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Holy Shroud of Turin
US and UK escalate threats against Syria ~ link ~ Don't mistake the US and UK opposition to an Israeli ground invasion of Gaza as being supportive of peace.  It is clearly a case of a difference in Strategic Goals that is causing the trouble.  Netanyahu and his War Cabinet want to provoke as many of their perceived regional enemies as possible, so that they can be 'taken out' in the coming General Middle East War with Israel being the sole remaining power of any note in the Mideast.  Whereas, the primary goal of the globalists, who control UK, US, France, etc., is to create a global war, that is tied in with the global economic crisis (which they have spent years setting up), and will allow them to implement their one world RFID-chip based digital currency and one world high-tech police state, their demonic New World Order.  Both paths lead to Hell on Earth.  Stirling      
Exchange of gunfire between Syria and Israel in Golan Heights ~ link 

Israel and the Logic of Being Untouchable ~ link ~ Good One!  Stirling    


Gilad Sharon, Son Of Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Writes Op-Ed: ‘We Need To Flatten Entire Neighborhoods In Gaza’ ~ link  



Israel gives Hamas 36-hour ultimatum before starting major offensive ~ link ~ The clock that counts down to World War III is now at less than 36 hours.   Stirling   



Syrian "rebels" seize major military base near Turkish border ~ link ~ Syrian rebel fighters have released video footage showing that they have captured a major military base just west of Aleppo, along the border with neighboring Turkey. It is unclear which rebel factions actually took the base but several were said to be involved. 

Anti-Israel rage across the globe as violence in Gaza goes on - with photos ~ link ~ Just wait till the IDF ground invasion begins...then you will see deaths on a scale that will be horrific and real rage, especially in the Middle East.   Stirling      
Deaths soar in conflict as Israel intensifes air strikes in Gaza ~ link  

Death toll mounts from Israeli airstrikes in Gaza ~ link ~ Israeli warplanes and naval gunboats intensified their attacks on Palestinian homes and institutions throughout the Gaza Strip over the weekend, bringing the death toll in the five days of aggression against the densely populated area to more than 75.

At least 29 people were killed Sunday, the majority of them women and children. There are undoubtedly more dead people, who remain buried in the ruins of dozens of houses and buildings.
Did Israel Overstep This Time ~ linkRogue states get away with murder only so long. Eventually their crimes catch up with them. Israeli policies are self-defeating. How long can killing civilian men, women, children, infants, and the elderly be called self-defense?

...Trapped civilians have nowhere to hide. Israel terrorizes them. World leaders blame Palestinian victims. They’re complicit in Israeli crimes.
From London to Cairo to Barcelona, Gaza assult sparks protests  - with photos ~ link ~ Demonstrations sprung up worldwide over the last few days as supporters of Palestinian freedom in cities, towns and villages all across the world protested against Israel's war on the tiny besieged Gaza Strip. This is a small sampling of photos from the global movement.

London protests in Solidarity with Gaza - video ~ link
Israel facing millions of cyber-attacks ~ link   
New technology, tactics create different battleground realities in Gaza ~ link ~ Good in-depth article from the Israeli side.  Stirling  
This battle zone is the result of meticulous efforts by both sides to beef up their abilities since a three-week Israeli offensive in Gaza that ended in January 2009.
Russia, Iran, China condemn Israel's attack on Gaza ~ link ~ Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called for immediate halt of the shooting , shelling or any other type of violence in the Gaza Strip. “What has happened on the Palestinian territories arouses serious concern, Lavrov told a news conference in Saudi Arabia.

The Russian Foreign Minister regretted that the Quartet International Committee failed to convene and take a clear stance to create appropriate conditions to resume direct negotiations between the Palestinians and the Israelis. Lavrov said we are now paying the price for that missed opportunity,” or in more precise words “Those who are really paying the price are those who are suffering on the ground.”

Cracks form in Syrian Opposition ~ link 

Israeli War on Gaza enters sixth day ~ linkThe besieged Gaza Strip is being hit by Israeli airstrikes for the sixth consecutive day, with rising civilian casualties among the Palestinians due to the Israeli attacks.

