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Dr. Bill Deagle and Lord Stirling (Tim Alexander) on the NutriMedical Report 8 November 2012 - video ~ link
Netanyahu has few options in the South, none of them good ~ link ~ The Middle East changed this last weekend...the Israel/globalist/NATO/GCC alliance has lost the Strategic Initiative to the Syria/Iran/Hezbollah-Hamas axis.  The American election is over and the threat from a even greater pro-Israeli president (Romney) is also over, and the opportunities from the entanglements of the coming Israeli election are upon the axis powers.  They know that a massive General Middle East War is coming in the weeks/months ahead, now they are able to make their own moves on the military/strategic chessboard.  The axis is making the crisis/war about a Arab vs. Israel and Muslim vs. Jew conflict instead of a war between Muslim sects.  This could have a profound effect on the "Arab streets", on the actual order of battle, the line-up of what nations are on which side, on what Arab nations will allow Israeli and/or NATO nations to operate over or from their territory, etc.   Stirling    

With scant international support, an uncompromising foe, a region in flux, and thousands of residents under fire, the prime minister has little room for maneuver.

Israel’s situation today vis-à-vis Gaza, from the bottom up, is quite untenable.


Israeli warplanes pound besieged Gaza Strip ~ link Israeli warplanes have carried out five airstrikes on the Gaza Strip in the latest wave of attacks on the coastal enclave, which has been under an Israeli blockade for the past five years. 


War on Gaza is an option, Israeli officials say ~ link ~
Israel has threatened to escalate its deadly air and ground attacks against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, which has been under an Israeli blockade for the past five years.

On Monday, Israeli officials said that they were mulling over various options to punish the Palestinians of the territory and had not ruled out the possibility of launching a new war on Gaza.

"These are very important days… in light of the ongoing activity against Hamas and… organizations in Gaza, which is likely to intensify and expand," Israeli Minister for Military Affairs Ehud Barak said.

According to Barak, "Hamas is responsible for the shooting at Israeli communities and attempts to harm Israeli soldiers. Under my guidance, the IDF (Israeli military) is currently examining all possibilities in the event of further Hamas violations."

He added that Israel's "upcoming elections will not be a source of immunity for Hamas and… if we have to reenter Gaza to strike at Hamas, we will not hesitate to do so."

On Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, told foreign diplomats touring southern Israel, “We shall not sit with our arms folded in the face of repeated, almost daily, attacks on our citizens… We shall act to stop it."

Meanwhile, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and other Palestinian resistance groups in the Gaza Strip met earlier in the day and said they were ready for a ceasefire if Tel Aviv "stops its aggression" against the besieged territory.

"The Islamic and nationalist movements confirm that the response of the resistance depends on whether the Zionist aggression against our people is continued," they said in a statement read out during a press conference in Gaza City.

Israeli airstrikes, shelling, and artillery fire have left six Palestinians dead and over 40 others injured since Saturday. Some of the injured are in critical condition.

The Israeli military frequently carries out airstrikes and other attacks on the Gaza Strip, saying the actions are being conducted for defensive purposes. However, disproportionate force is always used, in violation of international law, and civilians are often killed or injured.

Now its payback time! Why Obama should bust Netanyahu for 9/11 ~ link ~ I doubt that this will happen, however, the threat of it could be used as pressure on dear old Bibi if he gets too crazy.  Take the time to read this one, in whole, at the link. Stirling     

All observers admit it: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did everything in his power to destroy President Barack Obama's political career.

President Obama should return the favor.

He should destroy Netanyahu's career in the biggest, most spectacular way possible - by busting Netanyahu for 9/11.

The major US and international media, owned and operated by cheerleaders for Israel, are so terrified by this prospect that they are trying to pretend it is “business as usual” between the US and Israel - maybe even between Obama and Netanyahu - despite the obvious blood feud between the US president and the Israeli prime minister.

One exception: The post-election Yahoo News story headlined “Obama victory spells trouble for Israel's Netanyahu.” The author, Jeffrey Heller, writes: “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces an even more awkward time with Washington and re-energized critics at home who accused him on Wednesday of backing the loser in the US presidential election. With Iran topping his conservative agenda, Netanyahu will have to contend with a strengthened second-term Democratic president after four years of frosty dealings with Barack Obama and a rift over how to curb Tehran's nuclear program.”

Heller's article frames the dispute between Obama and Netanyahu according to the Israeli propaganda template. It suggests that Obama's only two choices are (a) to launch a major war against Iran, as desired by Netanyahu, or (b) to continue imposing sanctions to starve the Iranian people, in order to punish Iran's leaders for pursuing a peaceful nuclear energy program - a program that is completely legal under international law, unlike Israel's massive, illegal nuclear weapons program!

These may be the only two choices that are acceptable to Israel. But they are not the only choices available to Americans.

Some apologists for Israel claim that it's really about US dollar hegemony. They say that Iran's move to sell oil and gas in other currencies threatens the US dollar, which is why the US is so antagonistic to Iran.

What these critics don't understand is that the US dollar is not the US dollar. It's the Zionist dollar.

The US dollar is issued by the Federal Reserve, a private corporation owned by the biggest “American” banks. But those banks are not really American. The leading banksters who create American dollars out of nothing, backed by nothing, are ethnically Jewish and primarily loyal to the state of Israel.

After all, the Rothschild family, the biggest of the “eight families,” created Israel as its base of criminal operations. Even mainstream historians admit that Lord Rothschild created Israel in 1917 by handing the British an offer they couldn't refuse: “We can win World War I for you, by dragging America into the war - but in return, you must give us Palestine.”

