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House of Lords reject secret court hearings by crushing majority ~ link ~ I am headlining this story because I am very proud of my fellow peers.  The political class in the UK hates the independence of the peers in the House of Lords, especially that of the hereditaries.   They want an elected upper house so that they can control it.  It is very important that the House of Lords remain non-elected and as much as possible outside of the political class.  Every once in a while they prove themselves very valuable to the people of Britain by standing up to the bullies and crooks of the political class by saying NO.  God bless them!   Tim Earl of Stirling   

Plans for secret courts were left in tatters last night by the House of Lords.

Peers voted by crushing majorities for fundamental changes to the Justice and Security Bill, which would allow civil cases involving national security to be conducted in secret. By margins of over 100 votes, peers voted to remove ministers’ exclusive right to apply for secret hearings and to give judges ultimate discretion in deciding whether or not they should be held behind closed doors.

As the legislation was introduced in the Lords, the Government’s plans came under devastating attack from several of Britain’s most senior retired judges and politicians.

Gaza: Palestinians back on street as truce holds - with video ~ link ~ People in Gaza have been attempting to return to normal life as a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, in effect since Wednesday, appears to be holding. 

Syria "rebels" capture army base in the east ~ link
Syrian rebel fighters say they have taken a military base in the town of Mayadeen, leaving a swathe of eastern Syria under opposition control.

Opposition sources say they control a key oil-producing area between the city of Deir Ezzor and the Iraq border. The rebels have made advances in the north and east but have yet to take a major city from government forces.

Russia warns Turkey over NATO missiles along Syrian border ~ link ~ The globalists, who control the NATO nations, had a disagreement with the Netanyahu government over strategy.  Bibi wanted to take out all of Israel's "enemies" in one great battle and place tiny Israel in command of the Middle East.  But that was his strategic goal not that of the globalists.  They want a controlled global war, World War III, to introduce their high-tech global police state, the New World Order.  Now we are back to their strategy being implemented.  Of course, the Russians and Chinese are not cooperating (or, or they???).  The Russians and Chinese can place the S-400 anti-missile system in Syria and Iran overnight, by airlifting it in, if they so desire.  And they can fly in large numbers of Russian and Chinese fighters and base them in Syria and Iran.  Stirling  

Russia has warned Turkey against the deployment of NATO surface-to-air Patriot missiles near the Syrian border, saying Ankara should instead use its sway to restore calm in the conflict-stricken Arab country.

"The militarization of the Syrian-Turkish border is of course a worrying sign," Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said on Thursday.

Instead of "flexing muscles and placing the situation on a dangerous course," Lukashevich added, Turkey should use its influence with the opposition groups to help the two sides in the Syrian conflict start a dialogue as soon as possible.

Turkey has officially made its request to NATO for the deployment of Patriot systems along its Syrian border. 

Gerald Celente - The Beginning of WWIII - video ~ link ~ Do take the time to view this one.  As usual Gerald is right on the money.   Stirling   

Analysts: Gaza conflict ends to detriment of Turkey ~ link ~ Turkey makes noise, like it opposes the racist policies and aggression of Israel but then is totally gets in bed with them opposing Syria.  They cannot have it both ways, the Middle East masses will not accept it.   Stirling     

Political analysts believe that Israel’s violent offensive on Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip has ended to the detriment of Turkey as it failed to play a role in resolving the conflict.

In an article published in the The New York Times, the analysts, mostly from Turkey, argued that Ankara’s standing as an spirant for leverage in regional issues diminished since it had no say in the process that led to a cease-fire between the two sides.

The analysts stressed that while Turkey became a vocal defender of Palestinians and a critic of the Israeli regime, “it had to take a back seat to Egypt on the stage of high diplomacy.”

“Egypt can talk with both Hamas and Israel,” university professor Ersin Kalaycioglu said, adding, “Turkey, therefore, is pretty much left with a position to support what Egypt foresees, but nothing more.”

The analysts also criticized Turkish Prime Minister Reccep Tayyeb Erdogan for being initially silent on the outbreak of the Israeli attacks on Gaza and being slow to address the offensive publicly.

“While most of the region’s leaders rushed to the nearest microphone to condemn Israel, the normally loquacious prime minister was atypically mute,” said Aaron Stein from a research center based in Istanbul.

Stein added that while Erdogan was touring a factory that makes tanks, Egypt President Mohamed Morsi had “put his stamp on world reaction by kicking out the Israeli ambassador and dispatching his prime minister to visit Gaza.”

The conflict in Gaza apparently represented the “litmus test” of Ankara, which is seeking to turn into a regional power, the article concluded. 


Obama can no longer afford to give Israel blank checks ~ link ~  Take the time to read this one in full at the link.   Stirling 

The transformation of America away from a white European-dominated society to a multi-ethnic mosaic is ending the United States’ romantic interlude with right-wing “Judeo-Christian” political leadership.

The election of 2012 has proven that America that has backed right-wing dictatorships around the world, as well as the theocratic and woefully undemocratic regime of Israel, is changing its political hue.

The demographic change in the United States will have a severe impact on the domination of Israel’s pressure groups, namely the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), and the American Jewish Committee (AJC) over American foreign policy.

With 70 percent of America’s Jewish population voting for President Obama, there are clear signs that this two percent but important percentage of the voting electorate is no longer swayed by the self-appointed and conservative Republican “Israel above all” leadership of the Jewish pressure groups. 
Found: Previously unseen eerie color footage of investigators reconstructing JFK assassination months after shooting ~ link ~ This is 49 years, to the day, after the criminal conspiracy that killed President Kennedy.  It involved the Meyer Lanskey crime organization, the Mossad, the CIA, Nixon, LBJ, J. Edgar Hoover, Sid Richerson, and assorted trash (like the first President Bush)...all of these bastards got by with least in this life...and America began its descent down the path towards the expanding criminal control of everything with economic, political and moral decay growing by the year.   Stirling     
Nixon, Watergate, and the JFK Assassination ~ linkWas Richard Nixon afraid that the Watergate scandal would reveal the killers of John F. Kennedy?

Dozens of stories have been written recently commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Watergate break-in. The journalistic heroes of the story, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, published a lengthy piece in the Washington Post detailing Nixon’s war on the Constitution, on the press, on democracy.

But the most tantalizing aspect of Watergate has been ignored: The possibility that Nixon worried that the investigation could reveal the truth behind the JFK assassination.

The Dallas Coup: Stealing JFK's Body - How it was done ~ link 

What happened to JFK's brain - with video ~ link  

The JFK Assassination: The Disappearing Witnesses ~ link  

Nixon jokes about LBJ killing JFK - video ~ link  

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

This development of the situation in the Middle East is quite alarming:

Obama’s pledge of US troops to Sinai next week won Israel’s nod for ceasefire

".....Obama’s pledge addressed Israel’s most pressing demand in every negotiating forum on Gaza: Operation Pillar of Cloud’s main goal was a total stoppage of the flow of Iranian arms and missiles to the Gaza Strip. They were smuggled in from Sudan and Libya through southern Egypt and Sinai. Hostilities would continue, said the prime minister, until this object was achieved......"


Yours, in Jesus Christ,

Joaquin, Germany