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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
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'Likud' and 'Israel Beiteinu' bloc prepares ground for war and savage austerity measures ~ link ~ Sounds like these jokers are NOT 'Good for the Jews'.   Stirling    
Days after the announcement of an early general election for January 22, the Likud party has overwhelmingly backed Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s plan for an electoral bloc with the ultra-nationalist Israel Beiteinu (Israel is our home), led by Foreign Secretary Avigdor Lieberman.

According to the polls, the bloc with Israel Beiteinu will give Netanyahu between 35 and 42 seats in the 120-member Knesset, more than twice the number Labour is expected to win, and an unprecedented third term as prime minister. It paves the way for an extremist government based on authoritarianism, militarism and xenophobia. It will be one committed to an attack on Iran and any country deemed a threat to Israel’s interests, a further assault on the position of the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories and, above all, a social and economic offensive against the Israeli working class.

Photos of maiden flight of Chinese stealth 5'th generation fighter, the J-31 ~ link
Romney stranded as Christie and Obama team up after Hurricane Sandy ~ linkWith President Obama getting a bear hug from Chris Christie as he toured storm-battered New Jersey, Mitt Romney is facing an unusual challenge: pushing his way back into the national debate. 
US Election: Will the Dead Vote and Voting Machines Be Hacked? ~ link ~ Do bears crap in the woods????   Stirling   
“He who casts a vote decides nothing. He who counts the vote decides everything.” Joseph Stalin

Since Stalin’s time, the technology has changed. With electronic voting machines, which leave no paper trail and are programmed with proprietary software, the count can be decided before the vote. Those who control the electronics can simply program voting machines to elect the candidate they want to win. Electronic voting is not transparent. When you vote electronically, you do not know for whom you are voting. Only the machine knows.

According to most polls, the race for the White House is too-close-to-call. History has shown that when an election is close and there’s no expectation for a clear winner, these are the easiest ones to steal. Even more important, the divergence between exit polls, perhaps indicating the real winner, and the stolen result, if not overdone, can be very small. Those who stole the election can easily put on TV enough experts to explain that the divergence between the exit polls and the vote count is not statistically significant or is because women or racial minorities or members of one party were disproportionately questioned in exit polls.
There have been recent reports that, because of costs, exit polls in the 2012 presidential election will no longer be conducted on the usual comprehensive basis in order to save money. If the reports are correct, no check remains on election theft.
Record unemployment and indebtedness in Europe ~ linkThe jobless rate is highest in those countries that have been singled out by the EU, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund (the so-called “troika”) for punitive austerity measures. At the same time, there are signs that the trend towards recession is hitting core European countries and industries. Within the past week, Ford announced the closure of one of its main European factories in Belgium, while the Swiss Bank UBS announced it was slashing 10,000 jobs (Switzerland is not a member of the EU).

While one quarter of both the Spanish and Greek workforce is unemployed, the situation for young workers in each country is much worse. Youth unemployment reached 50 percent in both nations in March 2012. The latest Eurostat statistics confirm that the rate of unemployment amongst young workers is accelerating, with levels now recorded at 55 and 53 percent for Spain and Greece, respectively.

Poverty, Hunger and Inequality Grow in Spain ~ link ~ There has been a dramatic rise in poverty, hunger and inequality across Spain since the outbreak of the economic crisis in 2008. Spain has now become the country with the most inequality of all 27 countries of the European Union (EU).

The right-wing Popular Party (PP) government and its Socialist Party predecessor have imposed one draconian austerity package after another, introducing cuts in health care, education and social services, raising taxes and passing new labour laws. This takes place amid a recession with rampant inflation and rising unemployment. According to the Bank of Spain, the economy suffered a contraction of 0.4 percent in the first quarter of the year.

The Sinaloa Mexican Drug Cartel is a CIA Subsidiary ~ link ~ America’s greatest National Security threat is from CIA run drug cartels. There are 1.4 million gang members in America. They commit 80% of serious crime. Of these 1.4   million gang bangers 250,000 work for Mexican drug cartels. The Mexican cartels are in the news because they have killed over 50,000 Mexicans since Chapo Guzman was allowed to escape from prison. Chapo Guzman had been convicted of killing Cardinal  Posadas-Ocampo but won on appeal to a friendly court. Guzman goes to restaurants with at least 15 bodyguards armed with AK-47s yet cannot be found by authorities. A Roman Catholic bishop announced he was living nearby but authorities cannot find him. Guzman married an 18 year-old Mexican-American beauty queen who gave birth to a son in a Los Angeles hospital.

Federal court documents revealed that Guzman’s Sinaloa cartel has been allowed to ship cocaine into America 5 tons per trip. Fast and Furious has focused attention on the trade which has sent guns south and drugs north since the Iran Contra affair of the 1980s. But the US federal government  has also shipped guns by the truckload into the American cities of Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and Gary. The US government has also been shipping heroin in from Afghanistan. The Global Hawk is a pilotless drone version of the U2 spy plane. It has a compartment which allows the CIA (Cocaine Importing Agency) to export heroin 3,400 pounds at a time. American taxpayers pay 179 million dollars for each drone to transport the CIA’s heroin. Because the price has dropped this has led to 100,000 deaths a year from heroin overdoses worldwide  This is good for the CIA and their drug cartel allies.  The average age of a first time heroin user in America is now 14.

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