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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
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USA to send troops and Patriot missiles to Turkey ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ This is a counter-response to Russia's response to NATO sending German and Dutch Patriots to Turkey.  Russia offloaded a significant number of Iskander missiles to Syria the day NATO gave final approval.  Now we are upping the stakes.  Russia and China do not intend to back down...of course, the Global Banking Cartel is counting on this to set up their next great global war, World War III, that they are so desperate to begin to get their New World Order nightmare.   Stirling     

Russia never changed position on Syria - Russian Foreign Ministry ~ link ~ The Deputy Foreign Minister said it was possible that the Syrian government could lose the battle, that it was losing ground.  However, what really has been happening has been a strategy change in the part of the Syrian High Command.  They have decided not to contest every village and every inch of land.  This gives too much of the strategic initiative to the foreign terrorists.  Instead they are hitting the foreign fighters when and where they decide to, drawing them into kill zones and they blasting the hell out of them.   Stirling    

Russia has not changed its position on the crisis in Syria and the latest comments by the US State Department are a misinterpretation of the facts, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Aleksandr Lukashevich said during a media briefing in Moscow. Lukashevich noted that the US State Department has been excessively enthusiastic about Russia “finally waking up and changing its position [on Syria].”
"I think we want to commend the Russian government for finally waking up to the reality and acknowledging that the regime's days are numbered,” US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland stated. “I think the question now is will the Russian government join those of us in the international community who are working with the opposition to try to have a smooth democratic transition.”

“We were never asleep, nor did we change our position,” Lukashevich said.
Israeli soldiers assault two Reuters cameramen ~ link ~ Why do decent people in the World put up with such crap on a daily basis from Israel???  Stirling     

Reuters news agency has accused Israeli soldiers of hitting two of its cameramen and forcing them to strip in the West Bank city of Hebron. Yousri al-Jamal and Mamoun Wazwaz said they were stopped near a checkpoint where a Palestinian teenager had been shot dead by an Israeli border guard. The soldiers then allegedly struck them with their rifles and made them strip before letting off a tear-gas canister.

Why the IDF hates the camera ~ link ~ Israel is a nation based on a mountain of lies.  Lies going back centuries (95% of the Jews in Israel are NOT descended from the Jews of the Old Testament), lies about "a land without a people for a people without a land", lies about everyone but Jews being soulless two-legged animals, lies about how the Palestinian people are treated, etc., etc., etc.   The camera takes pictures and the pictures are often damning.  The Israelis, being people of the lie, can't stand the truth.  Stirling    

The Unending War - full version video ~ link ~ This documentary recounts the story of the veterans who withdrew from the US army after realizing the truth to the made-up excuses of the US for Iraq & Afghanistan wars.

Gerald Celente - "The Great Officials" - video ~ link ~ Good One Gerald!   Stirling    

'Nothing off the table', warns PM Cameron as he commits Britain to speeding the transition of power in Syria ~ link ~ Actually there is a lot off the table...the dinner table of millions of Brits as they go through a terrible Depression.  But this corrupt bought-and-paid-for globalist/Zionist puppet doesn't care about his people, just his power and position.   So, even though the UK Government is NOT taking care of the needs of the British people, it has the money to go to war in some far off land for the global banksters and insane Zionists.  Way to go jerk.  Stirling     

Propaganda War on Syria Rages ~ link ~ Propaganda wars precede hot ones. Conflicts and other forms of violence are glorified in the name of peace. Doublespeak duplicity claim it. Wars are waged to prevent it.

Ongoing ones assure more ahead. Unconscionable death counts rise. America, Israel, key NATO partners, and regional allies bear full responsibility. Humanity hangs in the balance.

Humanitarian intervention and responsibility to protect (R2P) mask ravaging one country after another. Slaughter and mass destruction are called liberating struggles. 

America and Israel Wage War On Humanity ~ link ~ Never underestimate the spiritual side of what is happening.  The globalists and Zionists are acting on behalf of Satan, he desires the total destruction of all human life on this planet as he knows that his time to operate here is almost up.  Hence, the big push towards a unbelievably horrible 21st Century war with weapons of mass destruction on all sides.  But we Christians know the outcome, once again the greatest loser in all the Universe loses out to God.  Christ will return to make all new, to bring a New Earth, a New Jerusalem, a New Heaven.   Stirling    

Multiple direct and proxy wars rage now. Obama plans more. He's a war criminal multiple times over. He violates fundamental human and civil rights. He mocks rule of law principles and democratic values. He should be in prison, not high office.  He serves wealth, power and privilege. He spurns peace, equity, justice, and basic human needs.

He and George Bush made America a police state. It's a hair's breadth from full-blown tyranny. He plans four more years of harsher than ever lawless governance.

Senator John Kerry for US Secretary of State ~ link ~ There is one strong reason that so many Republican and Democratic senators like Kerry for Secretary of State, same for the news media.  But it will never be mentioned by that same news media.  Kerry is really Jewish...the last name was changed.   He is a member of 'the tribe' and can be counted on to do Israel's bidding, putting the interests of this tiny racist state ahead of American interests every single time.   Stirling     

Everyone is fair game: Spy agencies conducts surveillance on all US citizens ~ link ~ We have lost our nation to the most evil crooks on the planet.  Stirling    

European Court of Human Rights finds CIA guilty of torture ~ linkI once brought a suit against the UK government in this court on Human Rights but it was dismissed on a technicality, next time I will be more careful and win.   Stirling    

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