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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin

Britain's Coldest Winter in 100 Years ~ link ~ The Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico IS STILL DEAD and this is removing a truly massive amount of heat that would normally flow in the Gulf Stream and the overall global Thermohaline Circulation System.  Thus the British Isles are getting colder and global weather patterns continue to behave abnormally.  The mainstream news media will NOT tell you this.  See this ~ link ~ to confirm that the Loop Current is no longer in existence, and this ~ link ~ to see the heat signatures of the North Atlantic Ocean, and this ~ link ~ to see the Gulf Stream.  Dr. Bill Deagle, John Moore, and myself were saying this would happen two years ago.  We are going into a new Ice Age because of the deliberate BP Oil Disaster and the use of Corexit to keep the massive amounts of oil below the surface and in the Gulf of Mexico...oil kills warm water currents in colder bodies of water and it continues to kill the historic Loop Current in the Gulf of MexicoStirling      
The forthcoming cold snap, caused by clear skies and northerly winds, could herald the start of a freezing winter. There are reports that temperatures could fall as low as -20°c in some areas in December and January.

Local authorities said they are ready for a harsh winter and have made ensured there are sufficient gritters and snowploughs to avoid a repeat of two years ago when heavy snowfall caused large swathes of the country to grind to a halt. 

MINUS 20C? Britain faces coldest winter for 100 years as Big Freeze follows floods with wind so strong it blows water upwards - with photos and video ~ link ~ Britain will shiver tonight as temperatures plummet in the first taste of what promises to be one of our coldest winters for a century.

The cold snap is expected to last until the end of the week, creating dangerous conditions on the roads and adding to the misery of those already battling floods. Temperatures could fall to as low as minus 3°c (27°f) in some places, with snow already falling in the Pennines. In Saltburn, North Yorkshire, northerly winds have become so strong that they are pushing water back up a cliff.

Moscow records heaviest November snow for 50 years ~ link ~ Officials in the Russian capital have called in 12,000 snow-removal vehicles to help combat the effects of the snow on the city's transport system but, in spite of lengthy efforts to minimise disruption, traffic jams have been reported to stretch back several kilometres on Moscow's roads.

Earlier this year, Moscow recorded near-record conditions when temperatures reached -19.3F (-28.5C) on February 13. The cold Siberian air struck large parts of Eastern Europe and regions were on the verge of a gas shortage when Gazprom struggled to meet the surge in demand. 

Moscow gets heaviest November snowfall in 50 years - video ~ link 

Record-breaking snowfall in Moscow disrupts flights, wreaks havoc on roads ~ link  

Snowfall paralyzes life in China - photos ~ link  

Severe Snow Storm Hits Northern Japan - video ~ link 

41,000 Hokkaido Japan homes lose power due to massive winter storm ~ link ~ Strong winds and blizzard conditions knocked out electricity for around 41,000 households in southern Hokkaido early Tuesday as a large low-pressure system hit the area, Hokkaido Electric Power Co. and the Meteorological Agency said.

The blackout and fallen trees affected transportation, halting 94 train runs and at least 31 flights to and from Shin-Chitose Airport, according to JR Hokkaido and airlines. At least 73 elementary and junior high schools were closed due to the bad weather. 

Meteorologist forecasts harsher, colder winter than Canadians faced last year ~ link ~ Scott and the network's team of meteorologists are predicting that most of Atlantic Canada will see higher temperatures and more snow than usual, while the northern Prairies, Northwest Territories and western parts of Nunavut will dip below their 30-year temperature average.

The Great Lakes region and Gulf of St. Lawrence should also get more of the white stuff, he said.

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