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Holy Shroud of Turin

Election Fraud: 42 Ways it's institutionalizing corruption and tyranny ~ link ~ Election fraud is very serious. Today the leaders will not be chosen. The ruling elite already selected our masters. These elections are just Democracy Theater to sell the illusion of our vote really counting. The fix is in. Do you see the game rigged? If you look at the major cities, especially cities like Chicago. Election fraud is a way to keep the corrupt political machines going. Cheating on election day is a way of life in the Windy City.

Election fraud is treason. It is high crime. If the American people are supposed to be the government being the real sovereigns. If it’s true as our Constitution says. Then election fraud is overthrowing the government circumventing the will of the people. All just powers derive from the consent of the governed. That is what Thomas Jefferson said when he written the Declaration of Independence. Then why are the sovereign people who are the real government being ignored?

Election fraud has derived unjust powers the people never consented too. We have to take back our elections from the corrupt political machine. We have the technology and communication systems at our disposal. We can take back control of the elections. If we have paper ballots with public interest groups keeping watch. It would be hard to commit election fraud if many groups networked. It is sad technology is being used to carry out election fraud as a weapon to be used against us. Something needs to change. Election fraud has been a cancer on our democratic institutions and our way of life for a long time.

Here are reasons why election fraud harms our nation institutionalizing corruption:

US Election: Tight race for Obama and Romney - with video ~ link ~ Turnout is crucial, with polls suggesting a neck-and-neck race, but giving the president a slender lead in crucial swing states. Mr Romney continued campaigning to the end, visiting Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The importance of the crucial swing state of Ohio for both campaigns was underlined by Vice-President Joe Biden, whose plane also arrived in Cleveland on an unannounced stop.

Judge rejects lawsuit to block Ohio's electronic voting machines ~ link ~ A federal judge ruled Tuesday there was "zero" evidence that new voting machine software in Ohio could interfere with ballots, the AP reports.

Robert Fitrakis, a Green Party candidate for U.S. Congress, asked the judge Monday to block the use of the machines in vote counting. Fitrakis said the machines  could be exploited due to a software "back door," according to Businessweek.

Reports of voting machine problems, vote flipping begin to pour in ~ link ~ Multiple reports of electronic voting machine irregularities have begun to pour in from all over the country as Americans take to the polls today.

Hourly guide to tonight's Electoral College closing times ~ link  

Ohio faces controversy over voting machines ~ link ~ If Romney were to lose Ohio and that alone would make the difference, look for a major challenge in Congress...Such an event could result in the House of Representatives electing Romney and the Senate re-electing Biden...A Republican President and a Democratic Vice-President and chaos for the next three months!   Stirling       

As people head to the polls today to cast their ballots, a critical "battleground" state in the presidential election faces a last-minute controversy over its voting machines.
In Ohio, a lawsuit alleges that Secretary of State Jon Husted and Election Systems & Software, an Omaha, Neb., company that makes electronic voting systems used in the state, improperly approved the use of untested, non-state certified software in voting machines to help tally results. 

Reposting: If there is an Electoral College Tie or a major challenge, things will even crazier than you may know ~ link ~ The decision about who will be the next president would get thrown to the House of Representatives  —where each state gets just one vote apiece. That means the  29 members of Congress from New York would get one           vote—the same number as the single member of Congress       from Montana. Right after the new Congress got sworn in, in  early January, all the House members from each state would  decide how to cast that state's one vote.                                       

As you might guess, that would be bad news for Obama. The little-populated red states outnumber the highly-populated blue states. So even with a predicted Democratic pickup of about 10 seats in the new House of Representatives, the president would be expected to lose. As of now, Romney is expected to have 26 states in his corner—and the president can count on only 13. That's one reason why some of these congressional races matter so much.

But that's not even the crazy part. You see, the House does not choose the vice president. That decision goes to the Senate, which decides it by a simple vote. The Senate is—and is expected to remain—Democratic.

US Elections: Will the Dead Vote and Voting Machines be Hacked? ~ link ~ Do bears shit in the woods?!!   Stirling    

“He who casts a vote decides nothing. He who counts the vote decides everything.”
-Joseph Stalin
Whether or not he said it, Stalin’s quote has entered into folklore. For a vote to mean anything, those counting the ballots must have a greater respect for the integrity of democracy than they have lust for power.

