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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin
Breaking News: Foreign terrorists raid Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus, several killed ~ link ~ "Brave" men, attacking unarmed men, women and children...evil bastards!!!   Stirling    

Several people have been killed after insurgents fighting against the Syrian government attacked the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk in the capital, Damascus. 
A new 'face' for the rebranded Syrian revolution - An inclusive terrorist government ~ link ~ The sales campaign has failed. Syria's so called revolution is in desperate need of a REBRAND. Hillary Clinton is going to make dam sure that happens. And, she has been busy. Very, very busy. One certainty when Hillary "get's busy". People will die. Lots of them.
The latest: Ms. Clinton is “dismissing” the Syrian National Council
Which was never Syrian or national or even a council.
It was the Muslim Brotherhood/Western stooges dressed up by spin doctors sold as an "opposition' via the NATO media

Hollande in Saudi Arabia to discuss Syria and Iran ~ link ~ Hollande the best Zionist President of France that Israel ever had...of course for the French people he is a total disaster, but to the Zionists the French people don't matter.  Stirling    
"We are surrounded by a nation who will not step out of their perceived reality" ~ link ~ The dumbasses are about to be jolted awake by WWIII and the worst economic depression in history.   Stirling     
We’re days out from a Presidential election whose outcome will determine the future of the United States – or will it?

According to Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News, it’s too late to change the disastrous path we’re on, and it makes no difference at this point whether President Obama remains in the Oval Office or Mitt Romney takes the helm.
Why Obama lost: Because 50 million jobs haven't come back (and never will) ~ link ~ This may be a couple of days premature.  The fact is he does not deserve another term.  But Romney is also a globalist jerk who will do whatever the Global Banking Cartel and Zionists tell him to do.  They are both jerks from Hell who have no regard for America or Americans.   Check out Lord Black's comments below.  Stirling     
It is an abiding mystery why the US, after leading the west to the greatest strategic victory in the history of the nation state in the cold war and the triumph of democracy in most of the world, has been for about 15 years, in public policy terms, an almost unrelievedly stupid country. America’s enemies could scarcely have devised a more suicidal programme than the one that was followed: outsourcing nearly 50m jobs while admitting 20m unskilled aliens ...
Conrad Black, The Financial Times, August 29, 2012.
The Emperor Has No Gold ~ link ~ The world is about to wake up to the fact that the Global Banking Cartel has taken all of its gold for itself using various front men/cut-outs/etc.  This is one more reason why the globalists want WWIII soon, to divert everyone's attention.   Stirling      
Eurozone Financial Crisis is set to deepen ~ link  ~
With the Greek government expected to effectively run out of money by November 16, the eurozone crisis is certain to be a major issue at the G-20 finance ministers’ meeting beginning in Mexico City on Sunday. The German government’s refusal to make available any more money means that threat of a Greek default and a full-blown financial breakdown is back on the agenda.

The latest figures establish that the austerity program of the “troika”—the European Union, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund—has created an economic catastrophe, the like of which has not been seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

China is quietly becoming a gold superpower ~ link ~ China does not want to be left 'holding the bag' when all that foreign currency becomes next to worthless soon.   Stirling     

Listen Closely: Gerald Celente’s Warning To Everyone: Entire Financial House of Cards About To Collapse And A Tidal Wave Entrance Into Gold Will Happen When Central Banks Can’t Paper Over Anymore ~ link ~ Far too many Americans and Europeans think that things will somehow return to the good old days...SORRY...those days are GONE...what is coming is the worst nightmare in human history.  Get ready for it.   Stirling     

The First 12 Hours of a US Dollar Collapse - video ~ link ~ Scary!

Alexander Higgins' Home and Blog Destroyed by Hurricane Sandy - with video ~ link ~ Donate something if you can.  Stirling     
After the Flood comes the Freeze: "Tens of thousands need housing" ~ linkFirst the flood, now the freeze (and the lack of fuel and gas and heating just making it much worse). And for tens of thousands of residents of New York and New Jersey this means that as many as 40,000 will need to find alternative housing, especially ahead of Wednesday when a Nor'easter formation is expected to hit the Tristate area and bring even more freezing rain and cold to the region. From Reuters: "Tens of thousands of people affected by superstorm Sandy could soon need housing as cold weather descends on the state of New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Sunday. Cuomo, in a televised press conference nearly a week after the storm hit the U.S. East Coast, said the fuel shortages are improving but problems will persist for "a number of days."" Elsewhere, and also from Reuters: "Victims of superstorm Sandy on the U.S. East Coast struggled against the cold early on Sunday amid fuel shortages and power outages even as officials fretted about getting voters displaced by the storm to polling stations for Tuesday's presidential election. Overnight, near-freezing temperatures gripped the U.S. northeast. At least two more victims were found in New Jersey, one dead of hypothermia, as the overall death toll from one of worst storms in U.S. history climbed to at least 112. Fuel supplies continued to rumble toward disaster zones and electricity was slowly returning to darkened neighborhoods after a storm that hit the coast last Monday. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said it would be days before power is fully restored and fuel shortages end." 

All of this will be exacerbated as a Nor'easter moves along the Eastern Seaboard and is expected to hit New Jersey and New York in several days:

Devastated residents lash out at NY Mayor Bloomberg ~ link ~ Storm-ravaged and weary Rockaways residents cornered Mayor Bloomberg yesterday to angrily demand more aid for their devastated neighborhood.

“When are we gonna get some help?” blasted one desperate woman, who had to be held back by the mayor’s security detail as Bloomberg stood by with a deer-in-the-headlights look. “When are we gonna get some f--king help?” she demanded.

It is complete chaos ~ link ~ The current crop of political "leaders" specializes in sucking up to the globalists, Zionists, and corporate money men...but don't have a clue when it comes to really being leaders when the shit hits the fan.   Stirling    

Anger boils over at lack of US storm relief ~ link ~ Also see ~ linkWith the death toll from Hurricane Sandy climbing towards 100, and several million people in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut facing a fifth day without electricity, heat and, in many cases, food and water, anger and frustration has boiled over at the failure of the federal, state and local governments to provide adequate relief.

The storm, like Hurricane Katrina seven years ago, has laid bare the immense social inequalities that saturate every facet of American society, nowhere more starkly than in New York City, among the hardest hit areas on the US Eastern Seaboard.

SHOCK: 72 Hours After Grid-Down: Starvation, Supply Shortages, Food Lines, No Clean Water, No Gas, Transportation Standstill - with photos and video ~ link ~ A recent study noted that the majority of people have enough food in their pantries to feed their household for about three days and that seemingly stable societies are really just nine meals from anarchy. With most of us dependent on just-in-time transportation systems to always be available, few ever consider  the worst case scenario. 

For tens of thousands of east coast residents that worst case scenario is now playing out in real-time. No longer are images of starving people waiting for government handouts restricted to just the third-world.

In the midst of crisis, once civilized societies will very rapidly descend into chaos when essential infrastructure systems collapse.

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