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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
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At least 34 people killed in twin blasts in Damascus ~ link ~ Twin “terrorist” car bomb blasts have rocked the Jaramana neighborhood in the Syrian capital, killing at least 34 people. Some believe that the bombing is part of the terror tactics exercised on the civilian population by the opposition forces. While the Syrian Interior Ministry said at least 34 people were killed in the bombing, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights puts the death toll at 54. Over 120 others were wounded.

Satellite images suggest looming North Korean missile test ~ link ~ North Korea could carry out a long-range missile test in the next three weeks, with new satellite images showing increased launch site activity, according to satellite operator DigitalGlobe Inc.

The global provider of commercial high-resolution earth imagery said Monday that the new pictures showed significant movement at North Korea's Sohae (West Sea) Satellite Launch Station.

"Given the observed level of activity noted, of a new tent, trucks, people and numerous portable fuel/oxidizer tanks, should North Korea desire -- it could possibly conduct its fifth satellite launch event during the next three weeks," it said.
Pentagon: A human will always decide when a robot kills you ~ linkI am so sure that will make those killed and injured by armed drones feel 'so much better'...NOT!   The use of armed drones against civilians is part of the plan for the satanic New World Order.   Stirling    

Eating this could turn your Gut into a Living Pesticide Factory ~ link ~ This is one that you should read all of at the link.  The globalists are using GM food to "thin the herd", that is to kill off many of US!  Stirling    
The Combat Shotgun ~ link ~ For self-defense in your home, a good 12 Gage and 00 shot is hard to beat.   Stirling     

Pump shotguns tend to be very reliable and easy to use in stressful conditions.  Should you ever need to use a firearm in defense of yourself or another, reliability and ease of use are significant benefits.

The pump shotgun is a system that is combat proven.  For more than 100 years, law enforcement and the military have used scatterguns in every conceivable way and they have excelled.

The two most popular modern pump shotguns, the Remington 870 and the Mossberg 500, use relatively simple designs that are easy to maintain and easy to run.  Both guns are very similar in operation, and both will do the job.  Pick either one and you will be well served.

The Greatest Gun Ever ~ link ~ As a boy growing up in the American Midwest I had a BB gun and loved it.  I was expected to use it safely and I did.  My Uncle Kenny had a BB under his scalp for about 60 years that my dad had shot him with, when they were both kids.  My dad made sure that I did not repeat that mistake.  Guns don't kill people...people do.  Used carefully guns are great for self-defense, for defending freedom, and for legitimate hunting.  The Swiss are one of the most armed people on Earth and have a high level of political freedom and low level of crime.   Stirling    
8 Things to never keep in your wallet ~ link  

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