Since Stalin’s time, the technology has changed. With electronic voting machines, which leave no paper trail and are programmed with proprietary software, the count can be decided before the vote. Those who control the electronics can simply program voting machines to elect the candidate they want to win. Electronic voting is not transparent. When you vote electronically, you do not know for whom you are voting. Only the machine knows.

Election 2912: How the Winner Will Destroy America ~ link ~ After all the hollow and uninspired elections that this country has suffered through over the past several decades, one might think that at some point long ago the American public would have finally struck a plateau of disenfranchisement; that we could sink no further into despondency, that there is a saturation limit to the corruption of our voting process.  Unfortunately, there has been no such luck.  I have to say that in all honesty I have never seen more people gut jumbled and disgusted with our electoral system than I have in 2012.  Sure, there is still a hyper-gullible segment of the populous that continues to play the game, but even those idiots are beginning to admit that the choices offered are dismal at best, catastrophic at worst.  The fog of the false Left/Right paradigm is starting to lift, and all that lay in its wake is a hoard of lost wide-eyed flabbergasted followers without a coattail or a talking point to cling to.  Sudanese refugees have a better chance of survival than these people do…

Even in the more obvious of fraudulent past elections there was at least an attempt by the establishment to present a pageant of conflicting ideologies (George W. Bush vs. John Kerry comes to mind).  There has always been the Democrat who pretends to be anti-war, or the Republican who pretends to be small government, or the Democrat who pretends to defend our right to privacy, and the Republican who pretends to be pro-2nd Amendment.  But in 2012, even the theater of rhetoric has disappeared.  Both primary party candidates seem to be sharing the same intestinal tract and the same teleprompter, and now, the average American is asking a new set of questions.  They do not wonder how these men will change things for the better.  Not at all.  Instead, they wonder which one will do LESS DAMAGE while in office.  This is the terrible reality we have come to understand in our society today.  It is a sad awakening, but a necessary one. 

As you read this now, the new President of the United States is being “chosen” or has been chosen.  Whoever the “winner” happens to be is ultimately irrelevant.  They do not count.  They are mascots.  Middle management cronies running through the motions to distract the masses while enacting the policies of their superiors.  They are fry cooks serving greasy overpriced democracy with no real sustenance.  What does matter, though, is what comes next.  I’m sorry to say that the idea that one man will do less damage than the other is a na├»ve sentiment.  Democrat?  Republican?  Obama?  Romney?  The crimes and calamities wrought will be exactly the same.  Take a look into my crystal ball and see the future.  Here is how the winner will destroy America…

Israel warn Damascus against Syrian Golan overflights and against defending Syrian territory from foreign terrorists ~ link ~ This is an attempt to crave out a terrorist safe haven inside of Syria.  If the 'shoe were on the other foot' and such a thing were happening inside of Israeli territory Israel would go to war in a heartbeat.  Israel always insists on being above the rules that it wants to enforce on others...always!   Stirling    

2. Syrian forces entering the demilitarized zones straddling the Israel-Syrian Golan border would get the same treatment as infiltrators crossing into Israel proper. Israel cited the three Syrian tanks which Saturday, Nov. 3, approached the no-go zone in the course of a battle with rebels around the Circassian village of Beer Ajam. This must not be repeated, Damascus was warned.

3. Syrian fighter-bombers and combat helicopters may not infringe the airspace over those zones, and certainly not Israel’s Golan and Galilee skies.

US backed Syrian "rebels" in disarray at Qatar Conference ~ linkClinton gave the Syrian oppositionists their marching orders last Wednesday, declaring that the Syrian National Council (SNC), formed barely a year ago and recognized by Washington as the “legitimate representative” of the Syrian people, had lost US backing. She dismissed the leadership that the US had previously supported as a gang of irrelevant exiles who had not set foot in Syria for decades and insisted that Washington wanted to connect with those who were “fighting and dying” in the civil war raging inside the Middle Eastern country.

