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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
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Miramar USMC fighters deployed in secret to Middle East ~ link ~ The secret overseas deployment happened two or three weeks ago, but information is just now coming out about it.   Stirling    

Amid mounting concern over Iran’s nuclear program and violence elsewhere in the region, U.S. Central Command quietly dispatched a Marine fighter jet squadron from San Diego to an undisclosed country in the Middle East, U-T San Diego has learned.

The deployment follows threats by the U.S. and Israel of military strikes if needed to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

Israel's Deputy Prime Minister Yaalon warns Syria: Israel will "defend" itself ~ link ~ This is a major set up.  Israel supports the so-called "rebels" which are fighting the Syrian people and army.  If the Syrian Army, on its own land gets "too close" to Israel while  fighting the "rebels" Israel will attack!!!  If some mortar rounds "from Syria" hit Israel, Israel will attack Syria...of course, there is no way for the outside world to tell if the rounds came from the "rebels" (one can set up and fire two or three mortar rounds in a minute or less).  If the Syrians accept the threats from Israel, and do what the Israelis demand, it would have the effect of creating a 'safe zone' inside of Syria for the "rebels" to operate in. Remember: Syria is the backdoor to war with Iran and war with Iran is the doorway to the Third World War.  I suspect that when/if dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu gets close to a defeat in the coming January elections, 'something' will happen to light the fuze and begin WWIII.   Stirling     
After condemnation by the United Nations and Israeli warnings to Syria not to enter the demilitarized buffer zone have done nothing to halt the numerous incidences of Syrian spill over into the Golan Heights, Israel's deputy prime minister Moshe Yaalon warned Damascus on Friday that it would act to defend its sovereignty if the bloody fighting in Syria continued to spill over into the Golan Heights.

Netanyahu certain of Iranian nuclear threat: 'We know' - with video ~ link ~ I am certain that this madman will destroy his people, and the Middle East, and give the globalists their new World War, which will destroy most of the Human Race.   Stirling    

US Senators pushing for tougher sanctions on Iran, to the point of bankruptcy ~ link ~ This is crazy because well before Iran hits the bankruptcy brick wall it will launch its missiles plunging the world into war.   Stirling    

The Road to World War III - video ~ link
Drastic changes in UK forces: Territorial Army will be deployed in the Falklands ~ linkUK Defence Secretary Phillip Hammond signalled Thursday morning that members of the Territorial Army will be deployed to the Falkland Islands. Addressing the House of Commons Secretary Hammond said that reserve forces will be expected to fulfill new roles including contributing to standing commitments such as the Falklands.

The government wants to double the size of the Territorial Army to 30,000 and rename it the Army Reserves. The size of the regular army is being cut by 20,000 to 82,000.

Afghan intelligence officials 'missing' in USA ~ link 

Breaking News: European Parliament: EU 2013 budget talks fail ~ link  
Crude Oil Is Black Gold - video ~ linkMannarino examines the terminal phase of the US dollar’s decline, which means that not only gold and silver, but oil will soon go super-nova priced in US dollars. Mannarino states that the middle class will not be able to cope with the rising cost of food and energy as the Fed’s QE policies continue throughout Bronco’s 2nd term, and the remainer of the middle class’ wealth is distributed to Wall Street.
Greece says cash reserves are almost depleted ~ link ~ Gone...gone with the wind into the hands of the global banksters...and the same thing is coming to the rest of Europe and to America as the banksters set us up for their satanic New World  Order ... because we are too gutless to stop them.  Stirling    
Congressman Ron Paul: "The Truth Is The United States Is Broke" - video ~ link ~ Broke by design of the Global Banking Cartel.   Stirling       
Foxconn sees new source of cheap labor: The United States ~ link ~Turn off that idiot box Americans and take back your nation, if you still can.   Stirling    

Foxconn Electronics – the China-based contract electronics manufacturer also known as Hon Hai – is planning to build manufacturing plants in the U.S., DigiTimes reports, in a story attributed to “market watchers.”

The company is reportedly evaluating “cites such as Detroit and Los Angeles.”

Re-shoring: Bringing manufacturing back to USA - video ~ link ~ The Chinese are now bringing manufacturing back to America!  This is a good in-depth video.  Stirling      

The RMB can't be a reserve currency yet - But can it still act a bit like one? ~ link ~  Take the time to read all of this one at the link.   Stirling     

Reality of a reserve currency:  you need to be willing to leave large amounts of it lying beyond your shores. People need ready access to it.  You can't be in a serious capital importing mode (which tends to happen when you grow).

