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Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE


 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin
NATO Allied Land Command activating next week in Turkey ~ link ~ NOT a good sign for future events in Syria!   Stirling    
Following an activation ceremony on Friday in Izmir, Allied Land Command headquarters will formally assume the responsibilities of Force Command Heidelberg, Germany, and Force Command Madrid, Spain, which are being deactivated as part of NATO’s transformation. A similar merger of Air Command headquarters formerly in Turkey with one in Germany is taking place at Ramstein Air Base.
The Allied Land Command is responsible for ensuring readiness of NATO forces, conducting land operations and synchronizing land force command and control.

Danish Justice Minister to seek more control over intelligence agency ~ link ~ The current intelligence chief is a Zionist.  This is part of a small trend to reducing the control/influence that Israel has in some European nations.  Some European people and leaders are waking up to the very real dangers from allowing a few religious/racial nuts in Israel from having control of their nations foreign policy and intelligence operations.    Stirling      
Following the uproar created by the numerous revelations from former PET secret-agent Morten Storm, the justice minister, Morten Bødskov (Socialdemokraterne), is now calling for parliament to have more control over the domestic intelligence agency. 
Obamacare will make us a part time nation ~ link ~ Part of the deliberate destruction of America.   Stirling     
An Obamacare supporter is as stupid as the Democrats who passed the legislation in the first place:

When my better half told me that her boss was thinking about cutting all full-time employees to part time in order to avoid the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act insurance requirements (for full-time employees), my initial response was, "Surely the federal government wouldn't have allowed such a blatantly obvious way of getting out of the requirement." But that turned out to be false.

US pivot bumps Asian economic reality ~ link ~ President Barack Obama's first post - election mission is a trip to Southeast Asia - Myanmar, Thailand, and Cambodia - to affirm his signature diplomatic and strategic initiative, the pivot to Asia.

Despite concerted hosannas in the Western press, President Obama's trip was overshadowed - perhaps intentionally - by Israel pitching Gaza back into the meat grinder and drawing attention back to the Middle East, a region that the Obama administration is nakedly and desperately eager to abandon.

China's aviation industry coming of age ~ link ~ China's public release of its J-31 Stealth fighter's early flights and those of its new WZ-10 attack helicopter has drawn significant commentary from defense analysts. Less well reported were China's efforts to market its first indigenous commercial jet, the C-919.

Chinese competition in the long-haul market lies less about a decade away. The three newly publicized aircraft show a definite indigenous character, signaling that China no longer has to rely on reverse engineering and derivative technologies for its aviation designs. Lost in all the reporting is what this signifies; China's engineering and scientific communities have now recovered fully from the Cultural Revolution's devastation. With its growing economic and scientific resources, it may be in position to challenge Western domination of the aviation market by decade's end.


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