To put it simply: The Rothschild-led bankster cartel has been occupying Palestine since 1917. And it has been occupying the USA since the Federal Reserve coup d'état of 1913.

So the US and Iran are actually allies, not adversaries, in the battle against Zionist dollar hegemony.

The Zionist bankster cartel that prints our currency out of thin air can easily print enough money to buy up virtually all major Western media. That's why most Westerners have unconsciously accepted a pro-Israel world-view.

The banksters also have enough money to buy as many politicians as they need. That is why the US Congress and the White House are Israeli-occupied territory.

But today, thanks to Netanyahu's overweening chutzpah, Obama and allied forces in the US military and intelligence communities have a chance to do what no US President since JFK has dared to do: Tell Israel to go to hell.

All Obama has to do is go on television and announce: “We have discovered credible evidence of Israeli involvement in 9/11 and the subsequent cover-up. As of this moment, I am declaring a state of national emergency based on undeniable evidence that our nation has been covertly attacked and occupied by a hostile foreign power. I have ordered the FBI to arrest several thousand suspected Israeli agents, and I will be forming a second 9/11 Commission, led by former President Carter, to expose the full, horrible truth about the 9/11 attacks.”

Such “scorched earth” payback from Obama would be exactly what Netanyahu deserves.


The Petraeus Affair ~ link ~ Good article.  Stirling    

The claim, generally being promoted by both the media and the political establishment, that Petraeus’ resignation has no political dimension is not credible. From the reporting thus far of the circumstances surrounding his exit, it is impossible to determine with any precision the specific political issues involved. However, given who Petreaus is and the nature of the various institutions affected, his resignation cannot fail to involve significant political questions. 

This brings us to another important aspect of the Petraeus affair: the perverse political environment in which a fairly commonplace event in marital affairs is treated as something akin to a felony, often becoming the pretext for settling political scores.

Some notes on the Current Scandal (Petraeus) ~ link Justin Raimono has an outstanding piece today regarding Penisgate. He’s just been reading the M$M and he’s been putting two and two together, something no one in the M$M is actually interested in doing.

And it just so turns out that Israel-Firster, Congressman Eric Cantor (Likud, Va), is deeply involved. Yup, it was decided that Cantor, who does not serve on an intelligence committee, needed to know about this and then Cantor served as a liason between an FBI whistleblower and the FBI director. What? What the fuck? Yup, that’s what the New York version of the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post had to say.

Afghanistan: Is creating a 'Narco-State' considered 'Nation-Building'? ~ link ~ If an occupation of a foreign land has patently failed to make ‘residual’ sense even for its cheerleaders, what would be a corrective action? To call it quits, and get the guys & gals back home? 

Well, that conjecture may sound just about swell, but some folks at some places have a bigger fish to fry – call it first rate red herring!

Obama is considering John Kerry for Defense Secretary ~ link ~ President Obama is considering asking Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) to serve as his next defense secretary, part of an extensive rearrangement of his national security team that will include a permanent replacement for former CIA director David H. Petraeus.

Although Kerry is thought to covet the job of secretary of state, senior administration officials familiar with the transition planning said that nomination will almost certainly go to Susan E. Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

Rothschild and the Secret History of the International Bond Market - video ~ link ~ Take the time to view this one.  This satanic family has been behind most wars and all depressions/recessions for over 200 years, growing rich off of the deaths and misery of billions of people.   Stirling      

Veterans Day is Armistice Day.  The Day World War One ended.  The war for the bankers.  ~ link ~ The same evil global banking families are driving us to World War III now.   Stirling    

The sad thing about Armistice day we call Veterans day. World War One was an unnecessary war. We did not have any major World Wars until the Federal Reserve Bank came into existence in 1913. We had the Korean war and the Vietnam war that were undeclared. We have the Gulf War and the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. All wars for the financial oligarchs gain. This should be a day we thank the veterans for their goodness, goodness and patriotism.  It is very sad they were misled to beleive they were fighting for American, but revealed to be a lie. Veterans Day should be a reminder of the first world war for the bankers. 

Portuguese Army members marches against austerity ~ link 

We Are Entering One of The Most Worrying Times In History: While The Fed Is Playing An Extraordinarily Dangerous Game, The World Should Consider Switching From The Dollar To Gold ~ link

How dangerous is genetically modified food? ~ link ~ It is part of the globalists population reduction program!!!  Do take the time to read this one at the link.  Stirling     

Zhuhai Surprise: Chinese speedchopper concept ~ link ~ The Chinese are spending a lot of their massive income, from selling America and Europe everything under the Sun, on advanced technology while the West rots in economic depression.   Stirling     

New Chinese stealth fighter heightens dilemma for Indian Navy ~ linkYes, but the Chinese are still having real troubles building the necessary jet engines for their advanced aircraft.  They lack the high quality manufacturing skills.  But they are learning fast.   Stirling    

Indian Navy?s 45 Russian MiG-29Ks are capable fighters, but they will be outclassed by stealthy J-31 when it enters service.

Several unanswered questions surround the October 31 debut of the J-31 Shenyang fighter, which the pathologically secretive PLA took unusual pains to publicise. Having already unveiled the J-20 Chengdu stealth fighter in January 2011, China is the only country that is developing two separate stealth fighters. The US is developing the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, albeit in three versions; Russia is working on a single design, the PAK-FA, to which India has hitched its wagon. Separately, Japan is developing the ATD-X demonstrator.  

White whale mimics human conversation ~ link ~
American scientists have identified a male beluga whale capable of making human-like sounds and spontaneously mimicking human conversations.

According to a paper published online in Current Biology, researchers heard a nine-year-old whale named NOC emitting sounds octaves below normal ones.


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