So, most experts say, China can internationalize the use of the RMB but it won't be  a real reserve currency because China won't allow large enough amounts to float around out there (Beijing wants tight control over value), plus, the country still needs to develop a vast impoverished interior of half-a-billion people, so it'll be in the capital-importing mode (trade surplus, investment) for a long time.

EU keeps pressure on Greece after austerity vote ~ link ~ I am coming around to the view that the globalists are deliberately driving the Greek people towards a revolution/civil war as part of their strategy to drive the world to a global currency (one that could well be a re-branded US Dollar).   Stirling    
European partners told debt-laden Greece on Thursday that more work was needed to secure a new slice of aid and avert bankruptcy even after lawmakers approved a deeply unpopular austerity package in the face of social unrest and protests.
Greek MPs late Wednesday adopted an 18.5-billion-euro ($23.6 billion) package of cuts and labour reforms as tens of thousands of angry protesters massed outside parliament, some hurling petrol bombs at police firing tear gas. But German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said Thursday that despite the hard won deal, he did not expect any quick deal on the vital 31.5 billion euro aid tranche to Greece. 

While Athens Smolders ~ link ~ Greece's creditors are still refusing to countenance a haircut.

The Greek Parliament endured another night of tear gas and intra-party turmoil Wednesday to pass its latest package of spending cuts, tax hikes and labor-market reforms, just as new figures confirmed the economy's continued deterioration. This year, Greece's output will be 80% of what it was in 2009. The jobless rate has risen for 39 consecutive months, and 58% of young people are out of work. 

USA as seen by Europe: The Next Greece? ~ link ~
By now everyone knows how Americans feel about America: one quarter of the population (the half of the less than half that voted) is convinced the US is plunging into a socialist void that would make the USSR proud, another quarter of the population is furious at the wealthy and demands that they be taxed up the wazoo because "they didn't build that" but certainly profited from it, and is demanding wealth and income redistribution, while the silent majority is quietly picking up whatever pieces it can, and batting down the hatches, seeing very well, beyond the fog of bias and subjectivity, the inevitable epic deleveraging disaster, followed by even more epic printing that is coming this way. But how does the rest of the world see the US, especially now that the fiscal cliff (and the much less discussed debt ceiling debate: why, we don't know - it was "merely" the debt ceiling that led to a 20% drop in 2011). Yesterday, German financial media Spiegel provided a glimpse into just how Europe, which is knee deep in it as well, sees America. The verdict: the next Greece.

From Spiegel:
The US has more in common with heavily indebted southern European countries than it might like to admit. And if the country doesn't reach agreement on deficit reduction measures soon, the similarities could become impossible to ignore. The fiscal cliff looms in the near future, and its not just the US that is under threat.
Is Micro Weakness Smelling a Macro Collapse? ~ link ~ Last week we suggested a reason why the market was unable to hold on to the Bernanke bid. The relative plunge in Goldman Sachs 'bottom-up' Analysts Index (GSAI) suggested that the macro 'strength' that market-savants were so focused on, could perhaps be election-biased (blasphemy). It seems this macro 'strength' divergence (highest since 1996!) from micro 'weakness' reality was enough to get the Goldmanites thinking - and unfortunately for all the cautiously optimistic managers out there, they are not hopeful. As Jan Hatzius explains,  "the GSAI remains closely correlated with other bottom-up measures, including the S&P 500 sales guidance diffusion index; and while one possible explanation is that S&P 500 companies are more exposed to non-US demand than the US economy at large, and the US has been a relative outperformer. But it is unclear whether this accounts for all of the weakness, or whether the bottom-up weakness also holds some additional leading information for the macroeconomic data." 
Obama to address looming fiscal cliff - with video ~ linkRe-elected President Barack Obama is due to make a statement on the economy, setting the stage for a political showdown over a looming budget crisis.

He is expected to discuss the so-called fiscal cliff, a package of tax rises and spending cuts due early next year unless Congress acts. 

China's Hu Jintao in corruption warning at leadership summit - with video ~ link ~ The Communist Party is now the party of financial bigwigs in a nation that has severe problems on the horizon.  His warning is serious.   Stirling      

Chinese President Hu Jintao has opened a Communist Party congress that begins a once-in-a-decade power transfer with a stark warning on corruption.

Addressing more than 2,000 delegates, Mr Hu said that a failure to tackle the issue "could prove fatal to the party".

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