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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin
Lord Stirling on today's Nutrimedical Report Show with Dr. Bill Deagle and Chris Harris - click on Hour 3 - audio ~ link
Turkey's War Plans Ready: Armed Forces prepared for worse case ~ link ~ Actually, the worse case is what happens AFTER they start a war with Syria...that would be World War III.   Stirling     

The TSK [Turkish Armed Forces] has prepared its action plan in the event of war, the “worst case scenario.” According to this plan, which aims to use land, sea and air forces combined, 2nd Army will play an active role.

Amid the tensions with Syria it has been learnt that the TSK command echelons have prepared an action plan for war, the “worst case scenario.”

Iran launches submarines and destroyer into Gulf during US Naval Exercises ~ link ~ This week the US, UK, France, and a few Middle Eastern countries are conducting naval exercises in the Gulf of Persia to practice clearing mines that Iran, or other groups may place around the Straits of Hormuz in an attempt to disrupt the movement of oil tankers in the region.

Mohammed Ali Jafari, the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, said that the “exercise is a defensive exercise and we don't perceive any threats from it. We are not conducting exercises in response.”

Yet this is not the impression that is given. Just yesterday, according to the official IRNA news agency, upon the direct orders of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Iran launched a refitted Tareq-901 submarine and a Sahand destroyer into the Gulf from the port of Bandar Abbas.

One Week until US has 3 super-carrier battle groups facing Iran ~ link 

Athens full day strike turns violent, tear gas, petrol bombs exchanged ~ link ~ Greece is in a pre-revolutionary state, and it is getting worse.  That is one reason why the globalists want WWIII, in order to use war time national security crackdowns to control the populations.   Stirling    
Same old, same old from the country whose future is supposedly being decided at today's latest (we have now lost count) Eurosummit. Spoiler alert: nothing will be decided until after the US election. From AP: 'Violence has broken out at an anti-austerity demonstration in Athens during a 24-hour general strike, with youths pelting riot police with petrol bombs and rocks. Riot police responded with tear gas to disperse the troublemakers during the clashes Thursday in the capital's central Syntagma Square, as thousands of people marched through the streets. Greek workers are holding their second general strike in a month, protesting new austerity measures the government is negotiating with the debt-ridden country's international creditors." Too bad "rioter" is not a Full Time Equivalent employment position according to the Greek BLS. Or at least not yet.

US Economic Collapse - Who will be left Holding the Bag with Chain around their Ankles? ~ link ~ Gas is back over $4 per gallon and it is not even making the news.  There will be millions more people going into this winter without resources to meet their basic needs as they have become unemployed and exhausted their
unemployment benefits.  Despite the pre-election lies being fed to us, the condition of our country is rapidly deteriorating.  And looking at things realistically, the lie cannot be expected to hold any further credence past the November election.
Not if, but when the dollar crashes, tens of millions will become impoverished overnight, many of which have no notion as to how to survive without the infrastructure.   Just how bad is it going to have to get before the people of the United States come to the realization that the party is over?

Spain banks face pain as worse-case scenario turns real ~ link ~ Bad loans as a proportion of total lending jumped to a record 10.5 percent in August from a restated 10.1 percent in July as 9.3 billion euros ($12.2 billion) of loans were newly classified as being in default, according to data published by the Bank of Spain on its website today. The ratio has climbed for 17 straight months from 0.72 percent in December 2006, before Spain’s property boom turned to bust.

Spanish bank stress tests by management consultants Oliver Wyman have factored in an economic contraction totaling 6.5 percent from 2012 to 2014 in an adverse scenario that the government and Bank of Spain said has a probability of about 1 percent. Analysts at Nomura and Citigroup Inc. disagree, saying spending cuts and economic conditions mean the worst-case outcome already looks feasible.

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