In reality, it has become clear that the US is bent on fashioning a “respectable” leadership, with representatives from the various religious and ethnic groups that comprise the Syrian population in order to better mask the bitter sectarian character of the conflict that Washington is fueling, as well as the increasingly prominent role played by Islamist militias with connections to Al Qaeda.

Russian Foreign Minister says Syrian foreign terrorists have 50 Stinger missiles ~ link ~ Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says insurgent groups fighting against the Syrian government have obtained 50 Stinger shoulder-launched missiles.

Lavrov said in the Jordanian capital, Amman, on Tuesday that Moscow knows that Syria's insurgents have obtained the lethal weapons from outside to hit (government) fighter jets.

He made the remarks after meeting former Syrian Prime Minister Riad Hijab, who defected from the government and escaped to Jordan after he was sacked from his post in August.

"Those who are supplying arms to the opposition are delivering systems that are not intended for defense. There is confirmed information that on Syrian territory there are over 50 Stingers," Russia’s Interfax news agency quoted Lavrov as saying.

"You know perfectly well what stingers are intended for, all the more so that the leaders of the (terrorist) Free Syrian Army have repeatedly said that civilian planes will be a legitimate target."

In October, Russian chief of staff General Nikolai Makarov said Syrian insurgents had obtained shoulder-launched missile systems, including Stingers, made by the United States, but added it was not clear who had delivered the weapons. Some reports say Stingers, also known as MANPADS (man-portable air-defense systems), are delivered to insurgents via Turkey.

Greece grinds to halt amid mass austerity strike - with photos and video ~ link ~ A far-reaching national strike against new austerity measures has left Greece paralyzed. Thousands marched in the streets of Athens Tuesday in protest against measures that unions say will sink the country’s already-flagging economy.

The 48-hour strikes have brought most of the country to a standstill, shutting down public transport, schools and air traffic control. Hospitals are also working with skeleton crews. Broadcasts and publications were halted until further notice as journalists joined the nationwide strike.

Greeks strike against Austerity Fascism - with video ~ link Workers in Greece are staging a 48-hour general strike across the public and private sectors in protest at a proposed new wave of austerity.

MPs are due to vote on the package of salary and pension cuts, and labour market reforms, on Wednesday.

Greeks stage strikes to protest new austerity measures ~ link ~ The proposed cuts are to be implemented by 2016 and include a 2-year increase in the retirement age to 67 and more than 1,000 euros/month reduction for pensions.

Since Tuesday, 40,000 from Athens and 20,000 from the northern city of Thessaloniki have rallied against the proposed 18.5 billion euro (USD 23.6 billion) spending cuts.

Four things the new President cannot fix: The economy, debt, unemployment and salaries - video ~ link ~ Actually all of that can be 'fixed' but the people do not have power in America anymore...only the globalists and the like.   Stirling    

Dutch grand coalition agrees on austerity programme ~ link ~ Yet another nation's political class shows their true colors...that they are bought-and-paid-for political whores owned by the Global Banking Cartel crooks.   Stirling    

US per person debt now 35% higher than that of Greece ~ link ~ "According to estimates from the International Monetary Fund, America’s total government debt will be $16.8 trillion by the end of the calendar year, compared to $441 billion for Greece," the Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee explains. "On a per person basis, that means U.S. debt is $53,400 for every man, woman, and child, compared to $39,400 for every man, woman, and child in Greece. The disparity between per capita debt in the U.S. and Greece has grown 40 percent (roughly $8,400) since 2011. Now, U.S. per person debt is 35 percent higher than that of Greece, and is also higher than per capita debt in Portugal, Italy, or Spain (which together with Greece make up the so-called PIGS countries)."

US Recovery Is a Fairy Tale - with video ~ linkWillie states that the Federal Reserve’s ongoing efforts to debase the US dollar are contributing to a relentless deterioration of the US economy.   The Fed is committed to keeping interest rates at zero, and therefore has to continue to intervene in the bond market. As opposed to mainstream economic thought, Willie argues that the extraordinary low interest rates are not stimulating the economy, but rather destroying capital and hindering genuine growth.

Willie emphasises that economic statistics in the US are distorted and that the US has actually been in recession for the last four years — government unemployment statistics are in his view flawed. He expects the recession to accelerate over the coming months.

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