Nearly two dozen Palestinians were killed in the latest airstrikes on the Gaza Strip on Monday, raising the death toll from the Israeli aggression since Wednesday to at least 101.

The Israeli military says it has attacked the Gaza Strip 1,350 times since Wednesday.

The city of Rafah in southern Gaza Strip has been targeted in the recent Israeli airstrikes.

Israeli drones have bombarded the Ministry of Youth and Sports, as well as a stadium in Gaza.

Two people were killed and several others injured in Israeli airstrikes on Khan Yunis in southern Gaza. A Palestinian girl is reported to be in critical condition.

Reports indicate that fresh Israeli airstrikes have targeted eastern and western Gaza.

The Latest Gaza Catastrophe ~ linkThe media double standards in the West on the new and tragic Israeli escalation of violence directed at Gaza were epitomised by an absurdly partisan New York Times front page headline: "Rockets Target Jerusalem; Israel girds for Gaza Invasion" (NYT, Nov 16, 2012). Decoded somewhat, the message is this: Hamas is the aggressor, and Israel when and if it launches a ground attack on Gaza must expect itself to be further attacked by rockets. This is a stunningly Orwellian re-phrasing of reality.

The true situation is, of course, quite the opposite: Namely, that the defenseless population of Gaza can be assumed now to be acutely fearful of an all out imminent Israeli assault, while it is also true, without minimising the reality of a threat, that some rockets fired from Gaza fell harmlessly (although with admittedly menacing implications) on the outskirts of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. There is such a gross disproportion in the capacity of the two sides to inflict damage and suffering due to Israeli total military dominance as to make perverse this reversal of concerns to what might befall Israeli society if the attack on Gaza further intensifies.

 “We will not fear their strikes”: Gaza journalists defiant after Israeli attack on media center ~ link 

Israel looks to 'Significantly Expand' Gaza War ~ linkThough Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman are both hyping the prospect of further escalation and are both ruling out a truce agreement any time soon, they are reportedly receiving some resistance from the international community.

Drug given to All Guantanamo detainees akin to 'Pharmacological Waterboarding' ~ link ~ Which constitutes War Crimes!!!  Stirling   

The Defense Department forced all "war on terror" detainees at the Guantanamo Bay prison to take a high dosage of a controversial antimalarial drug, mefloquine, an act that an Army public health physician called "pharmacologic waterboarding."

The US military administered the drug despite Pentagon knowledge that mefloquine caused severe neuropsychiatric side effects, including suicidal thoughts, hallucinations and anxiety. The drug was used on the prisoners whether they had malaria or not.

Gaza crisis: Deaths soar amid fresh Israeli strike - with video ~ link 

Identifying Different Psychopaths - video ~ link 

China Yuan isolating US Dollar as global reserve currency ~ link  

Ten numbers the rich would like fudged ~ link ~ The numbers reveal the deadening effects of inequality in our country, and confirm that tax avoidance, rather than a lack of middle-class initiative, is the cause. 

Bonus for the super-rich: A QUADRILLION DOLLARS in securities trading nets ZERO sales tax revenue for the U.S.
The world derivatives market is estimated to be worth over a quadrillion dollars (a thousand trillion). At least $200 trillion of that is in the United States. In 2011 the Chicago Mercantile Exchange reported a trading volume of over $1 quadrillion on 3.4 billion annual contracts. 
A quadrillion dollars. A sales tax of ONE-TENTH OF A PENNY on a quadrillion dollars could pay off the deficit. But the total sales tax was ZERO. 

Momentum builds for historic Black Friday Strike at Walmart ~ link ~ Good, I hope it works but doubt it will.   Stirling     

“We are standing up to live better,” say Walmart’s retail workers, playfully twisting Walmart’s slogan of “live better” into a rallying cry for better conditions and treatment. In a taste of what the nation’s largest retailer can expect on Black Friday, frustrated Walmart workers have again started walking off their jobs to protest their employer’s attempts to silence outspoken workers.

