Saturday, October 20, 2012

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This 'just happens' to be the

This latest US-Israeli military "drill" just happens to come as a massive NATO naval exercise in the Persian Gulf is wrapping up...leaving many powerful warships there...and just happens to come (next week) when the US will have THREE super-carrier battle groups plus at least one assault carrier battle group near Iran...and just happens to involve placing the largest number of anti-missile missiles in service in Israel in history...and just happens to be at a time when the Turkish Army, Navy and Air Force has a large invasion force sitting on the Syrian border and continues to provoke Syria and can do another False Flag event on a minute's notice...and just happens to happen at the exact time of the largest US-Israeli military "drill" in history...and just happens at a time when British and American troops are in Jordan on the Syrian border...and just happens at a time when Israel has placed a large invasion force on the border with Syria...and just happens as the Turkish Army has resumed shilling Syria in a clear act of war...and just happens to come shortly after the Turkish leader has said that they are very close to war with Syria...and war between Turkey (and its allies NATO, Israel, and the GCC nations) against Syria (and its allies Iran, Lebanon, Hezbollah, Russia, China, Pakistan, etc.) just happens to be the key to a General Middle East War which just happens to be the key to the Third World War and Armageddon...and just happens to come at the end of October (can you say OCTOBER SURPRISE) right before the American election...and just happens to come after the Israeli Knesset has been dissolved for elections...and just happens to come at a time of global economic chaos on the threshold of total world-wide collapse...and just happens to be totally coincidental...really...NOT! 
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