?  According to numbers that were just released, the number of Americans on food stamps rose by more than 600,000 in a single month to an all-time record high of 47.7 million.

Youth unemployment in the U.S. is at a post-World War II high and large companies have announced the elimination of more than 100,000 jobs since Barack Obama won the election. Consumer debt just hit a new record high and the federal government is accumulating debt at a much faster pace than it was at this time last year.  So where is the evidence that the economy is getting better? The mainstream media says that the decline of the unemployment rate to "7.7 percent" is evidence that things are improving, but I showed how fraudulent that number is yesterday.  The percentage of working age Americans with a job today is exactly where it was back in September 2009 in the midst of the last major economic crisis.
The Insufferable Human Drama of Evictions in Spain ~ link ~ With 500 families being evicted in Spain every day, foreclosures have become a source of great suffering. But luckily, there are still those who resist.

Nearly 500 people stuck on India highway due to heavy snowfall ~ link ~ Nearly 500 people and around 400 vehicles are stuck on the Jammu-Srinagar national highway due to heavy snowfall.
The highway remained closed to traffic for the third consecutive day due to bad weather.

Heavy snow in Ukraine causes widespread power outages ~ link ~ Local authorities said heavy snowfall accompanied by strong wind cut power supply to hundreds of villages in northern Ukraine. According to the Emergencies Ministry, snow, sleet and and powerful wind toppled power lines in about 200 villages located in the northern section of the country. In some areas, the snow was up to 50 centimeters thick, blocking roads and trapping hundreds of vehicles in the northern Chernigov and Kiev regions. The snowy weather in the capital has led to traffic chaos with about 10,000 vehicles stranded on bridges and transport interchanges.

Record snowfall hits southwest Norway ~ link ~ Residents of Rogaland County on Norway’s southwest coast are digging out of a major snowstorm that severely disrupted air traffic, sparked chaos on the roads, and left record-high snowdrifts. Now they’re bracing, along with the rest of southern Norway, for what state meteorologists predict will be an “interesting” and “scary” weekend.

Kyiv has not seen such heavy snowfall for 130 years ~ link ~ During the last two days, wet snow in Kyiv exceeded an index that had been recorded for 130 years of weather observations, the press service of the Kyiv City State Administration with reference to the Hydrometeorological Centre reports.

"During December 11-12, Kyiv had a complex of severe weather phenomena, including snow and wet snow on wires and trees, which had exceeded previously recorded index for the entire period of meteorological observations in the capital since 1881," the press service noted.

Systemic Denial of Geoengineering Continues in Spite of the Mountain of Evidence ~ link ~While the “scientists”, the US military, and numerous other governmental agencies, continue to deny the reality of the massive global geoengineering programs, the enormous machine that runs these ever expanding programs continues to grow in plain sight. Those that are attempting to expose the truth regarding the planetary weather/climate modification aerosol spraying are still marginalized by the state sponsored main stream media which is all to willing to do as it is told by those in power.

In spite of the concerted and powerful effort to hide the reality of the ongoing geoengineering programs, the masses are beginning to awaken to the fact that we are all being subjected to a horrific global experiment. An experiment that is quite literally putting all life on Earth in the balance. An ever growing mountain of evidence already proves beyond doubt that global geoengineering is an absolute reality. Any that do an objective evaluation of the available evidence can come to no other conclusion.

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