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US Presidential Campaign Comes To An End ~ link ~ The last weekend of the 2012 US presidential election campaign was marked by rallies for both Democratic President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney in a handful of closely contested states, while the deluge of television commercials continues right up to the opening of the polls on Tuesday.

The itineraries of the two candidates were limited to the so-called battleground states, with Obama traveling on the weekend from Ohio to Iowa, Virginia, New Hampshire, Florida, Colorado and back to Ohio. On Monday he visits Colorado and Wisconsin before a final campaign rally in Iowa.

US Elections: 169 million voters in America's $6 billion election ~ link ~ One of the world's largest electoral exercises in the world after India, the world's largest democracy, gets underway Tuesday when 169 million American voters go to the polls to chose a president, a new House of Representatives, 33 senators and thousands of local officials at a whopping cost of $6 billion.

Key facts: 
WOW - Heckler totally hijacks Obama rally - Gets dragged out by police - video ~ link 
Gallup: Obama gets a Big Bounce and trails Mitt Romney by 1 point ~ link Gallup is officially out with its final pre-election poll between President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney, which shows Obama trailing Romney by a point among likely voters and leading Romney by 3 points among registered voters.

Both are significant week-to-week bounces from a week ago, when Obama trailed Romney by 5 points among likely voters and was tied among registered voters. That's a 3-point bump in the likely-voter category and a 4-point change among registered voters.
Rasmussen: Romney jumps into a one-point lead over Obama ~ linkRomney earns 49 percent of the vote in the poll to Obama's 48 percent, giving him an ever-so-small national lead heading into the final day of campaigning. 

Rasmussen will release its final poll ahead of the election Tuesday morning.

Jim Cramer: "Predicting" Gigantic Obama Victory ~ link 
GOP set to steal USA's Banana Republic election ~ link Every four years the world is ‘treated’ to a Presidential election in the USA. Every four years a handful of states display a level of vote larceny that, if it occurred in a third world dictatorship, would have former President Jimmy Carter leading a group of sober faced UN election observers to carefully parse words and discuss “irregularities.” Every four years we are subjected to right wing talking points about Democrats stealing the election because they demand to vote while coffee spews out our noses because the coordinated theft is on the Republican side. These same flim-flam artists stand before microphones and say, teary-eyed, “God Bless our best Democracy in the world!”

Well screw parsing. I’m call ‘bullshit’ and so should you.

US Elections: From the Lesser of the Greater Evil" - The Demise of Critical Thinking ~ link ~ There is ample evidence that the Obama Presidency has pulled the US political spectrum further to the Right. On most domestic and foreign policy issues Obama has embraced extremist positions surpassing his Republican predecessor and in the process devastating what remained of the peace and social movements of the past decade.  Moreover, the Obama Presidency has laid the groundwork for the immediate future promising a further extension of regressive policies following the presidential elections: cuts in Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.  Incumbents and their opposition compete over hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign funding from wealthy donors, which they will have to repay in the post-election period in billion dollar handouts, subsidies, tax abatements, anti-labor and environmental policies.  Not a single positive proposal was put forth by the Obama campaign but numerous militarist and regressive social policies were articulated.  The Obama campaign ran a fear campaign, playing off of the reactionary proposals of the Romney-Tea Party  alliance:  a cover for his own record of unprecedented military spending, sequential wars, immigrant expulsions, mortgage foreclosures and Wall Street bailouts.
In the process, critical liberals have crossed the line, surrendering their integrity by deflecting attention from Obama’s militarist-socially regressive policies to focus on “opposing Romney” as a “greater evil”:  progressives and critical liberals have multiplied and magnified the duplicity of the Obama political apparatus.  In the name of opposing the current ‘greater evil’ (Romney) they dare not enumerate and specify the wanton political crimes and monumental socio-economic in justice perpetrated by their “lesser evil” candidate (Obama).  Will the “progressives” ever play honest and publicly state:  we back Obama in “swing states” because he has “only” murdered 10,000 Afghans, 5,000 Iraqis, is starving 75 million Iranian’s via sanctions, gives $3 billion for Israeli displacement of millions of Palestinians, personally oversees the arbitrary executions of US citizens and promises an extended kill list … because Romney promises to be worse … Expecting honesty from the proponents of ‘lesser evils’ is as farfetched as taking serious their criticisms between elections.

60 Years of Campaign Ads In One Video ~ link 

A Cure for America's Corruptible Voting System ~ linkWhen I went to vote last week in New York City, using an absentee ballot (because I will be out of the country on election day), I had a surreal experience that was also very ordinary: I marked my ballot – put it, as advised by the nice man behind the counter, into a sealed envelope, handed it to him and … nothing.

That is, he looked at me quizzically as I waited. For what? I realized that in every transaction I ever had with the government, I get some kind of receipt or documentation. But I had just handed over my most precious possession, my vote, and I had nothing to show for it. No scrap of paper noting for the record what I had done, and no way to verify that what I wished to do got recorded accurately. The fellow offered, when I expressed some wish for something like this, to use my phone camera to take a picture of me holding the sealed envelope – for proof I had voted. Seriously.

The Most Lied About Election In American History ~ link ~  It began when the Republican nomination was stolen.  Ron Paul won in a landslide.  Thus far, 25 grand juries have been seated to deal with felony charges tied to crimes in rigging both the GOP primaries and convention.  Legal groups across the US are, finally, challenging overt the overt corruption of America’s “two party dictatorship.

Even with a flawed constitution, there is nothing that supports this system, nothing that supports how congress is run and certainly, what constitution we have should have protected us from rule by foreign corporations, more specifically, organized crime packaged as “foreign corporations” that the Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” blasphemy has saddled us with.

Max Keiser: 'Barck Obama is clueless; Mitt Romney will bankrupt the country' ~ link

US heads for cliffhanger election ~ link Mr Romney went to Florida, where polls suggest he has the edge, and then to Virginia, New Hampshire and Ohio. Mr Obama appeared in Iowa, Wisconsin and Ohio, joined at rallies by Bruce Springsteen and rapper Jay-Z.

The election will be decided in just a handful of states, with Ohio in particular seen as crucial to victory.
Agribusiness spend $45 million trying to kill California ballot based Food Labeling Bill ~ link ~ Monsanto and other agribusiness and food companies have spent more than $45m (£28m) to defeat a California ballot measure that would require labeling of some GM foods.

The measure, proposition 37, is one of the most contentious initiatives on California's election ballot on Tuesday.
Voters in three states voting on marijuana legalization bills ~ link ~ Note for non-US readers: Some states allow voters to pass laws after a process that usually involves a petition to get the proposed bill on the ballot and then passage by the voters.   Stirling    

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