Workers from both the retail and warehouse sectors of Walmart’s supply chain have called for nation-wide protests, strikes and actions on, and leading up to, next Friday — the busiest shopping day of the year. In the past week, wildcat strikes in Dallas, Seattle and the Bay Area saw dozens of retail workers — from multiple store — walk away from their shifts, suggesting that the Black Friday threats are to be taken seriously.

The House Of Cards Started To Crumble: We Have Reached A Tipping Point And That Things Are Only Going To Get Worse From Here ~ link



The Twinkie that broke the Economy's back? ~ link ~ Can you hear that sound?  It is the sound of the air being let out of the economy.  Since the election, there has been a massive tsunami of layoffs and business failures.  Of course the company that is making the biggest headlines right now is Hostess.  On Monday, Hostess will be in a New York bankruptcy courtroom as it begins the process of liquidating itself.  Needless to say, Twinkie lovers all over America are horrified.  Many are running out to grocery stores and hoarding as many as they can find, and some online sellers are already listing boxes of 10 Twinkies for as much as $10,000 on auction websites such as eBay.  Well, there is really no reason to panic.  It is very likely that another company will purchase the Twinkie brand and continue to produce them.  In fact, it is already being rumored that a Mexican company may have the inside track.  But even though the Twinkie may survive, the failure of Hostess is yet another sign of how weak the U.S. economy has become.  Approximately 18,500 Hostess workers will be losing their jobs, and even if some of them are rehired by the company that takes over the Twinkie brand, the truth is that those workers will almost certainly be looking at greatly reduced pay and benefits.  Sadly, we are seeing this kind of thing happen all over America.  Large numbers of once thriving businesses are either shutting down or laying off workers.  Overall, the failure of Hostess is not that big of a deal for the U.S. economy.  But we may look back someday and remember Hostess as a symbol of the economic problems that were unleashed by the election of 2012.  Since November 6th, a wave of pessimism has swept over the economy and we are now seeing some of the worst economic numbers that we have seen in more than a year.  Many fear that we may have reached a tipping point and that things are only going to get worse from here.

Sadly, the reality is that Hostess is not the only iconic American company that is in a huge amount of trouble right now.  Sears just announced a loss of nearly 500 million dollars in the third quarter.  Sears has been bleeding money like this for a couple of years, and if they continue to do so it will just be a matter of time before Sears is headed for liquidation as well.

Can you imagine trying to explain the Sears catalog and Twinkies to future generations in a world where those things no longer exist?

Our world is changing at mind blowing speed, and the pace of change is only going to keep accelerating.

A few days after the election, I wrote an article about the huge number of layoff announcements that we saw after Barack Obama won.

Well, it has gotten even worse since then.  The following is a partial list of the layoffs and job losses that have been announced since November 6th...

Scotland's health inequality worst in Europe ~ link ~
A study published this month from the Scottish government, “Long Term Monitoring of Health Inequalities,” has laid bare shocking levels of health inequality between rich and poor. The report, which compared data in Scotland with countries across Europe, confirms that in many key areas of health care, nowhere across the continent is this more polarised.

Life expectancy is 14 years less for someone living in the poorest areas of the country compared to the most affluent. In deprived areas, average life expectancy is 68, while among the 10 percent living in the most affluent areas, it rises to 82. The data for women is even more polarised, with life expectancies of 67 and 84, respectively.

The Louisiana Sinkhole... - with videos ~ link ~ There is a sinkhole in Louisiana’s Assumption Parish (county) that could bring America to its knees. The first video below is 15 minutes long. It uses mainstream news to give us a background on salt dome sinkholes. It neglects the information the shorter video contains. That sinkhole is made from collapsing salt domes that are being used as storage for the US Strategic Energy Preserve and contains 18.5 million barrels of butane stored there at the request of the federal government. Why anyone would store butane near the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi river is a question that will be asked more than once after it blows sky high. Hint to the federal government: Water dissolves salt which causes enormous sinkholes.

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