Monday, November 19, 2012

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Due to the serious nature of what is happening in the Middle East, Lord Stirling will be on the NutriMedical Report Show today from 2-3 Chicago time.
Israel gives Hamas 36-hour ultimatum before starting major offensive ~ link ~ Both the US and UK governments are opposed to a ground invasion of Gaza now.  They are focused on Syria as the key to the defeat of the Iran/Syria/Hezbollah-Hamas powers and see the military threat from Gaza/Hamas as primarily one of public relations and its effect on the Arab Street and the ability of the GCC states and Turkey to fight the coming General Middle East War.  Whereas Netanyahu and his band of insane war nuts want to take on and take out all of their Mideast enemies NOW (that and they have taken the bait to first charge into Gaza because they just 'can't help themselves').  If Israel does invade, it will trigger what I call the Scenario from Hell, of escalations and the widening of the war to Lebanon/Hezbollah and Syria and Iran with possible military coups in GCC states and perhaps even Turkey.  When all of this happens, it will not take long for the use of nuclear weapons and assorted other WMD such as Advanced Biological Weapons (in not only the Middle East but also Europe and North America), Fuel Air Explosives, Chemical Warfare, Scalar Warfare, etc.  This in turn will expand into the global war, World War III, that the globalists desire for their New World Order implementation End Game Strategy.   However, this planet simply cannot handle 21'st Century all-our warfare and WWIII will become the Armageddon of the last book (Book of Revelation) of the Christian Bible, and itself end with the return of Jesus Christ Himself.   Stirling   
Turkish Prime Minister calls Israel 'terrorist' ~ link ~ Even though Turkey is a key part of the Israel/Globalist/NATO/GCC/Turkey Alliance against Syria, they simply cannot remain silent on the Israeli onslaught against Gaza.  The memories of the horrific Israeli Operation Lead Cast of four years ago, and of the Second Lebanon War (where vast amounts of cluster bombs were used to kill and injure large numbers of Lebanese civilians and especially children) are simply too great.  The coming General Middle East War will not be the pushover that the Alliance Powers think it will.  In fact, the on-going Gaza War have already awoken really bad memories across the Middle East, already changing the dynamics of events.   Stirling    
Gaza Ceasefire on Bibi's Terms ~ link ~ Actually, I think that dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu is a bit more aggressive in what he wants from all of this...he wants his General Middle East War so that he can kill all his enemies NOW. That is why the mobilization of IDF reserves has been so large.   Stirling     
Attacks on Gaza: What Israel doesn't want you to know ~ link ~ Israel has a long history of behaving very very badly against all of its neighbors.  It covets their land and also seeks to totally dominate the entire region.  It is a very aggressive military power using American money and military technology to 'lord it over' on many millions of people.  In short, it is Israeli policies that are making the Middle East unsafe, including unsafe for Israel.  This is a good article, please take the time to read it all at the link.    Stirling      
There’s a reason that pictures are cropping up with Israelis holding signs in support of Palestinian rights. There’s a reason that Jewish organizations such as Jewish Voice For Peace and the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions are fighting for the rights of Palestinians. The reason is that the truth about the official Israeli narrative is coming out–too slowly, to be sure, but inevitably, given technological advances in communication.

What gets reported in the mainstream media are the “terrorist” activities and rocket attacks by the Palestinians on Israel. What usually doesn’t get reported is the Palestinian reality, which includes daily rocket attacks from Israel into Palestinian neighborhoods on their border, the regular incursion of Israeli tanks into Palestinian territory, the absolute control of life in Gaza, characterized as a total vertical occupation–absolute control of movement on the land, under the land, in the air, and by sea.

The latest assault on Gaza is being depicted as a defensive move made necessary by the firing of a Palestinian rocket into Israel on November 10th. In fact, as reported in the Guardian, a four-month-long ceasefire, brokered by Egypt, was broken by an Israeli raid days before, on November 5th. In addition, on November 4th, the Israelis shot and killed a mentally-ill Palestinian man and, on November 8th, they killed a 13-year-old boy playing soccer. These are not isolated or uncommon events, but they are what preceded the rockets being fired from Gaza.


Anonymous said...

U.S. sends warships near Israel in case evacuation needed

The ships involved are the USS Iwo Jima, the USS New York and the USS Gunston Hall. At the end of last week the ships were west of Gibraltar, before the decision was made to turn them around and send them back to the eastern Mediterranean, where they will remain for now.

The USS Iwo Jima (LHD-7) is a Wasp-class amphibious assault ship, the USS New York (LPD-21) is the fifth San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock and the USS Gunston Hall (LSD-44) is a Whidbey Island-class dock landing ship.

What do you make of this? Is this just for evacuation needs or could there be more to it?

Lord Stirling said...

These are powerful warships designed for land US Marines in combat, not evacuation. However, they can be used for evacuation. We are very close to World War III but, God willing, it may pass. Time will tell. Pray. Tim Earl of Stirling