Friday, November 2, 2012

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Washington seeks new "Syrian" puppets in war for regime change ~ link ~ Speaking in Zagreb, Croatia on Wednesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that Washington is reorganizing the front representing the so-called “rebels” in Syria. The shakeup, which includes the withdrawal of US support from the Syrian National Council, is evidently part of the preparations for a more direct US intervention once next Tuesday’s presidential election is over.

Responding to a question about US policy in Syria, Clinton dismissed efforts by United Nations Special Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi, declaring that the US “cannot and will not wait” for the UN to broker a political solution to the war in Syria. Instead, Washington will unilaterally seek to escalate that war with the aim of effecting regime-change and installing a puppet government aligned with US interests in the Middle East.

UK Prime Minister on standby to send RAF warplanes to Gulf as Iranian tensions rise ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ Britain is considering stationing warplanes in the Persian Gulf as the confrontation with Iran over its nuclear programme continues amid rising tension in the region, The Independent has learnt

The possible deployment of the Eurofighter Typhoons follows talks with the United Arab Emirates to bolster the UK’s presence in the region at a time when Israel is threatening  military strikes against Tehran and much of the Middle-East is in turbulence in the aftershock of the Arab Spring and Syria’s civil war.

Netanyahu's rival blasts his obsession with Iran ~ link ~ The real obsession is a demonic love of WAR!!!  Dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu is the one person most likely to cause the Third World War/Armageddon.   Stirling     

Turkey to request Patriot deployment from NATO ~ link ~ It seems like all sides did agree to put off a war until after the US elections.   Stirling    

US-backed terrorists mass murder unarmed civilians in Syria ~ link ~ Your tax dollars at work!!!   Stirling   

Romney-Netanyahu friendship dating to 1976 ~ link ~ But in 1976, the lives of Mitt Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu intersected, briefly but indelibly, in the 16th-floor offices of the Boston Consulting Group, where both had been recruited as corporate advisers. At the most formative time of their careers, they sized each other up during the firm’s weekly brainstorming sessions, absorbing the same profoundly analytical view of the world.

That shared experience decades ago led to a warm friendship, little known to outsiders, that is now rich with political intrigue. Mr. Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, is making the case for military action against Iran as Mr. Romney, the likely Republican presidential nominee, is attacking the Obama administration for not supporting Mr. Netanyahu more robustly. 

Major Donors to Netanyahu Campaign Also Supported Romney Campaign ~ link ~ “According to records published by Israel’s State Comptroller office,” reports McClatchy, “Netanyahu has received donations from 47 individuals. Only one of them was Israeli, and 42 were American. Twenty-eight of the American donors also gave to Romney and/or the Republican Party.

Romney and Netanyahu have known each other for years, done business with each other, and their acquaintance has been a campaign issue in the past, with accusing Netanyahu of displaying an improper preference for Romney over Obama.

Mitt Romney has ties to Third Largest Voting Machine Company in the Nation ~ link ~ And George Soros, a Obama supporter, has lots of connections in this arena also.  Things are now so very corrupt in America that the election is really all about who can steal the most votes!!!  Stirling      

Absentee ballots could hang up Ohio's results ~ link ~ It is possible that the election could end up in Congress, where the Constitution says the House of Representatives decides the winner for the office of President...but votes by states not by individual congressmen.  And the Senate decides the office of Vice President.  That 'could' even result in a President of one party and the Vice President of another party!   Stirling     

Voting machines raising questions ~ link ~ Computerized voting and vote counting was created for one reason and one reason steal elections far more efficiently than ever possible before.  Stirling    

Food Stamp growth 75 times greater than job creation ~ link ~ Yes sir...we are really in a recovery...yep...NOT!!!  Stirling     

Two-thirds of jobs go to immigrants during Obama's four years ~ link ~ The attitude is "screw Americans"!!!  Stirling     

Germany to the Fed: We demand to see our gold ~ link  

It Begins: Ecuador demands repatriation of one-third of its gold ~ link ~ The real danger is that other nations will begin to do so.  Those who manage to get as much gold repatriated as possible will win... those who wait will have NOTHING!  Most of the gold has been looted by the global banksters!!!  Stirling      

Wealthy Greeks still don't pay taxes ~ link ~ Greece is a revolution just waiting to happen.   Stirling    

Average Greeks are reeling under the strict austerity measures passed in order to balance the country's budget. Top earners, on the other hand, continue to evade the tax man. Most of the self-employed in Greece significantly underreport their earnings, whereas shipping magnates enjoy generous exemptions.

10 Filthy-Rich, tax dodging hypocrites pushing disastrous austerity on America ~ link   

The Eurozone is about to fall to pieces and shake the global financial world to its core ~ link ~ Make no mistake about it, this is by design of the Global Banking Cartel.  All part of their End Game Strategy for creating their satanic global high-tech police super-state, the New World Order.   Stirling  



Alain DENIS said...

U.S.A AT THE TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP OF THE NATIONS (with israel and england)!!!
*/ for deads in usa wars,
*/ for deads in usa terrorist actions,
*/ for deads & suicides in jail,
*/ for suicides in usa people.

Natonalist Proudness is the weakness, devil has put in YOU to destroy 'Living'.
(even in your '''religious & '''spiritual circles)

wake up!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir:

I do not think very much of David Icke, but a few years ago he started reporting about a paedophile ring/network in the UK and the rest of our beloved planet.

I would like to present you a link today.

You needn't publish my hint, but I am really scared!

I wonder if all these allegations are true and if they can be proven?
J. Savile devised about 5 million pounds, frozen now.

Is it all about money?

What about Mountbatton and Heath?

Did Heath really cut the throats of children?

Is some kind of new "News of the World" behind all these allegations to take revenge?

The BBC canceled a scheduled report about a prominent No 10 Tory politician yeasterday.

What is going on here/in the UK?

Kind regards,